Dreambox Walkthrough + $1500 Giveaway Announcement

Dreambox Walkthrough + Giveaway Announcement

As many of you know, the Dream Box from The Original Scrapbox has totally transformed the studio and the way I organize my supplies. It’s truly changed my life, and I don’t mean that lightly. Believe it or not, I didn’t buy any additional supplies or items for the DreamBox, I already had everything that you see scattered throughout the studio.

So many of you have asked so, here it is in all its rainbow order glory – a video where you can see it all! You’ll even get to see some close-up shots of the box and some of my favorite supplies that are front and center.

Now it’s all in one place and has really created room for discovery, doing cool things, and crafting a life I love. It’s so well thought out and completely customizable. I share a closer look and give you a thorough tour inside the drawers and compartments in the latest video on Youtube . It’s completely transformed the energy of the studio and given me the creative boost I’ve needed to not only make stuff but also to make stuff happen.

This isn’t even the best part! There’s even an opportunity for you to win a $1500 gift card from The Original Scrapbox so you can get closer to having one of your own! Of course you can also still use the code AMYTANGERINE for $100 off any furniture at The Original Scrapbox so you can have this amazingness in your own home too! Head on over to the video on Youtube and this post on Instagram to see all the giveaway entry instructions!