Violeta's Somos Scrap Layout


As always it is great to be here in Amy Tangerine’s blog to show you a new scrapbooking project.


I have made a very funny layout, using different elements from different collections of Amy Tangerine. It is so cool that I can combine papers and embellishments of the different collections. 

For this layout I have used a white cardstock paper and I have made a composition where I combine mint, pink and yellow. 

This time I have used a picture with the shape of a 3 inches circle that I have cut. I have put it in the center of the layout. Around the picture I have added different leaves that I have cut from different papers of Amy Tangerine. 


For the title of this project I have combined different letters of materials and sizes. And as a decorative element I have used some transparent stickers in yellow and pink tones. I love this color combination!


I love making layouts with different and daring compositions like this one I’ve made. I encourage you to make a layout or a mini album using one or more circular pictures. You can create loads of combinations using geometric shapes in your scrapbooking projects. 


I hope you’ve liked this layout and if you have any question leave in the comments section below! See you soon!

Violeta Scrap

Supplies: Sunshine & Good Times - 12x12 Double Sided Paper - Family Fun (345685), Shine On - Thickers - Miscellanea (348249), Shine On - Sticker Book (348254), Shine On - Die-Cuts Shapes (348250), Shine On - Stickers (718813482530)


Thanks so much for sharing this layout with us, Violeta! Other Design Team member posts can be found here. Shop Sunshine and Good Times at your local retailer or online at and Simon Says Stamp.

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DIY Halloween Costumes

DIY Halloween Costumes

Hopefully, you were able to catch the Facebook live video where I demoed three super cute kids costumes for Halloween in collaboration with our friends at Primary. We love Primary for their colorful and super soft basics, and they make Halloween DIY super easy and affordable. Kids can be anything they want! Jack decided he wanted to be a Love Robot with rainbow powers, so we made that happen. Primary is the only kid's clothing brand to offer an awesome DIY concierge service where customers can call in about any DIY/how-to inquiry - they can call or text 1-833-DIYEASY.  Primary concierge we will be available through the end of October:  M-F 9am-10pm EST, Wkend 10am-6pm EST!

If you want a step-by-step walk through of this unique love robot, you’ve come to the right place. I still recommend checking out the video on Facebook because it’s always nice to be able to see a craft come together in real time. Here at the studio, we’re constantly figuring out the best ways to bring you guys the tutorials and videos you want to see, so be sure to give feedback. Do you like the live video format?

DIY Halloween Costumes

The Love Robot

What you will need:

Plain Gray Shirt

Plain Gray Sweatpants (I used Primary’s awesome basics because they’re soft, comfy and some of Jack’s favorites)

Felt cut into various shapes (try to imitate buttons, gears, anything robotic!)

Fabric Glue


Thin Cardboard

Needle (Large)

Embroidery Floss (Various Colors)

Step 1: Cut out buttons, gears, and any other shapes you think will look good for the robot. You can use the thin cardboard to make a pattern and then trace it out on the felt or you can freestyle. Either way, remember, it doesn’t need to look perfect. This is a love robot after all.

Step 2: Lay out the felt shapes on the clothing and style. Figure out where you would like the pieces to fit together on the shirt and pants.

Step 3: Secure the felt by gluing it down with the fabric glue. If you like, outline each felt piece with simple stitching using the needle and felt.

DIY Halloween Costumes

The Rainbow (This can be a solo or bff costume)

What You’ll Need:

Pink Shirt (2)


Thin Cardboard

Felt in rainbow colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and white)

Needle (Large)

Embroidery Floss

Step 1: Create your rainbow by drawing and cutting out cardboard pieces in the shape of half a rainbow. Remember, you should have 6 pieces. I also traced and cut out a puffy cloud. These cardboard pieces will be your pattern and your guide for the felt pieces.

Step 2: Cut out the felt on appropriate colors and lay it out on the clothing. (Optional: if you’re doing the BFF version of this costume, you’ll need to cut out two of each color.) Once you’ve laid out the rainbow felt pieces, place the cloud at the base of the rainbow.

Step 3: Glue and stitch. Carefully glue the pieces in place and allow them to dry. If desired, stitch around the outline of each color.

The Avocado

What You’ll Need:

Green Shirt



Thin Cardboard

Step One: cut out two pieces of brown felt (one light and one dark). If you would like to give your avocado a face, make sure to cut those shapes out in the darker felt color.

Step Two: glue down the larger piece and then the smaller on top of it.

Step Three: Finish your avocado off with some cute stitching.

Remember to let all of the glue dry on all three projects before wearing. It takes several hours to allow the glue to dry completely. Here’s the YouTube video sharing some of the finishing touches we put onto the

What are you or your kids going to be this Halloween and are you going the DIY route?

Get 20% off your first order at

This post is in collaboration with Primary, all ideas and opinions are my own. As always, my creative partners and I appreciate the support.

Journal Studio Collection

Journal Studio Collection

Releasing a new collection is always so exciting for me because I get to see my work turned into something new and different. When something you doodle on paper turns into a real life journal or washi tape design, it feels like magic. And you all know how much I love traveler’s notebooks and this method of documenting and capturing the goodness in life. For a long time many of you have been asking about covers and other stationery specific products and we were able to make them happen!

Journal Studio Collection

This collaboration with Journal Studio by American Crafts is a great example of that because what we’ve put together is a set of unique supplies and materials that will look super cute no matter what you decide to use them for or how you may combine them. One of my favorite things about this collection is the way you can mix and match styles to suit your personality and lifestyle.

Journal Studio Collection

We all have different routines, schedules and needs when it comes to planners and journals, which is why so much of this collection is about being able to customize the supplies to fit your life.

Journal Studio Collection

The collection includes journal inserts, washi tapes, sticker books, craft pouches, journal covers, and so much more! The designs feature vibrant, colorful, and playful patterns that will be sure to brighten your day, no matter what may happen.

Journal Studio Collection
Journal Studio

I hope you enjoy this collection and find all kinds of creative ways to use Journal Studio. This will be shipping to stores at the end of October, so let your local paper stores know you want them to bring it in! I’ll let you know here online too when it hits retailers and try to even film a walk through video showing all the products. Be sure to let me know what you like about it and if you’d like to see more collaborations like it in the future.

Zinia's Monochromatic Layout

Hello everyone, it’s Zinia here and today I’d like to share with you a monochromatic layout I created using the beautiful Shine On collection by Amy and American Crafts.

Monochromatic Layout

This collection is full of gorgeous colors as well as a bunch of amazing neutral elements. I decided to embrace the kraft and gold elements from the collection and create a monochromatic layout design.

Since most of the pattern papers are full of amazing colors, I decided to work on a white piece of cardstock and focus on the embellishments.

Monochromatic Layout

To make my background a bit more interesting, I grabbed some Mermaid Markers in neutral colors and doodled some rings around the page. I felt that the circles will match beautifully with the circular flower designs that are included in the collection.

I created a cluster of floral images on kraft paper to create a cozy bed for my photo, making sure there’s a lot of the design showing around the edges as I didn’t want to cover it up.

Monochromatic Layout

Then I picked some of the clear stickers from the sticker book and spread them around for more lovely details. I really love how the white clear stickers sit on top of the rings I painted with my markers, making them pop against the darker colors.

Other than that, I kept my design very minimal as I wanted to embrace the whole black and white/neutral spirit without added clutter.

Monochromatic Layout

Of course you can recreate this design with any colors you love but I’d highly recommend that you give these neutral elements a chance and allow them to be the stars of your creations.

Zinia's Monochromatic

I really hope you enjoyed this page, until next time, happy crafting.

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You can find the entire Shine On collection here.

Altenew Watercolor Brush Markers Release Blog Hop + Giveaway

Altenew Watercolor Brush Markers

As you probably already know, I am pretty obsessed with watercolors and brushes, so when Altenew combined the two, I was beyond excited to try them. Any excuse to play around with Altenew's Watercolor Brush Markers is fine by me, so here we are - another blog hop. If you’re coming from Therese Calvird and you’re new here - welcome! Please check out the other blogs in the hop and see the amazing creations people are coming up with all using these beautiful, vibrant brush pens.

pretty much the best

Create stunning works of art with these Watercolor Brush Markers. The barrel is filled with water-based color, and coordinates with Altenew’s line of inks. The flexible, yet sturdy bristles on the brush tip allow you to form both broad and fine strokes. Color can be applied straight from the marker, or diluted with water for a softer look.

pick the goodness in everyday

I loved diluting them with water and even blending colors while doing lettering. You can see how I played around in this video on my YouTube channel. That’s also where I will be giving away a $40 gift card ($20 from Altenew and $20 from me) so you can get crafty. Just be sure you’re subscribed and check out the details in the description box.

Altenew is giving away a $40 gift certificate to six lucky winners! Please leave a comment on the Altenew Card Blog and/or Altenew Scrapbook Blog by Wednesday, October 10th for a chance to win. Six winners will be announced on the Altenew blogs on 10/12/2018.

The next stop on the hop is the Altenew Scrapbook Blog!