Speak the Joy!

Speak the Joy!

There’s nothing like good conversation and there's always room for more happiness and enjoyment in our lives. Seek the Joy is a lovely podcast hosted by Sydney Weiss about the importance of a life filled with (you guessed it) joy! It’s all about letting go of negative self-talk, telling your story, and reconnecting with your soul. The podcast itself is a great listen and I highly recommend checking it. I was lucky enough to be featured as the guest on Sydney's 40th episode and our conversation was incredible. You can listen to it on iTunes or her website. If you don't have time to drop everything and listen right now, I’ve decided to share three highlights from it here:

  1. It was a great talk! Even though we hadn't met in person or even chatted before, Sydney was so easy to talk to. Not only did the conversation flow… I enjoyed every second of it. It can be intimidating to speak with someone you’ve never met before, but Sydney put me at total ease and it was fun.

  2. We covered awesome topics! One of the main focuses was the connection between creativity and joy. If you read this blog or seen my YouTube channel, you know how strongly I believe in this link. The title of my book, Craft A Life You Love, hinges on creativity sparking joy and joy sparking creativity. It’s a beautiful, energetic cycle and talking with someone who values aligning with positivity was gratifying.

  3. Storytelling! We talked about the evolution of my brand and my book and my latest collaboration with Avery! For 15% off, use the discount code 15AVERYNAMY on Amazon! The story behind Craft A Life You Love and the incredible journey I went on to getting it published was part of the conversation. Hopefully, sharing my story will inspire others who need a little extra push to share their own creations, whatever they may be. If you haven't heard me get a little woo woo, this will be a great way to get filled in on how important enjoying the journey is for me.

Crafting the Right Mindset

I created a special download just for you listeners from our conversation, which can be downloaded here. You can also take a look at the show notes from Seek The Joy here.

The conversation left me feeling energized and happy. How often can you say that about something you do for work?! Thankfully it's often for me, but if it isn't for you, perhaps it's time to pause and reflect on how you can fill your days with more of the good stuff. So, what’s one thing in your life that brings you joy? Did you like the podcast episode? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

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