Easy Holiday Cards + DISCOUNT CODE!

Earlier this year, my friends at Mixbook asked me to design some holiday cards. I thought it would be fun to share a little behind the scenes about the process with you all. When projects first get kickstarted, I usually get really excited and dive right in. Sometimes the creative groove happens smoothly and you find your flow really quickly. This was one of those times where I got so excited about the project, that I couldn't resist sharing a bit on social media. You may remember this Instagram post:

Behind the scenes

I sketched out some flowers in pencil and I was really hesitant to go in with the paint, but I did it anyway. I used my favorite waterbrush and watercolors and filled it in carefully using small strokes. Taking my time, I made sure to keep the sketchiness of the pencil. Rough combined with refined was what I was going for. It turned out to be one of my favorite sketches I think I have ever made. Once it was done and completely dry, we scanned it and made some edits. An important lesson I learned a while back was to not be too hasty as I ended up smudging and ruining the painting and also got the scanner glass all dirty!

amy tangerine floral design

We decided to make it available in both white and gold! Love how Ann-Marie used it for her holiday cards in contrast with the black and white photo.

Easy Holiday cards

For the brush lettering designs, I repeated the same process, only I don't sketch it out in pencil first. I just go for it and trust that all my Motivational Monday practicing has helped make it so I don't have to write Merry Christmas more than 20 times. I set up a couple options using this cute photo of Harper and Rachel taken by Katee Grace.

Holiday cards with brush lettering
Holiday cards with brush lettering

It was a bit tough deciding what to do for our cards since we haven't really had family photos taken since this summer by Christian and Reinna. I decided to just go with them since we live in Southern California and because I love the photos.

Screenshot 2016-12-13 17.17.00.png
Christmas card

I ordered our cards and they came super fast, so if you're still looking for cards to send out, here is the entire holiday series that I created. And through December 20, you can use the discount code TAN50 for 50% off all cards! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!