Thrive canvas

My One Little Word for 2014 was "thrive". Jack was just a few months old when I chose the word. It seemed fitting as a new mom. Of course I want my baby to thrive, and I want to thrive as well. I made my word visible thanks to Tim Holtz, who invited me to be a part of a cool project called the Ranger Design Challenge. I used his materials and drew the letters and then cut them with a craft knife. I took a photo of my shadow and posted it here. The process of making the canvas was something I really enjoyed. So originally I was thinking of hanging this in Jack's bedroom, but I ended up putting it in Jack's playroom.

Though for most of early motherhood, it felt like I was treading more so than thriving, we made it through. And I can finally look back and appreciate all the ups and downs of the journey. We're in a great groove now. I know that nap strikes and teething and more things will present themselves as challenges, but I am going to try and remain playful and present. Because darling, we were made to thrive.