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Raven and Lily

“When women move forward, the world moves with them.” – African Proverb

I was so inspired to be featured in Raven and Lily’s site and journal. We all have that one pair of earrings or necklace that gets all the compliments and catches people’s attention. Raven and Lily’s Zia earrings are like that for me. Whenever I wear them, I get so many comments and questions. Even though they’re a larger size, they are light as a feather and so comfy it feels like there’s nothing weighing me down. Jewelry that is beautiful, unique, and comfortable?? Sign me up! That’s why I am so thrilled to share my feature in @ravenandlily's Fall campaign.

I'm giving away a gold pair of the Zia earrings along with an Ellsworth ring and Essential bangle on my Instagram post.

Raven and Lily

The best part about each of these pieces is that they are lovingly handmade by women artisans, all of whom earn a living wage and an opportunity to provide for their families by creating these beautiful items. I love it when I get to partner with companies that do their best to make a difference in the world and support women across the globe. That’s why I wanted to share a quote from their website. It sums up so perfectly why it’s such a great company:

“Raven + Lily  believes in empowering women. When women are empowered to earn an income, they reinvest 90% of their income back into health,  education, food, children, family, and the community. Our partners set the price we pay, ensuring a livable wage. This empowers the 1500+ women employed by our work to break the cycle of poverty through equitable trade and open communication. We research the source of our materials, down to the button in order to understand how our production cycle impacts people and the planet at every stage. By using recycled or repurposed materials, we stop the waste that typically accompanies the industry.”

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Hopefully, you feel inspired to check out the brand and enter the giveaway.