Just do whatever your heart says

just do whatever your heart says

Lately I have been thinking a lot about streamlining and simplifying. I am trying to simplify in different areas of my life to free up time for the things I love to do. It's definitely a process. Though simplifying seems like such an easy concept but it's actually quite complex. This quote from Clementine Daily resonates with me fully:

"To create a meaningful life, we choose what is most important today and stop “doing” what we’re not doing. This decision wrangles us free from guilt and resentment. A shift from managing an impossible list to a few measurable tasks comes with a surge of relief. We discover enough space and energy to finish what we start, and the moments of our lives are more profound in the absence of that unnecessary “I should…” dialogue."

So on a deeper level, I am choosing to do things that fulfill me and not drain me. We all only have a certain amount of hours in a day to do all the things we need to. And one of the first areas I was able to free up more time and suffer from less decision fatigue easily is simplifying my wardrobe. I hope this doesn't sound superficial or anything, but after listening to this After The Jump podcast a couple years ago, I realized the importance of a daily uniform. I have always had my go-to pieces, but getting dressed in the mornings often take longer than it should, especially since I end up wearing a tee shirt and jeans most days. 

One day when I woke up way too early, I jumped on my phone and since it was my "bonus time" after looking at Instagram and emails, I browsed Pinterest and Facebook. I saw that someone had made a collage using the Polyvore app, and I decided to cave in. Here's my 1st Polyvore, pretty much what I wear everyday. by amy-tangerine. 

pretty much what i wear everyday
Amy Tangerine's uniform

I love this "just do whatever your heart says" top under a cardigan or jacket. These distressed jeans are my current favorite - so soft and comfy, with the perfect amount of stretch. And these TOMS boots are just the right notch above completely casual.

Have you done something small in your life that has helped you streamline and simplify?


Creative Handbook Practice 4 - Silence your inner critic

Amy Tangerine practice 4

At first Jamie and I didn't plan to make a video or share our pages from Practice 4, as it is the most personal of all the practices in the handbook. But then we decided it was probably the most important to share because of this fact. Practice 4 is about becoming more aware of the inner monologue going on in our heads. The fearful voices we hear inside of us like "you can't do that" or "you're not talented enough" can really weigh us down. By writing down those fears (which I consider to be lies), we can learn to overcome the things that are potentially holding us back. What is stopping you from expressing yourself more fully and clearly? We can replace those negative voices with affirming truths. What do you hear right after you have a really big and bold idea?  The act of creativity is above all else an expression of ourselves, and this is what makes it so vital and powerful. When we create we are declaring that our voice has value, that we have something to say. I firmly believe, that the world is not made up of those who are creative and those who aren’t, but those who create and those who don’t. I love creating and know so many of you out there too. So what's stopping you?

I’ve been around so many wonderfully creative people in my life. And it’s tempting to say that those people are gifted, were born that way and just aren’t afraid. They are so talented and confident that self expression comes naturally and easy. But that’s not true. More often than not, these successful people have the same insecurities and hear the same voices you and I do. Yet somehow they manage to overcome, step through, and do the hard work anyway. How do they do this? They listen with intent. They become self aware by acknowledging the lies that are holding them back, and then pushing right through them by replacing them with affirming truths. Let's do the same.

In case you missed it, here are the links for Practice 1 | Practice 2 | Practice 3

Have you been playing along with the #amytangerinehandbook? We are so impressed that @jd_jessie completed the entire thing and posted this on Instagram. Way to go, Jessie!

@jd_jessie completed the Amy Tangerine Handbook

There are now almost 150 photos on Instagram under #amytangerinehandbook. We love seeing all that you're sharing. Next week we will be wrapping up the last practice, #5 with something special.

IG practice 4.png

Everyday I'm Learning

Everyday I am learning
I am learning everyday

Each Monday this year, I plan on writing out a quote using this watercolor set from Michaels and a brush that says Royal 2 on it (can’t remember where it’s from, sorry!). If you have a favorite quote – snarky, silly, or simple in its’ wisdom, please share in the comments.

planner love - oh yeah

stamping, watercolors and temporary tattoos in a planner

So I have completely given in to the whole planner craze. Blame it on the cute products my mom brought back from Japan, my obsession with anything adorable, or the need I feel to use my supplies. I use the Day Designer as a planner and I enjoy the process of making it pretty. It's just another place I can apply my favorite techniques (and use my products and supplies instead of hoarding them). In this video I'll show you 2 techniques I like to use in paper crafting in general and even share a third totally unexpected one!

Supplies attempted to be listed in the order they appear in the video:

Day Designer | AHA Arts Moon Phases stamp set | Ranger Archival Ink Saffron | Ranger Archival Ink Viridian | I used this watercolor set from Michaels, but found some alternative options - Colortopia Watercolor Set | this one | and this one | Hero Arts Shadow Inks | Tim Holtz Distress Marker Cracked Pistachio |  American Crafts Precision Pen - I used the 03, but love this pack | camera sticker | bigger hearts stickers | tiny hearts stickers | piggy post it | OH YEAH and HELLO AWESOMENESS stamps by Kellie Winnell

Amy Tangerine's Day Designer planner

Pretty neat, right?! Thank you all so much for watching! Also if there's something in particular you'd like to see for future videos, let me know. Hoping to do these on a regular basis!

Farewell to Shanna

Shanna has had to step down from being a design team member for us, and though we are sad to see her go, we are very excited for her new endeavor, Illustrated Faith! I asked if she wanted to do a farewell post for both of our blogs and she happily obliged.

Illustrated Faith happened suddenly.  When I first shared my journaling bible last year I never would have imagined I would be sitting here today building a business, building a community, and building a website dedicated to glorifying God through a creative process. I love every single moment of it and feel so lucky to play a small part in this movement. If I am being honest though, there was part of me that was very sad to say goodbye to commitments I had made before Illustrated Faith came to be. One of those commitments was to my dear friend Amy Tangerine. She is not only one of the most creative people I know but one of the SWEETEST people in the world. She is someone I go to for advice, inspiration and just plain old happiness! When I told her that I was going to need to step down from the Amy Tangerine creative team she was all kinds of supportive!

We thought it would be fun to have a little "good-bye" party by sharing how I love to use my Amy Tangerine products in my journaling bible, and let me tell you.... I LOVE doing JUST that! Here is a little step by step on my latest entry using my favorite products!

Shanna Noel using Amy Tangerine

Here is a little secret: sometimes I allow the product to set the tone. For example I found this cute card from the stitch line that says "life is better with a smile". I love this sentiment, and I looked up a verse on happiness and serving God. For me this was Psalm 37:4 "delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart". From there I started with the title "oh my darling" because in all honesty I LOVE that darling stamp and want to use it on everything! I also like how that title is fun and light, I don't think the bible needs to be intense all the time, Jesus calls us to be joyful, let's join Him in that!

Shanna Noel using Amy Tangerine

Once I have applied all the stickers I wanted I needed to add some color!!! I start with a yellow watercolor and work around the design I already have. I then move to the heavy body paint (MY FAVE!!!!) and continue to build on that design. For finishing touches I add aqua and white circles around the design to compliment the circle theme I set with the stickers.

Shanna Noel using Amy Tangerine
Shanna Noel using Amy Tangerine

Once I was finished with my page I used some paper from the Stitched line as well as these adorable word stickers. I love that they are small and so many of them could work for themes in our bible. I stuck to our theme of "smile".

Shanna Noel using Amy Tangerine

Supplies: Journaling Bible | Stitched Alpha | Home Stickers Die-Cuts | Plus One Stamps | Peerless Watercolor Papers | Liquitex Heavy Body Pink | Martha Stewart Acrylic Paint Journaling pen

What I love about Amy's products is they are always HAPPY, fun, full of color! This means they work perfectly in your journaling bible!!! Thank you so much Amy for believing in me and supporting me every step of the way!

Thank YOU Shanna for sharing this with us. We wish you so much success and happiness on Illustrated Faith! Other Design Team member posts can be found here. Shop for Amy Tangerine products at your local scrapbook stores and online at Simon Says Stamp and Blue Moon Scrapbooking and Scrapbook.com.