Lucky Layout by Cathy

Hey guys! Cathy here and I am scrapping today about an old trip I did for my 30th birthday to Lake Tahoe. Stitched has the BEST combination of teals and corals, I swear, I can use this line for anything! IMG_7671.JPGThat gold tiny staples from the Pink AC mini stapler are to die for. I seriously use them for everything!IMG_7673.JPGAn older Amy Tangerine date stamp, but its so timeless! And you can never go wrong with the white paint speckles by Studio Calico.IMG_7672.JPGI really don’t like my handwriting, especially since I can’t write straight. Use a lined stamp to help you keep your captioning in line!

Thanks for stopping in! And I hope you are staying warm! Its 65 degrees here in Las Vegas!

This is so awesome – makes me want to get this style planner for next year – thanks for sharing, Cathy! Other Design Team member posts can be found here. Shop for Amy Tangerine products at your local scrapbook stores and online at Simon Says Stamp and Blue Moon Scrapbooking and

Stitched Imprint Dies

amy tangerine stitched collectionWhen I first received my Stitched Imprint Dies, I took out the Cuttlebug (mine is an old one, here is a new version). I didn’t have a project in mind, but I really like the way smooth kraft cardstock looks on most projects. Since my dies are wafer thin, I use the AB and C plates.amy tangerine stitched collectionamy tangerine stitched collectionAmy Tangerine journalI ended up using it in my art journal the day after Thanksgiving. Have you tried the Imprint Dies or any other Stitched products in your projects?

Watercolor quotes

don't half ass anythingFirst posted these on Instagram, and I hope to do similar things maybe even weekly in 2015. There will likely be a mix of aspiration thrown in with some snark, because as it turns out, that’s really what people like. Isn’t it? Would love to include your favorite quotes… do share in the comments!

Books as gifts

amy tangerineSeriously folks, Jennifer Mcguire is one of the sweetest people I know. Not only did she generously pass down some awesome maternity hand-me-downs while I was pregnant, she also showered Jack with tons of gifts! One of my favorite packages she sent us when Jack was born was a big box of wrapped books. She took the time to write out a little of what she and her family loved about every single one of them.
amy tangerineamy tangerineamy tangerineI still have several of them wrapped and will open them in the near future. Thanks again Jennifer – you are the best! And if you’re looking for a gift idea for a little one this holiday season (or anytime, really) – I think this is one of the best presents ever.

Belly Button Book! | Wheels on the Bus | I Know a Rhino (current fave that gets read at least 3 times before bed).

Advent bags by Olennka

Hi there ! It’s Olennka. Advent is gorgeous time which I love to celebrate. I always have advent calendar and cherish every single day of this season. I want to show you how to make simple but realy magnificent advent calendar. I made it with Amy Tangerine STITCHED products. Here’s the list of products which I used and materials which you need to make this calendar.ATadventolennkasuppliessmall cloth bags (i sew it by myself, 15cm x10cm )
clear stamps from Amy Tangerine collections
Amy Tangerine embroidery kits
Amy Tangerine slick writer pens
ink pad

Prepare 25 cloth bags. You can buy them or sew it. I sew it by myself, Rectangles made of fabric materials ( 10 cm x15 cm ) sew together on reverse, two sides and the bottom. Leave the top not sewed. Turn to the right side.

It’s time to embellish your bags. I used clear stamp sets and ink pad. Make your own stamped bags.
ATadventolennkastampingbagsUse stitching stencils to personalize your bags. Mark holes with pen and embroider patterns you want. Use threads in every colors you want.
ATadventolennkaemboiderbags1ATadventolenkaembroider2Fill your bags with advent goodies. I used candies and tea, because my boys love sweets and I like tea.
ATadnetolennkafiliingbagsTie every bag with a twine and your advent bags are ready.ATadventolennkatiebagsATadventolennka 1ATadventolennkaready bagsNow you can hang it as a garland or hang it on xmas tree. I made wooden tree with board and some sticks.Olennka ATadventtree1 olennka ATadventtreedet1Enjoy Advent season with your own handmade advent calendar ! Hope you like it and use to make your own advent calendar.

Wow – aren’t you all impressed with her sewing skills? Thanks for sharing, Olennka! Other Design Team member posts can be found here. Shop for Amy Tangerine products at your local scrapbook stores and online at Simon Says Stamp and Blue Moon Scrapbooking and

Art journaling

Next year I am making it my mission to get creative and take some chances in my sketchbook. Who’s with me on this?! I haven’t always been great about it because I often want things to look “perfect”. And they never really do anyway, so why strive for something so unattainable? It’s a sketchbook, it’s supposed to look messy. And fun. And artsy. And maybe even a little fartsy. Whatever that looks like.Amy Tangerine Art JournalEnter the permission slip I have given myself to just have fun with the supplies I have on hand. Though I love many things from Tim Holtz, I find myself a little intimidated to use some of the awesome tools and supplies. Well, this is something I have to let go of too, and it turns out I had a lot of fun just playing around one afternoon during Jack’s nap.Amy Tangerine Art JournalAmy Tangerine Art JournalAmy Tangerine Art JournalAmy Tangerine Art JournalAmy Tangerine Art JournalI chose colors that were appealing as well stamps with inspiring messages. Loved this little creative exercise. Do you art journal?

Cut & Paste magazine at Spotlight

Spotlight sent me these images featuring my new Stitched collection (or “range” as they like to call it down under). I love how they turned out and am so tickled Stitched is being shared and enjoyed all the way in Australia and New Zealand!cut paste american crafts stitched linespotlight spread stitched amy tangerineYou can flip through the whole issue here! There’s lots of eye candy and some fun projects.

Hoping to make it down under sometime in 2015 as well, which is really exciting. Loved meeting some of you on my past Spotlight visits. Please feel free to link up projects in the comments using the Stitched collection. I love seeing what you’re making with it on Instagram as well, using the #amytangerine and #ATstitched.

Stitched Ball Garland

While in Florida, I saw my ball garland for the first time at Whim So Doodle. I got excited and had to take some cheesy photos. I also had to get it so I could come home and freshen up my desk area.
IMG_3624.JPGI gathered together a bunch of items, mostly from my Stitched collection.amy tangerine stitched collection amy tangerine stitched collection Though the set up was looking good, it was time to change it up a little bit.amy tangerine stitched collection amy tangerine stitched collection amy tangerine stitched collection amy tangerine stitched collectionamy tangerine stitched collectionThe felt garland is available online here and here.

What have you created from Stitched other than paper projects?

Best Solution for Holiday Cards! (and any cards, really!)

I have a confession. When it comes to mailing hand written cards these days, I feel guilty because I am so behind. I used to be pretty decent, having a list in my phone under memos or calendar events reminding me who to send thank you notes to. But after Jack’s 1st birthday party, I was just horrible at sending the notes. There were so many people who brought gifts (although the invitation specifically said “Your presence is your present”. I suppose people can’t resist buying fun toys and cute clothes for a one-year-old. Of course we were so grateful for all of the gifts! But then came the thank you note process. I ended up doing online designed thank you cards that were emailed to guests that I didn’t have physical addresses for, and some others got a hand-written note. But they got it months later. Insert sad/embarrassed face here.

But then somehow the universe must have felt my dilemma and Postable sent me an email telling me about their awesome service. postableThis remarkably clever site takes all the stress out of the address collection process, and makes the daunting task of writing thank you notes a breeze. And they actually mail the real cards for you! Not only that, but they offer cards from uber popular and talented designers like Rifle Paper Co, One Two Canoe, and Small Adventure, in addition to allowing you to create your own custom card.Amy Tangerine | PostableI was excited to partner with Postable to make a Thanksgiving card that we sent out to a few family and friends. It took mere minutes to make and I was able to send it out to a dozen people including my mom who posted a photo on Instagram showing the card she received.

With a holiday card in mind, I had Jamie take some photos of us one morning before JC left for work. Jack had a runny nose at the time and his patience was running a bit low. We attempted several family photos but the little guy wasn’t really in the mood. Except for the moment Daddy went to get him a Boogie Wipe. Then Jamie caught a photo of just me and Jack. JC said I should just create a card with it since it was the best one. postable1amy tangerine | postableEven though it’s cute, the perfectionist in me didn’t want to send out a card of just me and Jack. That’s just weird. Then after Daddy left for work, Jamie of course captured this cute shot of Jack in the living room clapping. postable2But I really wanted all of us to be in the photo, so we made another attempt a few days later and it worked! This isn’t the actual picture or design we decided to use for the holiday card, but it was a contender.postable famYou can check out this cute video to see more about how easy it is, or just try it for yourself. So easy and the fact that I could really create unique and personal cards at a great price point in mere minutes and not have to address them and mail them? That alone makes my holidays very happy. What are you doing for holiday cards this year?

Postable is offering 15% off through the rest of the year with the code: TANGERINE15