So excited to introduce you to Plus One, a new collection that will be shown in the American Crafts booth at the CHA show in Ananheim next month and will be in stores in 2014 – probably late February/early March.AC_PlusOne_LogoThe name of the line was greatly inspired by the new addition in our lives. And I thought it was a fun play on love in general. We also even commissioned the fabulous Kal Barteski for the logo and many of the designs you see throughout the collection. I received samples last week and had to immediately spread them out all over the dining room table. plus one on tableAfter getting a layout done, I whipped up a couple cards. I snapped this one with one of the new products (binder clips with magnets!) against the lockers in our entry way. Love the life you live with Plus One, the newest collection from Amy Tangerine. This boldly colored collection showcases the thrill of the everyday and is presented in bright hues of pink, turquoise, yellow and green. Hand-drawn words and graphics of cameras, globes, arrows and planes highlight the adventurous spirit of this watercolor-inspired collection.

This colorful collection contains 24 double-sided patterned papers, stylish Thickers, coordinating stickers and two fun embroidery stencil kits. This collection also includes a 9-piece thread kit, magnetic binder clips, wood mounted stamps and a bold album.
AC_PlusOne_9PaperAC_PlusOne_EmbellishmentsThere’s all this plus more. Hope you love what you see so far!

47 Responses to +1

  1. Kimberly says:

    I love the collaboration between you and Kal Barteski. I’m definitely a fan of you both and can’t wait to play with this new collection. Hooray!

  2. Ally says:

    OMG! LOVE it all! I am so grateful that you are with AC because you give me COLOR! Lots of COLOR! Congrats on all this, it’s amazing.

  3. Michelle Stokes says:

    Cannot wait until I get to play around with this one!
    Awesome work Amy & Kal

  4. Anissa H. says:

    Oh my goodness!!! I just love it! Love the colors, love how they contrast with the black. Great job on the design Amy!

  5. Jennifer O'Connell says:

    Congratulations, Amy! Love the name of the collection. I can see that it will work nicely with items from your previous collections, which I love so much. Super excited, in particular, to check out those teal blue Thickers, the Kal Barteski handwritten black words and the dies.

  6. Iris T. says:

    Your new line looks awesome as always! I see a lot of “gotta have” products there. Your front porch looks so beautiful. Wishing you, JC, handsome Jack and Mommy a wonderful Holiday season!

  7. MaryAnn P says:

    Amy this collection speaks to me on so many levels!!!! I love it! It is perfection! I’m so inspired to start documenting some difficult moments that have turned out to be the most rewarding moments in my families life!!!

  8. Denise says:

    Love it! I knew once you had a baby you would include more things us mamas could use :) Not that I don’t love all the other stuff you’ve done :)

  9. Diamond says:

    Hi Amy, Congratulations once again for another awesome collection!! Love +1 looks so beautiful….can’t wait till we get it here in Australia …..everything in your new collection is just perfect xx

  10. Gia Lau says:

    Congrats Amy (and Kal) on another gorgeous line. This one is my favorite you have ever done!! And it’s hard to out do yourself!! They are all so awesome!! But the colors and black pops and the script typography- it all just comes together amazingly.

  11. Sakuralala says:

    […] ordered from American Crafts at CHA arrived and get to use one of my new favorite collection from Amy Tangerine – PLUS ONE a little. Cute tag sticker from Sticker Roll, Airplane icon from Embroidery Stencil Kit […]


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