5 for Friday!

1.thriveThis is my one little word this year, the same as Ali Edwards. I went outside to just snap a photograph of the hand cut tag I made and then as I was walking around, I realized it cast a really cool shadow. This goes along with what the word means to me... it's not enough to just survive or live, I will continue to thrive.2. Saw this quote on swissmiss and had to write it down.Word. 3. Not into resolutions necessarily as I try and be a better person every single day. Some days this includes being gentle with myself and understanding that being better than yesterday may simply involve a shower. 4. Trying to streamline my printing and memory keeping process, so I am super excited to test out my new Epson XP-950 Wireless Color Photo Printer. Will do a review on it soon, but considering the set up was easy and I already printed a true 4x6 straight from my iPhone, I would say it's a winner already. 5. Because my brain is still mush from the holidays and I need to schedule some major work to be done starting on Monday, I'll leave you with well wishes for a wonderful weekend!