Another episode of Design On Time!

This week, Jennifer McGuire is our guest challenger on Design On Time. Jennifer and I often joke about how we'd like to have an arranged marriage for her daughter and Jack. We think they'd make the cutest couple even though she's a bit older than him. I mean, look at them!

match made in heaven

Ok, back on topic. For the first time since we started this challenge, Jamie and I almost didn't finish in the allotted 15 minutes! You'll probably want to watch all the way until the end, as there's a special cameo (or two). I am completely smitten with how this week's episode turned out. Special thanks to extremely talented Jennifer McGuire for joining in on the fun and challenging us with sequins, sewing and of course, stamps!

Here are our finished layouts. Love that a couple of you commented on the last episode to let us know that Tudor's layout was actually your favorite. He totally rocked it. And I would photograph his, but he actually has been taking them with him to give to his mom! (Insert a big AWWW here)

Design On Time 03

We love reading all the comments and feedback! Jo Sowerby, you are this week's lucky YouTube commenter! We've made you something special, email us for details!

If you like what you see, want to see more or have an idea for a future challenge, be sure to leave us a comment here or on YouTube!  And if Design On Time has inspired you to make something this week, please share your work with us using the hashtag #designontime. Loved seeing these projects by @artfuleigh and @natalieelph.

Design On Time 03

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We hope you feel inspired to get out there and live your best creative life today, and every day!