3 Tips for Memory Keeping Like a Pro

After a long (much needed) vacation, I’ve finally begun to upload videos to YouTube again and this first one is a Plan with Me update. The planner I work on is a part of my collaboration with The Happy Planner for their Be Happy Box. My intention was to share how I caught up on the blank spaces in my planner while we were out of town for 3 weeks. I really enjoyed making the video and hanging out with my family as I worked. Of course, you should go watch it and feel creative and inspired. If you can’t watch it immediately or you’re saving it for when you have some time to really sit down with your own planner and work while you watch, here are 3 takeaways from the video you can use right now!

  1. Be a Maximalist. Don’t be afraid to fill up blank spaces. I used to feel discouraged when I’d look back over a week and see so many blank spaces in my planners and journals. To me, they represented failures to log my days “properly.” Now, I get excited when I see them because I realized they’re actually opportunities to add beautiful embellishments and flourishes. Those empty spaces are a blessing in disguise. If you want to be more “true” to the past, you can always journal a little about your experiences in colorful pens or markers to add your own personal touch.

  2. Add dimension. Try out multiple media for a multi-dimensional look and feel. Don’t hold back. You can add stamps, watercolors, stickers, die cuts and washi tape in layers to create the perfect multi-layered masterpiece. The benefit to working through things in layers is that you can always cover up something you don’t like with a sticker or a die.  Just remember that if you’re stamping or using watercolors you need to allow everything to dry carefully before you move on to your next layer. While you wait, you can always work on another page or project. 

  3. Time-saving supplies. Use tools that make it easy and exciting to try for the layout of your dreams. I was so excited to try out The Happy Planner’s box punch for this photo, I couldn’t resist sharing while I worked. If you didn’t see on my Instagram Stories, no worries, I included it in the video. It isn’t just using that specific box punch– although it really is great. Use supplies that get you excited. As a child, I loved going into craft supply stores and seeing all the amazing options. Whether it’s your favorite tape runner, a printer that connects wirelessly to your phone, or a pair of scissors sharp enough to cut cardstock in a single long satisfying swipe, use it! Those supplies can make all the difference in your creative practice. 

I share 5 awesome tips in the video, so be sure to watch on Youtube to see the final two. Whether you just had time for this blog post, or you were able to see the video as well, I hope you feel inspired to continue in your own creative pursuits. Be sure to reach out on social media. I know I’ve been talking about this for a while now, but if I do decide to schedule videos more regularly, what day should I upload? Let me know! I always love to hear back from you all. 

Stamping Fun + Teaching in TX!

Amy Tangerine stamping

There’s a first for everything and in this case, I’m so excited to announce my first ever workshop in Texas!! Just in case you didn’t know, I update the sidebar ———————-> with the latest workshops and appearances.

Amy Tangerine Workshop with Erin Condren

This is a workshop perfect for stamp beginners, experts and anyone in between. The best part? Well, it’s actually hard to pinpoint the very best, so instead I want to share a list of the top 3 reasons to attend the workshop:

  1. It’s at the Erin Condren Flagship Store in Austin. (You may remember my little visit in this video from last year.) Not only will you have a chance to spend time learning and creating with me, you’ll also get to experience the store (it’s epic!), customize your planner, and shop for more colorful craft supplies.

  2. The workshop is only $85 and you will receive $38 worth of swag including items from the Erin Condren x Amy Tangerine Collection: Amy Tangerine Petite Journal, Small Designer Clear Stamping Block, Designer Clear Stamp Sheet, Erin Condren Well Kept Wipes, Designer Dual-Tip Marker. If you’re a novice when it comes to stamping, you’ll walk away with the know-how and the supplies to get a healthy stamping obsession started.

  3. Meet new friends who also have a passion for creating crafty things. One of the things that first attracted me to the crafting community was just that – the community of amazing women who were so welcoming, inspiring, and friendly. The best place to meet awesome people who could become lifelong friends is at events like these!

Sign up here - spaces are limited and I would love to see you there! Will you sign up and learn the secrets to becoming a successful stamp aficionado? If you already stamp, what’s your favorite way to use them? Be sure to let me know in the comments! Check out this video, which just launched on YouTube where I stamp in a planner and an Erin Condren Petite Journal.

Behind the Scenes | Business Trip

Fantastic brush script quote by Amy Tangerine

Isn't that the truth?! Learning and embracing these words wholeheartedly. Done is definitely better than perfect. Scripted this quote while in Toronto this past weekend. Have many thoughts about that and tons of video content I am behind on editing. Doing the best I can - so I thought I would share this little video of a business trip taken in February to American Crafts in Salt Lake City. 

Design On Time 02, featuring Audrey Woollen from Urbanic

As you've heard mentioned on this blog numerous times, Urbanic is one of my favorite stores. So when the owner, Audrey Woollen agreed to be on this week's episode of Design On Time, Jamie and I were thrilled. Our producer advised her to challenge us with items we normally wouldn't use on our scrapbook layouts. She chose twine, confetti, and mini clothes pins, and you can watch below or click here to see how we made these items work.

When we developed Design On Time we had three goals in mind (1) inspire our community to "make stuff and make stuff happen" (2) share the joy we feel when we are crafting - even when we only have 15 minutes to do so (3) boost our rap careers. Okay, if you've watched the first two episodes all the way through you've no doubt seen us rap, I'm sure you'll agree our rap careers may be a long shot, but judging from all the wonderful feedback and comments posted to our youtube account, we feel like we have accomplished the first two goals!

For all of you who asked, here are last week's finished layouts, which have also been added to the original blog post.

Design On Time layouts

And here are this week's finished layouts.

Design On Time layouts

Thanks again to this week's guest challenger, Audrey Woollen. For those who haven't visited Urbanic Paper Boutique in Venice, be sure to check it out. Such a cute store and I love her blog too!

Last but not least, Nina Christensen, you are this week's lucky YouTube commenter, we've made you something special. Email us for details!

And for all those who missed Kelly Purkey's challenge, you can find it right here

Thanks again for tuning in, if you like what you see, want to see more or have an idea for a future challenge, be sure to leave us a comment here or on YouTube!  And if Design On Time has inspired you to make something this week, please share your work with us using the hashtag #designontime.