Ready...Set...Create! Pre-Event Workshops!

Ready Set Create

Meet me at the starting line! Sometimes, meeting in person can give your creative practice the jumpstart it needs. This fall is the perfect opportunity to do so because I’m teaching 3 workshop sessions at Ready...Set...Create right here in Los Angeles! Ready...Set…Create is an awesome event run by the lovely folks over at Down to Details. Here is a description of the event if you’re curious:

Ready...Set...Create (RSC) is an amazing event that was put together after much thought, emails and requests from attendees and teachers too!  The event features fabulous teachers, new techniques, and is affordable, and enjoyable for all in attendance!  The third year is officially in the books and was a huge success!

Ready Set Create

Registration for the event is sold out, but the pre-event (where I will be teaching on Thursday, September 19) is open now!

As I mentioned before, I’m offering two classes (in three workshop sessions) at this incredible event: Brush Lettering and Travelers Notebook. Keep reading to find out what those two courses are all about or check out these links to sign up now:

A Modern Twist on Brush Lettering (09/19/19) 8AM-10AM

Traveler’s Notebook (09/19/19) 10:30AM-12:30PM

A Modern Twist on Brush Lettering (09/19/19) 1-3PM

Ready Set Create

BRUSH LETTERING - Ever want to try your hand at lettering and modern brush script? Join Amy Tangerine as she takes you through the basics of hand lettering and brush calligraphy using watercolors. In this class, you'll learn how to gain confidence with Amy's favorite water brush (and other supplies) while creating and defining a style that's all your own. We will go over lettering techniques for forming letters with tools that will help you find your lettering style. At the end of class, you'll be able to create your own custom lettered print and a skill set that can be applied to future projects. With a little bit of practice and the tools and kit you'll be given in class to take home, you'll learn that lettering is therapeutic, fun and even a little addictive!

If this sounds like something you need in your life this fall, never fear! I’m offering not one, but two intimate sessions for a lot of one-on-one attention. There’s plenty of space and it’s easy to register. Sign up for the 10 AM Session here or for the 1 PM Session here.

Ready Set Create

TRAVELER’S NOTEBOOK - Have you been looking for a fun way to document your life without the bulk of a traditional scrapbook? Look no further! Amy Tangerine will be teaching a class on how she uses Traveler's Notebooks to preserve her memories, whether she is traveling abroad or staying home with her family. This class will focus on how to incorporate memorabilia, how to use different pens to create eye-catching journaling, how to create cohesive spreads, and many others! The gorgeous kit is full of goodness that you'll use in fun and fresh ways. You'll learn some fun techniques and create some one-of-a-kind mini-masterpieces by combining your photos with products from Amy's collections with American Crafts and more. She'll demonstrate simple methods that look complex and help you see the supplies in a fresh new light, even for on-the-go. Register for the session here!

Ready Set Create

Carving Out Time to Do What Brings You Joy With Paige Taylor Evans


Happiness is about choosing to do the things in your day that create joy and excitement. Even if you can only carve out 10 to 15 minutes, it’s still important to do the things that you love that make you feel fulfilled. 

Today I am joined by a friend, Paige Taylor Evans. Paige is a scrapbooker who has seven signature collections with Pink Paislee, almost a thousand cut files with Silhouette, two design teams and has taught papercrafting classes in 10 countries. What I enjoyed most about my conversation with Paige is how she not only shared the bright happy stuff but she also shared the times where she navigated through the tough moments and how she’s started making healthier choices for life. We discuss how we met each other and did live events together, her experience of teaching scrapbooking in other countries, and her favorite techniques for scrapbooking. She also shares her advice for days when you’re feeling uncreative and where to turn to for inspiration.

What’s in this episode:

  • How Paige got started in scrapbooking

  • What made Paige get obsessed with scrapbooking

  • Her scrapbooking style and how it has evolved over the years 

  • How working with American Crafts changed her scrapbooking style

  • Switching gears and taking a break to come back with a fresh outlook

  • How Paige started working at American Crafts

  • The influences of digital products and how scrapbooking has changed

  • Paper crafting becoming more popular again

  • Finding your niche in scrapbooking

  • How Paige and Amy met each other 

  • What it was like doing live scrapbooking at events together

  • Her experience of teaching scrapbooking in other countries

  • How grateful people are when you teach them about scrapbooking

  • What made Paige bring stitching into paper crafts

  • What Paige does while she is stitching

  • The environment she does her best work in

  • Paige’s favorite techniques to use when scrapbooking

  • How organization plays into her design technique

  • Her advice for finding more creativity and where to turn for inspiration

  • Her current wellness routine and what she is looking forward to 

From Paige:

I’m from Seattle. Chris is from Denver. We met at BYU and got married in 2007 in Nauvoo, IL. Chris graduated from the USC School of Dentistry in 2013 through an Army scholarship and then we were stationed in Grafenwöhr, Germany for 4 years! We visited 43 countries while living in Europe and miss it every day! We now live in Littleton, CO where Chris works at his dream job as a dentist at Old Town Dental. I’m a stay-at-home-working-mom to our son Fox and daughter Jane. Scrapbooking is my passion and I have my own signature collections with Pink Paislee. I’m a teacher at BIG PICTURE CLASSES, on the SCRAPBOOK & CARDS TODAY design team, I make and release 10 NEW SILHOUETTE CUT FILES every week, and I have an ETSY SHOP on the side. I love teaching in-person scrapbooking and bookbinding workshops whenever and wherever I can!

Connect with Paige:
Website | Instagram | Happy Scrappy Place | YouTube | Pinterest

Paige’s Pages with Big Picture Classes
Truly Grateful Collection with Pink Paislee
Dawson’s Creek
Silhouette Design Store
Silhouette Cut File Layouts
Two By Two by Nicholas Sparks
Scrappy Cruise

I would love to hear from you! Connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or on my website. If you enjoyed this podcast and you haven’t already, I’d like to encourage you to subscribe that way you won’t miss a single update. Craft a Life You Love and remember that we can all embrace positivity and joy, and go after the things we love.

Guest Episode on Created, a Bluprint Podcast

Guest Episode on Created

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to speak with Paul Costabile on Created, a Bluprint podcast and it was tons of fun. Created is all about taking a closer look into the lives of designers, hobbyists, and creatives who have successfully centered their lives around their crafts. This is the description of the show:

“Created follows a series of makers on the journey from hobbyist to successful creative pro. Get an up-close look at the struggles and joys of artists, designers, cooks, writers and more who turned part-time passions into full-time careers.“

Sounds amazing, right!? In this episode, I talked about my journey into the world of fashion, my transition into scrapbooking and how motherhood has changed and enhanced my life. You should definitely listen as soon as you get a chance. In the meantime, I wanted to share my 5 main takeaways from the episode to tide you over until you can have a listen:

  1. Bring the Energy. When you do what you love, be committed to it and let yourself be all in. Be so passionate it surprises people. Be unapologetic in your pursuit of the things you love.

  2. Stick with your craft, whatever it may be. That’s the thing that’s feeding your soul, contributing to your own happiness.

  3. Take time to pause and check in with yourself. Apply self care if needed. It’s so easy to feel tired, overwhelmed, and burned out. Those moments happen to all of us. Take some time for yourself. Check in regularly - How are you feeling? Are you in touch with your wildest dreams?

  4. Stay hungry for your goals but live guilt-free. Working towards goals is super important. But if you feel guilty every time you take a step back or turn your focus to other priorities, that isn’t a healthy approach.

  5. Be a dreamer and a doer (instead of just one or the other). Lofty ambitions are great, but if you never follow through, you won’t feel satisfied with your life. Similarly, if you are a doer and focus on merely completing tasks without a sense of direction or vision, you will also feel burnt out and exhausted much of the time. Try to harmonize between those things.

  6. Bonus! I also talked about the 3 F’s on the podcast– Freedom, Fulfillment and Fun. If you haven’t heard me discuss it before, be sure to listen in or check out my post about it from summer last year.

Hopefully, you enjoyed these highlights. I encourage you to check out the episode on Created, a Bluprint Podcast for a deeper dive and more juicy wisdom. The best thing about sharing my story is seeing the ripple effect– putting it out into the world and (ideally) inspiring others.

Sweet Summer Ice Cream Party

Sweet Summer Ice Cream Party

What did the fruit say to the ice cream?…

Sweet Summer Ice Cream Party

… I’m sweet on you! Cheesy jokes aside, there was plenty of sweetness to go around at our Happy Sundae party, where ice cream and bright sunshine set the scene for the perfect summer fun. What better way to celebrate the season than with an ice cream bar featuring Tillamook’s fantastic classic flavors?! Guests were able to create their own sundaes using a variety of toppings including: raspberry, kiwi, mango and more. I wanted to share pictures from the party and give you some inspiration for your own little ice cream social. Summer is always an excellent time to get together with friends and family. Why not celebrate? Here are my tips for creating a party to remember.

Sweet Summer Ice Cream Party

1. Awesome Options - Give people lots of choices. Tillamook ice cream is the perfect summer pick-me-up and you deserve a treat! Enhance the natural, creamy flavors with fresh fruit for a healthy twist on a classic summer dessert. My favorite flavor is Old-Fashioned Vanilla, but there are tons of awesome ones to choose from– Mudslide to Birthday Cake to Mint Chocolate Chip, there’s a flavor out there for everyone. After all, Tillamook is dairy done right. It’s natural, delicious and creamy. And it makes it even more fun when they get to sample all of them if they wish!

Sweet Summer Ice Cream Party
Sweet Summer Ice Cream Party

2. Find Your Vibe - Are you a balloon person? Or a streamer person? Maybe you’re like me and you love both. We matched the colors of our streamer wall to coordinate with the classic Tillamook cartons. The pastel, nostalgic colors were a perfect match and the results were so cute, I had to bring the streamer wall home so I could use it again. Other cute decorations– including a mini letterboard, pastel tassel banner, and gorgeous flower arrangements - brought the whole look together beautifully. Don’t be scared to put a twist on it - because creativity is key, find ways to incorporate other things you love into the mix. We repurposed a paint palette and used it to arrange the fruit toppings in rainbow order.

Sweet Summer Ice Cream Party

3. Invite Your Tribe - Keep it simple. The goal is to enjoy the event with family and friends– not obsess over every little detail. I really wanted a balloon wall but I was short on time so I brought in the experts. I hired a local balloon designer, who came in and created an epic masterpiece. It freed me up to focus on building the balloon cloud of my wildest dreams. If someone you know is an amazing baker or loves decorating a space, bring them in and collaborate to create something beautiful. Ask people to bring one or two of their favorite toppings or dishes to make things easier. If you’re short on freezer space, never fear, pick up the ice cream right before the celebration. Use this to find the closest Tillamook ice cream and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Sweet Summer Ice Cream Party
Sweet Summer Ice Cream Party
Sweet Summer Ice Cream Party

Of course any excuse to celebrate is a good one, and having an ice cream party is no exception. Even though I know the kids would naturally enjoy it, the adults at the party couldn’t help but indulge just a little, too. A few of us even went back for seconds and maybe even thirds. After all, life is short and it’s up to us to make it as sweet as possible. 

Violeta's FUN Layout

Hello! This is Violeta Scrap and I want to show you how to create a new layout using Amy Tangerine’s collection Stay Sweet. It is a very fun and colorful collection so I hope you like this layout.

Violeta's FUN Layout

For this layout, I have used a picture with a white frame and a size of 3x4 inches . To make this layout I have used as a base a 12x12 inches white cardstock. 

Cut some semicircles of different patterned papers and glue them together forming several lines, like some banners. Then I have placed the picture in the middle of the layout.

Violeta's FUN Layout

Next to the picture, I have put the title of the layout and more decorative elements. For the title of the layout, I have used different stickers and the alphabet from collection by Amy Tangerine. Moreover, I have put as decorative elements some enamel dots.

Violeta's FUN Layout

To add more color to the layout I have used the watercolor set from the Stay Sweet collection by Amy Tangerine. I have added some drops of orange watercolor in the entire project. Adding drops of watercolor to scrapbook projects give color to the projects.

Violeta's FUN Layout

I hope you liked the project that it is very easy to make, but if you have, any questions leave them in the comments section. I hope to be back soon with new projects to show.

Lots of love,

Violeta Scrap Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube

Supplies: Stay Sweet - 12x12 Double Sided Paper -  Prickly hug (351190), Stay Sweet - 12x12 Double Sided Paper -  Picturesque (351176), Stay Sweet - Sticker Book (351208), Stay Sweet - Enamel Stickers (351212) Stay Sweet - Watercolor Set (351199), Shine On - Thickers (345714)

Thanks so much for sharing this adorable layout, Violeta! Other Design Team member posts can be found here. Shop STAY SWEET now! Check your local retailer and online at Simon Says Stamp and