We Love KidBox!

Kid Box Summer Update

Getting boxes in the mail can make every day feel more like a holiday! It’s so exciting to unwrap the packaging and see what new, exciting thing is waiting for you, especially when you can color all over the box after you  open it. KidBox is a clothing subscription service designed specifically for little ones like my Jack, who is really loving his summer freedom. Unlike other subscriptions, you only pay for what you keep! We end up keeping everything that comes in the box because not only is it the best value, but it also means Kidbox will clothe a child in need! How awesome is that? We have always tried to infuse the values of giving back in different ways, and this is such a wonderful way that even a four and half year old can understand. 

Now that he’s graduated from preschool, he spends his days going to swim lessons, visiting the park, and creating his own art projects. Occasionally, he even drops in to the studio to help sort markers in rainbow order or stage his own photos!

Kid Box Summer Update

Unlike my growing boy, I don’t get summers off. Any type of time saver is actually a lifesaver! As many of you know, Kidbox sends us boxes with 7-8 items about 5 times per year. That might sound like a lot of math but it actually adds up to a ton of savings! Each box only costs $98.

We Love Kidbox!

This was our second box from Kidbox (read about the first one here) and as you can see, the new selections did not disappoint. You can order boxes for infants through size 14 and tailor clothing selections based on your child's preferences through a fun little online quiz. It's simple, fast, and easy. It frees me up to spend my downtime having fun with my son this summer.  

DISCOUNT: To receive 20% off your first Kidbox order, use the code JACK20 at checkout. Happy shopping!

This post is in collaboration with Kidbox, all ideas and opinions are my own. As always, my creative partners and I appreciate the support.