Washi Wheel

The love for washi tape lives on. My collection is not growing at such a rapid pace anymore, which is just fine. Though I love the washi tape holders from All Ready Memories, this new washi wheel has become a favorite. My friend Kara was in town last month and helped me get some of the rolls out of their plastic containers and organized onto the wheel. DSC_1148Each rod of the wheel comes with a tiny wood peg that you pull out to “unlock” it. Then you slide the tapes onto the rod and put the tiny peg back into “lock” it. Easy peasy.DSC_1150DSC_1154I haven’t counted how many rolls are on the wheel, but they can hold up to 72, depending on the widths.
Amy Tangerine | All Ready Memories Washi Tape CarouselAmy Tangerine | All Ready Memories Washi Tape CarouselAmy Tangerine | All Ready Memories Washi Tape CarouselSo lucky to have a friend who is just as obsessed with tapes to help me organize this. Thanks Kara! Fun and functional, love it.

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25 Responses to Washi Wheel

  1. Michelle says:

    Love your massive collection of washi tape. I think you may have to find a support group like Washi Tape Addicts Anonymous! Or just send it all to me :-)

  2. Laudicia says:

    Hi. I totally understand the washi obsession! (Although I have not so many of them myself obviously). And for me, organizing stuff is a really fun part of scrapbooking. I’m always trying to find the best way to store my stash. There are so many possibilites for each kind of stuff (washi, stamps, ribbon…) I’m so so looking forward to see your new studio! I’m sure it’s gonna be awesome ;) Thanks for sharing, even with the move and the baby coming. Bye. ^_^

  3. Robin Gibson says:

    Holy Moly! That’s a lot of Washi, how cool!! Love that wheel! And the other containers you’ve mentioned before~ so, off to that site to check it out! Love how your pups got in on the washi organizing:)

  4. caz hancock says:

    I so want to get this but really it is not in the budget right now (on a freeze) but more I have good storage that was free so silly to spend the cash. I love my storeage and that it sits on my desk and looks good LOL

  5. Kayla Chapman says:

    Wow that is a lot of washi tapes! I am in extremely jealous.
    I’ve just gotten into the whole washi tape thing (yes I know I’m behind) and have only 6 different roles. Think I’m going to by up big somewhere on washi tapes as I never have a colour or style I want. Cool holders too.

  6. Diamond says:

    What a cool holder! such a great idea might have to grab one or even two with my huge collection!! Thanks again for sharing…..love xx

  7. Miss Loona says:

    Hello I would like to purchase one but I am living in Canada – Quebec. When I checked out and change the country it doesn’t show the price of shipping. Before paying I would like to know the price please.

    Kindeste regards



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