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If you’re popping over from Ali Edwards’ blog, welcome!

Now that I am back from the babymoon (a vacation taken by soon-to-be-parents to try and relax a bit before the baby arrives – similar to the idea of a honeymoon for newlyweds), I can theoretically finish up the book I started, which you can read about & see here. But with work and the new house, I really haven’t had a chance to sit down and work on it as much as I would have liked to. This is what I have completed so far, and though it only covers half of our first day there, I am ok with it. DSC_1099The cover of the book is a photo of a collage. I added these Wood Grain Goodness Thickers and this cute airplane from Skipping 5.DSC_1100 DSC_1101 DSC_1102 DSC_1103One little thing I love about traveling is JC indulging me in a few silly photos. Another is the gathering of the souvenirs, which I have plenty of in an envelope. Though the book may never actually get finished (although I will try), I will record these memories onto scrapbook pages and also Project Life.

We have a GIVEAWAY of one of the travel kits that will be stocked in our shop tomorrow!amy tangerine travel kit giveawayThe winner will get a choice of either the small camera pouch or the airmail pouch.
TO ENTER: Leave a comment with which one you prefer along with a fun travel tid bit. It can be anything from a favorite destination to a tip for traveling with babies (as I am gathering notes).
Comments will close in 24 hours and a winner will be announced on this post after 10am on Wednesday, August 7, as we have another fun giveaway tomorrow. GOOD LUCK!

WOW – I am blown away by all the fantastic tips and interesting travel bits you shared. THANK YOU!! 

The winner is #131 – Anissa H. says:

Love these kits! My favorite is the camera pouch.

My tip for traveling with a baby… simple Just Go. Don’t let having a newborn stop you from those spontaneous weekend trips. Just pack them a bag and take off. If you forget something at home, there will probably be a Walmart or Target near your destination. I hear so many new parents say that they can’t just get up and go like they use to, but really YOU CAN!! My husband and I did those little weekend trips while our boys were little and they loved it. They were exposed to new places from the beginning.CONGRATS!

I am having some website issues but will try and get these kits (and others) uploaded to the shop as soon as possible. Thanks!

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  1. young c says:

    thanks for the giveaway! Love the airmail bag kit. My travel tip – have your partner get on the plane first to disinfect, set up. Get on at the end, so that you and the baby are on for a minimal amount of time.

  2. JillT says:

    This is so funny! I just ordered the small camera pouch and that book for my niece–literally on my front porch right now. So I’ll vote for the airmail pouch etc for me :)

  3. Gwen Delmore says:

    I love to journal while traveling, I anticipate the trip by constructing a journal in advance, I usually like to make a unique book for each trip. I would love to win the airmail bag.
    I really enjoyed your post, and kudos for taking such an ambitious trip while pregnant!

  4. Angela Nebinger says:

    I would love either.. the airmail one speaks to me for the extra room but the cameras are CUTE.. Travel tips!! When flying with a little one.. hold off feeding time until the plane is taking off the sucking will help with the ear drums popping while the plane is going up and keep the crying down a bit.. and travel light there is nothing worse than carrying on a few bags and a baby..

  5. Emily Muto says:

    Oh I would love to get a travel kit, that airmail bag looks perfect!! I don’t have any traveling with baby tips (yet) but I can tell you a travel tip for when you have to travel to the hospital to have your baby (if you are going to the hospital)… keep your car full of gas before your due date! My husband has been keeping the tank full, because there is no way I will be in labor and be ok with having to stop for gas!! :)

  6. SamW says:

    Ooh – airmail pouch set, please and thank you!
    Travel Tip: Because of a domestic trip snafu that involved misplaced luggage, my motto has been “pack only what you can carry” (on-board). Even the most remote places I’ve been to (not enough – yet!) have a place to get laundry done and if anything, hand wash in the sink! Also – stay well-hydrated, even if it means planning more trips to the bathroom. Accomplishes 2 things (at least) – healthy airplane skin and blood circulation from walking to/from your seat.

  7. Patti McHugh says:

    I love both kits! I will have to go with the bigger airmail pouch. I just went on a trip to Richmond and I had this huge pouch that I collected every single paper bit in. My husband was very helpful and would point out to me “Don’t you want to collect that?” when I forget. It was very sturdy and I got it from the Container Store through the recommendation of – Letter-Size Vinyl & Mesh Pouch, 10049960. It was so helpful!

  8. Julia Walsh says:

    I love the airmail pouch! I’m on a baby moon right now as well. My husband and I are on a road trip from Ontario around Quebec. I’ve been gathering souvenirs and cheesy pictures (and filling out my journaling cards in hopes I can catch up with Project Life when we get back) Kudos to you on trying to make a whole album…I worry sometimes about making time to scrap once the kidlet
    Comes. Looking forward to Reading more about your trip–and any baby tips you figure out :)

  9. Karin Podolski says:

    Hi Amy! I have been following you on instagram, and was pleased to hop over today from Ali’s blog. Tip for traveling with babies? Relax and remain calm – babies take their cues from their mamas, so a calm mama means a calm baby!
    Love the camera pouch (hope I win)!!

  10. Claire says:

    I love, love, love the camera pouch! My tip would be to echo a previous comment about having your partner get on the plane first and get the car seat installed. It is tight and frustrating work. Also, getting a backpack for the car seat was a life saver! If traveling alone, be open to any help given.

  11. JULI C says:

    Oh.. that airmail pouch is pretty sweet! !
    We took the kids to Hawaii when they were young, 9 months & 21months. I guess if you love to travel, start travellling with them sooner, so they get used to plane rides! Congrats again!

  12. Catherine R. says:

    I would love that Camera Pouch! I did a lot of traveling during my childhood (dad was in the Army), so I was lucky to visit Germany, Austria and Korea. During my travels with my parents, it was always make sure to have cash, toilet paper, disinfectant, water and small snack items on hand. And with baby on the way, baby wipes are so handy to always have on hand, even after diapers!

  13. Laura says:

    The air mail pouch is super cute!
    When I travel now, I make sure to keep a tiny notepad and pen with me to jot down things we did or places that we ate at. I’m doing a scrapbook now of our honeymoon which was 5 years ago, and I wish I remembered the names of restaurants or the little towns we visited.

  14. Linda says:

    Love the camera pouch! I’m still learning how to travel with a little one, just 5 months old now. One thing i have learned is that babies aren’t so predictable or routine… They are constantly growing and changing… Bring your patience and enjoy when things go smooth… But also better to be more prepared than less, I think!

  15. Jen Gough says:

    Love the Airmail pouch! This would be nicer than a ziplock bag to take and collect along our next trip. As a Momma to 4 (1 + triplets) I have found that if I can go into the trip calm and relaxed that all of the kids will be calm but, if I am a little anxious about it the kids pick up on this right away and the trip can get more stressful. Good luck!

  16. Ali Gitt says:

    I love the airmail bag…but also the camera….it’s a toss up. Travel tip: I advise downloading/renting movies on my iPad when I fly. Makes the time go by quicker. Plus always carry on necessities or a spare set of clothes. (learned the hard way when I got stuck overnight in Memphis) and hotel was out of toothpaste, etc.

  17. Tina B says:

    I would love the camera pouch. I want to start travel journaling, I am just healing a broken ankle and can’t wait go somewhere. Traveling with kids….keep a sense of humor and be flexible, but keep traveling.

  18. Nadine says:

    thanks for the chance to win!! I love the airmail bag kit. I would love to go to Holland for the tulip festival…

  19. Jill T. says:

    I have always wanted to do a small travel book like this! So cute… I love the airmail pouch, but the camera pouch is great too!

  20. Charlotte says:

    I love the airmail pouch kit. My family still has all the letters my Dad mailed to my Gran in those airmail envelopes when he was in the navy as a young man.
    My travel tip would be to pack an extra change of clothes for both you and baby in hand luggage, just in case.

  21. Jess Amazing says:

    I love that camera bag…

    Once, in college, my friend and I took a last-minute trip to NYC for spring break. We had no plans, hopped a greyhound bus with just our backpacks, and made it up as we went along… which included alternating sleep shifts at the Times Square Visitors Center. Best trip of my life!

  22. Althea says:

    When the baby comes travel in a large vehicle. We traveled in a van and it made a difference. Where ever you go, allow yourself extra time with the baby and scrapbook with lots of pictures. Your child will enjoy this one day. My son loves the books I give him each year. Best wishes.

  23. Rebecca says:

    A baby tip in general ~ I started to sing lullabies aloud while carrying my daughter, (now 16!) each night 2-3 songs. Additionally I would sing them any time she was sick (thankfully not that often!) or when she had braces put on and they hurt… Anything to bring back that old ritual of comfort right before sleep. To this day, even when she is busy with school, tennis, friends – sometimes she will appear in our door and ask for the songs. I like the Book of Lullabies and Night Songs illustrated by Maurice Sendak – but singer Shawn Colvin recorded many of these on a CD – which you can get off Amazon. I’ve given many of these at baby showers. I admire your ability to travel throughout this pregnancy! The airmail bag is super cute. Best wishes on your soon to be new addition!

  24. Carrie H. says:

    The little camera pouch would make a great b-day present ;) my 40th is Aug 7!!!! Woohoo!!! My best travel tip for flying with baby, if your breast feeding, feed during take off & landing to relieve the air pressure. Worked great for both my kiddos. Can’t wait to meet your lil peanut via the Internet!!!

  25. Kim J. says:

    I LOVE the airmail bag! Travel tip: always bring lots to do on the plane, like movies, books, magazines, games, puzzles (make sure some are not electronic in case batteries run out), and, of course, scrapbooking supplies, and pack them in a bag you can put your feet up on!

  26. Katrin S. says:

    What a nice give away :) I would pick the airmail one!
    I don’t have kids, so I can’t share any tips on that.
    I would recommend to always only pack what you need and fit that in your carry on though :) (If it’s possible at all).
    My favorite travel destination will forever be Melbourne! I did an exchange to Australia 5 years ago and I loved it there so very much :3

  27. CraftinSus says:

    I love the camera pouch. :)

    A good tid bit for flying with a baby/toddler is to schedule the flight around the child’s nap time. It was one of the best advice given to us.

  28. Jessica Skoglund says:

    I love the camera pouch!!! Baby tips for travel–I have a one year old and a two year old I’ve learned that while traveling by car for more then 8 hours its handy to a Disney CD. :)

  29. Jennifer C says:

    I have spied these at twopeas…..i need that camera pouch!

    Get on the airplane absolutely last, nurse/feed during take off and landings, make friends with the stewardess, buy diapers/formula/baby food once you get there and GOOD LUCK!

  30. MaryBeth says:

    I would love the airmail pouch! My favorite travel destination would be Ireland. My dream is to go to Tahiti some day! Thanks for a chance to win!

  31. susan h. says:

    Love to hear about your travels and see the resulting creativity! The wood products are fantastic. Would enjoy the camera bag to use as an album cover! My tip is to purchase a portable pen water filter where you just insert it into water to get filtered water. You don’t want a baby with a tummy bug!

  32. Susan F. says:

    Love the small camera pouch! My tip would be to make your luggage easy to spot in baggage claim by tying on ribbons or colorful tags.

  33. Cele Schaffer says:

    I Love them both but the airmail just says travel to me! Would love to make a mini of my daughters Italy travels.

  34. Lori W says:

    I’d love the big pouch! :) Travel tidbit: it’s always better to be early than late to the airport! ;P oh, and put an extra set of clothes, including undies in your carry-on! I have had my luggage lost at least 3 times!

  35. Sarah Folk says:

    I love the airmail bag one! These kits are so cute. I am actually trying to get together all my travel tidbits for a book like yours! I haven’t traveled with kids (since I don’t have any of my own yet), but I do recommend taking some time once the baby has been put to sleep to do some journaling to remember the day and the many special moments with your little one. It goes by too quickly and it’s always nice to go back and re-live those moments :)
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  36. Sandra C says:

    The set with the camera pouch is my favorite. Thanks for the chance to win!

    Oh Happy Day! has lots of travel with kids tips. I would check out her blog.

  37. Natalie (QSOgirl) says:

    The airmail pouch is my favorite :)

    I haven’t done too much traveling with my daughter, but one thing I’ve learned is that she always does better than I expect. At least so far! haha. Last summer she flew for the first time and I was super worried that it would be really hard, and she ended up sleeping the entire time we were in the air. We’re about to leave on another (plane) trip tomorrow, so we’ll see if she’s still a chill traveling kid at age 20-months… I have crayons, stickers, and a sketchbook all ready for her!

  38. Shannon Taylor says:

    I love the one with the little camera bag! ;0) One of my favorite travel memories is of when I was in Mexico. We saw this crazy creature slowly walking out of the ocean & at first no one could figure out what it was. A porcupine. Not what a pictured in a million years, especially a wet one! ;)

  39. Daniela says:

    Thank you for the chance to win!!! I love the airmal bag kit!!! Sorry if I have any advice for baby holidays but I’m not a mum and don’t what to say about :((
    good luck for everything!! you’re great!!!

  40. Juliette Y. says:

    The airmail pouch is my favorite! Travel tip–wear slip-on shoes to reduce stress at the airport security lines.

  41. Laura B says:

    I like the airmail pouch bag. My tips for travel with baby are plan long stretches of driving for naptime, and the pouches of baby food are great for meals on the go. Also, group like items or items needed together inside pouches to put into your diaper bag or other bag. Then it’s easy to grab the diaper change pouch, feeding pouch, etc.

  42. Jodi says:

    so fun! i like the airmail pouch.

    as for traveling with a baby, i’ve only taken road trips by car. my advice there is to bring lots of toys and books, kid-friendly music and be prepared to entertain! and after all that? you will need a vacation from your vacation. ;)

  43. Rossana says:

    wow!!!! I have so much to document by now… very travels and soul travels…. and a move in a new house!!!! I’d love so much to win your goodies, I cross my fingers!!!

  44. MelissaShim says:

    I would love to airmail pouch!

    I have been to Las Vegas, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia in the past two years. While scuba diving in Honduras, I have swam with wild dolphins and a whale shark, in Thailand a leopard shark, and Malaysia lots of massive green turtles and black tip sharks!

  45. Dawn Ritchie says:

    Love the camera pouch.

    I’ve traveled with an 8 month old, then a 20 month old while I was in my 3rd trimester, then again with my 27 month old and 6 month old, and then with a ~1 year old and a ~3 year old while I was in my first trimester. And a few times between… whew! When my babies couldn’t have “snacks”, I was breastfeeding so that helped comfort them on the plane rides. When they hit the “snack” age and beyond, I continued to have a backpack/diaper bag packed full of fun surprises from Target dollar spot (and other places that I start collecting weeks in advance) and just pull out one thing after another to keep them occupied. I don’t have an iPad or anything similar, but they did like looking at pics on my phone. We bring a portable dvd player with a couple of their favorite shoes/movies, but that normally doesn’t last very long. And *always, always* pray for a good flight crew. We’ve had some really good ones and some really bad ones… And we always try to sit in the very back of the plane since you can board early with small children and it’s right next to the bathroom. You’ll figure out your own tricks soon enough. :)

  46. Sandra M. says:

    Luv the airmail pouch. On the top of my travel destinations is Italy, but, I am willing to go just about anywhere. :o)

  47. clippergirl says:

    Love the Airmail pouch. When ever we traveled with our babies, we pre-booked our seats and always booked ahead for the “Bulkhead” seats….it’s usually the first row of seats at the front, you have plenty of room in front of you…also, the row of seats by the emergency exit door usually, the seats there have more room in front too. Also for babies, have a baby bottle of water ready for them especially for take off and landing….the pressure can do a number on their poor tiny ears….but the sucking can help lessen the pain…breast feeding also works too. Always pack an spare change of clothing for you and the baby incase of throw up too.

  48. Melissa Manuel says:

    I like the camera pouch! My best friend and I just spent two weeks in Italy in June. It was our first international trip. We took 3500 pictures between the two of us. :)

  49. Anne D. says:

    Love the camera pouch and all the goodies! I have two travel tips: always carry a 3 ounce bottle of hand sanitizer while traveling…amazing how many times you need it:) Also, roll all your clothes…you get more in the suitcase with a lot less wrinkles. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  50. Kelli W says:

    I love the camera bag! I don’t get to travel very often, but the few times I have with my girls I have learned to always pack more than you think you need of diapers/clean undies and things like that. It’s also good to keep their bedtime routine as close to the one at home as possible, including any stuffed animals/dolls or special blankets that they sleep with.

    Thanks for the chance to win the great kit!

  51. Kay says:

    I love the airmail pouch!!! It is so perfect to keep all of my receipts, tickets and more that I brought back from last trip :) Travel tip:Traveling with little one, bring extra clothes for yourself, too. Not only for little one!!! On the airplane, it is harder than as usual to feed them but it is way easy to make mess…
    Thank you for the chance to win! (hope I win!)

  52. Kathy Reid says:

    Love your travel journals. The air mail pouch is too cute. Years ago when I travelled with my toddler son to Samoa, my Dr. told me to give him a little bit of Benadryl on the plane. It was a life saver. He slept most of the flight!

  53. Judy S says:

    The airmail pouch is my favorite – have had my eye on that since first seeing it in the store. A tip – it is easier to travel with a small baby than it is when you are pregnant in my experience. As long as you are breast feeding, it so easy to just let the baby eat when taking off and landing (easier on ears), any time the baby shows a sign of being a bit fussy, or just whenever – it is soothing/relaxing for both of you. No worries about sterile bottles or mixing formulas etc… Just be prepared for a few dirty diapers and maybe more than one change of baby clothes – plenty of baby wipes and blue `ducky´ bags…

  54. Joanne says:

    I love the camera pouch. I don’t have kids yet, but something I notice about my friends who are new parents is that they forget to pack extra clothing for their kids. So pack extra everything.

  55. marria says:

    I love the airmail pouch! And would love to win just because of the remarks stickers, (I can’t seem to find them anywhere, they’re all sold out! :( When going on a trip i bring a bag or notebook and write down tibits so i don’t forget while scrapping. Also keeping the ordinary ephemera that may not seem important but looking back on the trip sparks a memory. And the next time you go on a trip to the beach (for me it’s Rhode Island) save some sand and the you can put it in a bag or pouch, it adds a very personal touch. Thanks so much for tips on scrapping on Ali’s blog!

  56. Lya Lin says:

    These kits are so lovely and it’s hard to say which one to choose from. I’ll pick the airmail pouch just because it seems to be slightly larger…to tuck in more travel memorabilia :)!
    For baby tips: when you’re planning to travel with the baby, have everything LISTED like what to-do(before you leave) and what to-bring(for travel). I’m used to be good remembering things but it’s safer to keep the note so I would just grab the list and go for it.

    Congratulations on your little one!
    Take Care!

  57. Sandra B. says:

    Airmail me!
    When traveling, I always take some Ziplock bags of different sizes…good for containing wet swimsuits or dirty shoes, packing day snacks from a larger container, collecting scrapbook goodies, and more.

  58. Michelle Leaf says:

    I like the camera pouch. One travel tip I have is to maximize space in your suitcase, use Space bags. They make some for travel and you just roll them and the air comes out, not vacuum needed! Love this album and how you mix ephemera with your photos.

  59. Kathleen says:

    Great giveaway! I love the pack with the airmail pouch!
    As I have no kids I can’t share any top tips for that, but.. I do have a trip for a kids-friendly destination: Barcelona! Or Spain in general, but I guess you’ve already noticed that ;)

  60. Erin says:

    Thanks for the chance! I think I would choose the airmail bag :)

    As for traveling with a baby – one tip that we’ve found extremely useful is to make sure to feed the baby (nurse, bottle, sippy – something so that they are swallowing) when the plane is taking off or landing. Since they don’t know how to reduce the pressure in their ears – we have to help them out. It can be pretty uncomfortable and can lead to a not so fun plane ride when the baby is screaming. Good luck!

  61. Rhonda says:

    Both kits are so adorable, it’s hard to choose, but I do love all things mail related! My travel tip would be if you travel with a stroller, use a bungie cord or large rubber band to keep it closed while it’s checked. There’s less chance of it getting damaged or opening (and then airport personnel having to figure out how to close it). Never rent a carseat, bring your own if you can. And definitely, keep traveling, even after the baby arrives! He will adapt and learn to love it as much as you do.

  62. cindy b. says:

    Oh my goodness I LOVE that camera bag!! I wish I could travel more but that’s the way it goes. :( My little tidbit (which I’m sure you know by now) is to drink tons and tons of liquids. ALthough, my biggest tip is to forgo the bulky hair dryer and use the hotel’s as well as saving up on “samples” in magazines and use those to travel. Then you don’t have to worry about forgetting to bring back your favorite shampoo and lotions. :)

  63. Diana Asp says:

    Hello! Love your blog and this giveaway. The camera pouch is adorable! My traveling tip with babies is to keep a change of clothes and ziploc bags for those wet messes. Best tip I’ve gathered since having two children.

  64. Liz Davis says:

    Love the airmail pouch and all of the lovely goodies that go with it! I have a couple of trips coming up and would LOVE to be able to scrap on the go with your wonderful stuff!

  65. Karen Beldon says:

    I am in love with that camera pouch!! My travel tidbit is to always have lots of little wipe packages wherever you are…in every bag, purse, vehicle, hotel room, etc! you never know when the baby is going to erupt, spit up, or even when mom/dad may spill something while holding the baby! :) Can never have enough wipes (and target bags stashed in your purse to throw the dirty wipes/diapers in!)

  66. Felecia says:

    I love both pouches, but I’ll choose the airmail since I have camera already! I love trying regional food when I travel. Now, thanks to bloggers like you Amy, when I try something new or unique I take a picture and grab any business cards/take out menus to remind me of the whole experience. How perfect would these kits be for documenting a food adventure? Thanks for the opportunity!

  67. amyellen says:

    always remember a thermometer and Tylenol/Motrin. We got caught in hurricane Mitch with a sick toddler and no fever reducer :(
    I would love either but the airmail pouch is my fav.

  68. Allison M. says:

    Oh my – I love both, but the camera pouch speaks to me just a little bit more. I don’t travel very often so I’m afraid I don’t have any helpful tips. One of my most favorite destinations is Aix-en-Provence. And a little closer to home playing tourist in my own town – walking along the Halifax (Nova Scotia) waterfront is fun to do.

  69. Allison R says:

    I’d love to get my hands on that adorable airmail pouch! My tip for travel is spend time at the end of the day write a recap of your day. It is so easy to forget fun little things that happened during your trip, writing it down helps me save those memories!

  70. Tami says:

    I love to travel. Am heading to Portland for the first time in September. My travel tip: get the SD card reader for your iPad. It makes it easier to view your photos, update social media etc. I love being able to see the days photos that night. Oh, also I love the camera pouch!

  71. cindy barriga says:

    Airmail pouch kit! And my one and only travel tip with babies is to have a few toys packed with all the other goodies.

  72. Allie Campbell says:

    What a wonderful kit! Love the Airmail Pouch. Thanks for the chance to win! Traveling to Italy next Spring and this would be PERFECT! Advice for traveling with little ones? Always remember to pack your patience and a sense of humor! :-)

  73. rhonda nickol says:

    Love the Airmail pouch Amy! When my daughter was little I had a small backpack for her that she could carry and we let her pick her favorite toy, reading books, coloring book w/ crayons, movies, snacks and a drink bottle, she always thought she was a big girl by packing her own bag.

  74. Linda says:

    Cute pouches! I’m a little partial to the camera one though. My tip, especially as the kids get older is have stuff they’ve never seen hidden away to pull out occasionally. Nothing like a new little something to keep their attention. Also Crayola used to make markers that only write on special paper. I’m not sure if they still have them or not. They were the best because even little ones could color, and airline seats, walls, your clothes, the backseat of the car etc never got marked up!

  75. Surama says:

    I love the airmail pouch! It’s my favorite! I am Brazilian and I love travelling to the United States. The places are beautiful as well as great options.
    Thanks for the chance.

  76. Mary James says:

    I’m just in the process of putting together a travel kit for our upcoming drive from BC to SK, browsong your site for inspiration! Would love either pouch – I just ordered two other ones of theirs recently :)
    Travelling with kids needs flexibility…be willing to stop often and take it slowly when you need to – they need breaks to run about! And a pool at the end of a day of travelling is always appreciated by my girls.

  77. Lauren Hooper says:

    I love the airmail bag!! Just got back from a trip and I used an empty project life box to hold all my travel scrapping stuff and hold all my memorabilia! It was the perfect size! Thanks for the giveaway! Lauren

  78. chel says:

    LOVE the airmail pack! So cool!

    As far as traveling with babies- just remember to relax, because your baby will sense if you are tense and get nervous. The more relaxed you are, the more relaxed the baby will be, and the more relaxed your fellow travelers will be, as well. One breath at a time <3

  79. Smitha Katti says:

    Love your kit and album too! My tip while traveling with babies– a baby carrier. The baby feels so comfortable and you have your hands free for luggage. Also, always nap while the baby naps- very important while traveling!

  80. Carmen Pauls Orthner says:

    I would love to win the airmail kit, though either would be lovely. :) Best tip — hmm…. We did a big trip to Seattle (from northern Saskatchewan, Canada) when our daughter was about 6 months old. I don’t know that I came away with any genius ideas from that. I did find that going on a bus with just our DD (while DH was at a business meeting) was very challenging because I had our DD in a big stroller, and the aisles and stairs on most buses were not stroller-friendly. So perhaps if you are going to be using public transportation on any of your day trips, try using a baby carrier against your chest so that you can keep your baby close (and see him/her, because you don’t want to be bumping baby against other passengers) and avoid the awkwardness of trying to lug a stroller and all the gear a baby requires, plus your child, onto a bus! Other than that, my best tip would be to just go for it!! Our Seattle trip is a wonderful memory for me. We also discovered in Edmonton that our then 5-month-old had no problem with sleeping during a very loud IMAX movie (Inception) and when she was awake, she watched the movie very attentively. I guess it depends on your child’s temperament, but we never kept the house ultra quiet during her naps or nighttime, and that has helped us on occasion, including the film screening.

  81. Patty N. says:

    I like them both -those little pouches are awesome! When my son was little, we always had to take his shoes off on the plane- no matter how hard we tried , he always kicked the seat in front of him for a while. I always made sure to apologize over and over to the person in that seat, and they were always gracious about it!

  82. Cathy L. says:

    I’d choose the smaller pouch, as I already have the larger one! As far as traveling with an infant, always give yourself plenty of time, and expect the unexpected!

  83. Anna says:

    We just travelled to Nashville for our honeymoon and I can’t wait to go back. It’s such a fun city to vacation in and I never expected that.

  84. Regina says:

    Ooh, I love the small camera pouch. I just got back from my first trip to NYC and would love to have this giveaway to go with my photos.

  85. Madison says:

    I love the camera pouch! I would totally pick that one (even though it is a hard choice!)

    My favorite tip would be always travel with a pair of socks in your purse! That way, when you go through airport security, you can put on a pair of socks (if you’re not wearing them) so that you don’t have to put your bare feet on the gross airport floor!

  86. yolanda s says:

    My tip is to travel light, you really don’t need everything. You just need the basics and a few favorite items to entertain the baby:) Thanks for the chance to win, I think I will go with the airmail bag. Good Luck on Delivery!

  87. Kim says:

    I love the airmail bag and kit. I love the simplicity of your travel book – I always come home with an envelope of papers, tickets, etc… with the intention of scrapbooking them and then I never do. My tip for traveling with kids is just enjoy the moments – don’t get too stressed about the details.

  88. Stefanie says:

    I would love to have the camera pouch. We are planning our next trip to Berlin. I think our 3 year old boy will love the Aquarium at the Zoo. Babies just love being where their parents are :-).

  89. SparklinD says:

    Awesome giveaway! I prefer the one with the airmailpouch! Won’t be able to use it this year as we’ve already been on vacation, but will definately use it next year as it will be a special holiday: our honeymoon!!

  90. Cindy S. says:

    They’re both adorable. But the camera bag is my favorite.
    Traveling tip: Pack all your cords/adapters into one zippered pouch. Washi tape each one with a different color. Put a “key” made with each washi tape you used inside your pouch. You’ll always know where to find them and when you leave, match your cord washi colors to your key and you’ll never leave a cord behind!

  91. Cheryl T. says:

    I actually love both pouches but the airmail stripes are just calling to me (even though I love Polaroid cameras). So cute!

    Ziploc bags are a must. Air pressure is the worst and shampoo all over your clothing is the worst!

    Congrats on your soon to be arriving bundle of joy!

  92. Liliana P says:

    Love, love, love the small camera bag!

    Traveling tip with kids: Breath, kids are kids so stuff happens. Try to be prepared but enjoy because kids grow up fast! Don’t sweat the small stuff.

  93. Paris Anderson says:

    Thanks for the giveaway. The airmail pouch is too cute. My tip for traveling with a baby is to keep their routine as close to the same as possible (naps, meals, bedtime). It makes for a happy baby which makes for a happy mommy.

  94. Lydia says:

    The camera pouch kit! I already have the airmail pouch and LOVE IT! Hum…traveling with little ones. Benedryl! Just kidding….LOL

  95. Emilee says:

    Love these kits! I’d Love the small camera bag. My mom always taught me to roll the clothes to get as much as you can in the bag. :)

  96. Nicolle S says:

    I like the small camera pouch! My traveling tidbit: always pack snacks for the flight! I especially adhere to this when I travel during lunchtime. I’m the chick on the plane with a full meal. It makes sure that I arrive at my destination happy! No one likes a person when they’re hungry haha


  97. Lisa says:

    Love the airmail pouch. As for travel tips: baby wipes and zip-lock bags, lots of them. So many uses for them both I keep them in my car, in my purse, in my checked baggage, and in my carry on.

  98. Usagi says:

    I would love to get the airmail kit! I’m visiting a new country this fall! I am so excited!! As for a tip, I would say, bring an extra bag for all the extra things you may buy.

  99. jennifer tucker says:

    we are getting so close mama!!!
    i am loving the airmail pouch.
    travel tip: i always pack an empty duffle bag in my suitcase in case i load up on goodies for family, and a few for myself! ;)

  100. Kristin A. says:

    Adorable kits! Especially eyeing the airmail! Love it! A great tip when traveling with babies is to pack a stain remover stick with you to treat all those leaks, drips, and dribbles, so they aren’t just sitting there until you’re back home doing laundry. Thanks for the chance to win.

  101. Joanne says:

    I love the airmail pouch!!! What a fab giveaway!

    My baby travel tip is to use a baby carrier (I like the ergo carrier) that way baby can snuggle up to you and if you happen to fall asleep, you don’t have to worry about baby falling.

  102. Michelle Mac says:

    I love the camera pouch, but it was a really tough decision! When travelling for more than a week I try an find somewhere I can do laundry – I know it’s not something you want to do on holiday, but it’s really nice when you come home tired and don’t have to face a mountain of washing!

  103. Tagyn says:

    I think the camera pouch is adorable!
    My baby tip is when flying with a young one always pack an extra set of clothes, my husband and I learned this the hard way on a flight to Mexico!!!

  104. Emily says:

    I like the airmail pouch! Thanks for the giveaway! I like travelling far places, but road trips to neighboring states are my favorite. :)

  105. Martha says:

    I love the camera pouch! I don’t have babies, but I do think it is a good idea to put things for kids to play with on the plane in a backpack and have them carry it!

  106. Kimberlee says:

    I love the airmail pouch. :) What a great trip you must have had! I love to see your books as they are always so inspiring!

    I don’t have any tips on traveling with kids… sorry. But if you haven’t been, and you get a chance to go, spend a little time in Naples, Italy, and visit their farmers’ market. :) Gorgeous stuff.

  107. Kayla Foister says:

    I do love the camera tote! My dream travel vacation would a tour of Egypt with John Anthony West. One day maybe, a girl can always dream!

  108. Becky F says:

    I love that airmail bag! No kids of my own, but my parents’ favorite travel tip when we were little was to make sure we slept through as much of the travel time as possible. We did a lot of driving or flying through the night and waking up in our new destination!

  109. Alia M says:

    Both so cute!!! Tip: be sure to smile when approaching the check-in desk. It can be to your benefit if your luggage is overweight! ;-)

  110. KateinCleveland says:

    Would love either kit, too hard to decide which is my favorite. We took our nieces from Florida to Alaska. The secret to them behaving was books and snacks!

  111. Meg Ridgway says:

    I love the airmail bag and I remember as a child going to all the places close to home, but the one big trip my mom took me on that is overly documented was the Daytona Beach…but any beach will do…I loved the sand it appears as there are tons of photos of me as part of the sand castle and happy as a lark. LOL.

  112. Cynthia says:

    Congratulations on baby and babymoon. I would choose the camera bag. Best is advice for traveling with children is to always be prepared, allow them to rest/nap and to know aead of time things may not always goes as planned.

  113. Leah G says:

    Both kits looks fun. I will be traveling to China later this year with my mom. It will be the first time I’ve been out of the country in 8 years! And the first time I’ve travelled with the mind set to document my journey while I’m there instead of piecing something together when I return. The secret — you never use most of what you pack! Pick a few basics and build from there.

  114. Sara Lovell says:

    Like both but would probably plump for the airmail pouch. I am from the UK but was in Barcelona the same time as you recently – I kept an eye out for you just in case – I would have been very excited to bump into you! I did a ‘scrapbook-on-the-road’ whilst I was there & loved it. Second time I’ve done one, and I always love to come home with a completed scrapbook. My essential for that is my Fuji Instax camera, then like you, I just pick up anything & everything memorabilia-wise. Even have husband & teenage daughter trained to do the same!

  115. Anat Napp says:

    Love both but would pick the airmail pouch. My advice for traveling with kids: do as much of it as you can before you/they are bogged down by a school calendar and always expect the unexpected!

  116. Leah G says:

    Totally missed the end of that sentence. Investigate the nearest Walmart/Target/drug store before you go, and plan to buy baby basics (diapers, etc) when you arrive. Babies can easily commandeer a full-sized suitcase!

  117. Lindsay B says:

    I love the kit on the right! I constantly remind myself when traveling to take more pictures than seems natural. I never wish I had less photos when I come home.

  118. Linda says:

    I love your travel journal style, it’s so simplistic yet gorgeous! It makes me want to start another art journal…I quit mine when I started project life because it was just too much.

    I would love to win the kit with the camera pouch! I would love to travel the world, but being a student still, my budget hasn’t yet allowed me those opportunities, so I like to play tourist close to home. Thankfully, I go to school in a huge travel destination [Manhattan], so playing tourist never gets boring! I like mixing in the touristy things with things off the beaten path, and try to pay attention to the small details that make a location special :)

  119. Jaclyn VDB says:

    Thanks so much for the chance – love your book so far even if you just started :) Would love the small camera bag kit – I have the larger camera bag and use it every time I travel – LOVE!

    Thanks again :)

  120. Anissa H. says:

    Love these kits! My favorite is the camera pouch.

    My tip for traveling with a baby… simple Just Go. Don’t let having a newborn stop you from those spontaneous weekend trips. Just pack them a bag and take off. If you forget something at home, there will probably be a Walmart or Target near your destination. I hear so many new parents say that they can’t just get up and go like they use to, but really YOU CAN!! My husband and I did those little weekend trips while our boys were little and they loved it. They were exposed to new places from the beginning.

  121. Theresa says:

    I LOVE your little album! The airmail pouch is sooo cute!! When traveling with babies…Disney has been our favorite place to go!! They’ve thought of everything!

  122. Wendy Orme says:

    So fun…I NEED a small camera pouch! When our oldest son was 2 months we (probably foolishly) thought it would be fun to take him to Yellowstone. We got to Mammoth Hot Springs where we planned to stay the night and were trying to eat dinner when a colic attack hit him. The poor waitresses were so sweet to try and calm him so we could eat and then we decided to drive all night to get him home so we wouldn’t disturb all the hotel guests with his screaming. He slept the whole way, but we were in such a hurry that we got pulled over by the police…thankfully, when he heard our story he let us off with a warning.

  123. Susan L. says:

    Love the airmail pouch!
    Maybe check with Samantha Brown (Travel Channel)— she recently had twins! (can’t imagine traveling with 2 babies in tow tho, yikes!)

  124. Sam F says:

    Oh, it is hard to pick which one I’d prefer, but I think I’d have to go with the camera pouch! As far as a travel tip, I don’t have kids, so I can’t help there, but I read once that you should take as many pictures as you can when you first arrive to a new destination. Look up, look down, take pictures of street signs and architecture, etc. The thought is that the longer you are at your destination, the more “de-sensitized” you become to the new surroundings and you may not take a photo of that really unique building, sign, tree, etc, because you see it every day and it no longer feels so unique.

  125. Renate says:

    I love the airmail pouch. so cute an perfect for our 2-weeks-vacation-trip to Egypt next month. I loved Nice last summer. Nice was perfect. That blue water is just amazing and the food was so so so good. You definitely have to visit!

  126. tammy g says:

    It is so hard to travel lightly with a little one. Try buying baby items that serve a dual purpose so your space isn’t too crowded too quickly by baby things. And I love the airmail one!

  127. Cindy deRosier says:

    I prefer the airmail one, but they’re both adorable!

    My best traveling-with-baby is to bring a manual breast pump. When the baby is strapped into the carseat, you do NOT want to stop the car and nurse the baby. It isn’t safe (or legal) to unstrap the baby to nurse. Instead, you can just pump while riding along (obviously, this only works if you’re not the driver) and then bottle feed. No need to take long nursing stops when you’re trying to get to your destination.

  128. Ellen says:

    I love the camera pouch. When you baby gets to be between 12 months and 18months, iPads will become your best friend on airplane trips with kids.

  129. Gina M says:

    I like the camera pouch :) The whole kit is darling.
    My best tip, which I’m sure others have mentioned is to use a pacifier during take off and landing to help with the pressure in his little ears.

  130. Mikaela says:

    I adore the letter print bag set!! I love love love to travel BUT terrified to fly! Still I conquer my fear at least once a year, as nothing beats seeing as much of the world as possible to me :)

  131. Fiona says:

    I love the airmail pouch, but the cameras are also really cute :) My travel tips for traveling with an infant are to feed on take off and landing to help with the pressure, and carry an extra set of clothes for yourself as well as a couple for baby. We heard that it was good to bring one diaper per hour of plane travel, and although we didn’t believe it was necessary, we did it. After a 10 hour flight, our seven month old had gone through ALL the diapers and was on the last one! Crazy!

  132. Stef31 says:

    Yeah, thanks for the chance to win. My favorite is the one with the airmail bag.
    And about travelling, i never take the window seat, like that i can stand up as often as i want to walk, go to the toilets…

  133. Kim Castillo says:

    Would love the airmail pouch.
    My tip is to spend the money on a nicer, sturdier folding stroller for travel. One that has a basket underneath for diaper bag, or packages. In addition, I would hang a mesh bag, designed for strollers, from the handles for lighter items. Carrying a baby, a handbag, and/or diaper bag was not an option for me. Add in possible hot weather, carrying a Diet Coke, and hoping to purchase something meant I needed a stroller that was light weight and very easy to unfold with one hand. My stroller also came with a guarantee so when an airline broke it I got it replaced free of charge. My boys are now 11 and 14 so I’m sure the brand that I bought has been improved upon many times over!
    As matter of fact I meet my best friend in a park talking about our same strollers. She had it in the color that I wanted but wasn’t available when I bought mine. We still laugh about me as “the crazy lady who wanted her stroller”. Oh the memories…

  134. Carla Hundley says:

    Good luck with your new baby
    coming up! I’d like the air mail
    pouch giveaway kit. Pack early
    and check and recheck everything
    before you leave, especially if you
    are traveling on a motorcycle!
    Carla from Utah

  135. Becky M says:

    I would love the airmail pouch! So cute!

    My travel tidbit would be that carrying a bunch of journal tags to journal in the moment while traveling. I always take a handful and keep in my bag so l can write down my thoughts each day. It makes putting together a scrapbook page much easier when l get home.

  136. Tess Pretty says:

    I love the Babymoon idea! I will have to organise on when my time comes to have kids. And as for the pouches, they are both gorgeous, but the Airmail on just screams holiday to me.
    My favourite destinations include Chicago, Hawaii, Thailand and the gorgeous East coast of Australia.

  137. Ashley Armstrong says:

    Love the airmail pouch as well!

    I always have either a notebook or a pad of paper to jot down the little details, as well as an envelope of some sort to keep the ephemera. Right now I am only doing Project Life so I have been bringing the Becky Higgins envelope pages to keep everything and anything I don’t use in spreads or layouts gets kept there.

  138. Robin Gibson says:

    Sooooo love both kits, how cute! Personally, I’d love the camera bag kit:) Thanks for such an amazing giveaway opportunity! Hope you enjoyed your Babymoon!
    I have a favorite destination for you, and after awhile adjusting to the stresses & joys of new parenthood, you might need to escape their! Even for just a long weekend:) Jade Mountain, St. Lucia! (Puh-ricey, but OH soooo worth it!!) You have your own private suite w/butler, at your beck and call. And you don’t have to do anything but relax! (But there’s stuff to do if you want to get out & about). And the fourth ‘wall’ is non-existent, so you get to enjoy phenomenal carribean sea & mountain views from the luxury (& privacy) of your infinity pool:) Most relaxing vacay EVAH!

  139. ina says:

    The key to traveling with kids is having 3x the snacks you think you will ever need….because they will eat them ALL.
    The airmail pouch is so cool !

  140. Vera says:

    I love the camera one (have the airmail one). I don’t sleep the night before a LONG trip so that I am good and tired enough to sleep on the plane. :-)

  141. Cara says:

    Love the airmail pouch. Tips for travel…….make sure you have a small baby so they fit into the bassinet on the plane! My daughter was so tiny she could still sleep in it when she was a year old, whereas the woman next to me was trying to ‘shoehorn’ a giant three month old into the bassinet.

  142. Tracy says:

    I love the camera pouch, but I am hoping to win the airmail pouch. Thanks for the chance to win. Love your scrap and travel idea – I want to try it on a trip we are taking this winter.

  143. grace c. says:

    love the airmail pouch! travel w/kids tips-feed (breastfeed/bottle feed) baby at take off & landing, make travel arrangements around nap time (we love flying red eye with the kids-they sleep the whole way!), & always have snacks & activities (crayons & paper are great) on hand! thanks!

  144. Heidi says:

    I love both almost equally…but leaning towards the camera pouch since I’m a photographer :) We take long road trips every summer, and our daughter has come along with us on every one (since she was born). When she could sit forward facing in the carseat we made sure to put her in the middle of the backseat so she could watch the road and get air from the vents- it’s been the best trick to avoid carsickness. I recently learned from a friend to put a little peppermint essential oil on her tummy and let her smell the oil from the vial. She’s older now, though, so I’m not sure about using it on a baby.

  145. Teresa says:

    Hi Amy! I love the airmail pouch, and my travel tidbit relates to your blog post. I’ve been to an Isetan too (earlier this year in Japan), and I loved it as well! Their stationery selection (esp. their washi tape) was to die for! Thanks for the chance to win!

  146. Rita Timmons says:

    thanks for the giveaway! Love the airmail bag kit… travel tip with babies – always pack an extra shirt :-)

  147. Dyna says:

    LOVE the camera pouch…too cute! The best advice I could give with travelling with little ones is to be prepared by having documents out and essential baby stuff ready to go in your carry on.

  148. Jen D says:

    I love the smaller camera pouch! As a mother to two little kids & had travelled on a plane ON MY OWN (at the time with an 18 mth old and a 4 year old) I found the flight attendants very helpful and offered to watch my older one if I had to go to the washroom or if I needed anything at all. I did have to take the older one to the washroom but couldn’t trust myself to hand over my little one attached in the carrier to me….let’s just say it was very cramped in the washroom. Most people are very friendly when you have children & are willing to help you. =)

  149. Jenny A says:

    Love the mini camera pouch! I already have the other pouch and I use it all the time :) A traveling tip: nurse or give the baby the bottle during take off and landing. Depending on where you travel to – only pack enough diapers for one day and buy the rest of the diapers when you get to your destination (saves on luggage space).

  150. Kelsey Noble says:

    I love the airmail kit–so adorable! We cruised for the first time last year and are going again in a month so I have to say cruises are a great, relaxing, affordable trip in general. But if you ever get a chance to go to Cozumel, Mexico, hit up Mr. Sancho’s! An all-inclusive day at the beach for $40 per person!

  151. Sharon says:

    Love the airmail pouch – super cute! My travel tip is to pretend that you’re familiar with the city if you ever hop into a taxi somewhere unfamiliar – just mention that it’s your second or third visit, so they are less likely to rip you off by taking you the long way.

  152. Roberta says:

    Love both, but the camera pouch is my fav. Thanks for the giveaway. My tip is to use the backpack type baby/child carrier. It is not as hot as some of the chest carriers and the kiddies can see more. You need to be able to tolerate them in your hair (literally!) but they are more a part of what is going on. I found it easier on my back then the front carriers. For newborns the slings especially or front carriers work well.

  153. Aideen Fallon says:

    Love how your lil book is turning out :) and I LURVE the camera case!!!!! I have 2 kiddies and the best holidays are stay-cations within our lovely Ireland! You can pack up the car with as much stuff as needed and not worry about it ;) xxxx

  154. Kelley says:

    Haven’t traveled a whole lot, but I’ve moved a whopping 26 times in my 25 years of life. {No exaggeration here, I’m working on the mini book to prove it} But I can tell you how to pack a house in about 2 days.
    Loving that airmail pouch, but both are super adorable!!

  155. SANDRA says:

    Love the camera case, just one i have traveled with my nephew to uruguay was amazing!! he was so quiet and fascinated with the airplane now he loves them.

  156. Jess says:

    Love the Airmail Pouch!

    My “baby/kid” tip has to do with packing. I try to pack everything my child will wear on the trip in zip lock bags by day. So, I put the clothes, hair accessories, and little shoes into “a day bag”. That way when we get to the hotel I can move all the bags into the dresser and everything is together and ready for the day.

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  157. Camcas says:

    Love the little camera pouch
    Thanks for the chance
    I am favourite travel moment was hiking to to the top of Mt Rosea in the Grampians and having a picnic lunch with DHand 2DS’s aged 12 and 7 at the time
    Hope you make lots of lovely travel memories with your family!

  158. Sonja says:

    I love both of them but the small camera pouch is my favourite. My travel tip is to have a dummy or lolly or a drink that baby can suck as you take off it helps with the ear pressure.
    My favourite place is watching the sun go down on Loch Linnhe on the west coast of Scotland. We hire a cottage on the loch and sit each night just relaxing and watching the colours change. Thanks for a chance to win.

  159. Francie says:

    I adore the airmail pouch.
    We took a five-week post-birth babymoon with our six-week-old in tow and loved every minute of it. That baby has just turned two, and after 13 tiring but otherwise very successful flights with him, I would advise that you wear a comfortable pair of cargo pants on the plane with a closable pocket down on the leg that can hold your passport, ticket and keys if necessary. I generally had him in a baby carrier and couldn’t easily easily those things in the usual neck or fanny pouches, and I always had to take keys out of my pants pockets to breastfeed, so that he wouldn’t hurt his head, but I wouldn’t have anywhere safe to put them.
    We jumped right in, assuming that if we wanted our child to travel well, he had to be well travelled! No regrets.

  160. Gayle P says:

    The airmail bag is super fun! My new travel tip is to get a reusable water bottle with a filter in it, and then fill it up once you’re past security! No more $$$ water in the airport!

  161. Patricia Perez says:

    I loved the airmail pouch. Always take a picture of your bagage, it’s easier to show a photo than explain how it looks like lol it helps a lot, trust me! great mini, amy!

  162. Christine cleary says:

    I love the airmail bag and kit.
    My tip would be to take plent of wipes and hand sanitiser, also pack lots of little snacks and their favorite foods – sometimes when travelling it is hard to find simething familiar for them to eat – and as they move into the toddler stage – stickers, stickers and more stickers.

  163. Mindy says:

    I LOVE the airmail pouch and would so love to use this kit on an upcoming trip! My travel tip is to always buy a seat for the baby if possible. It can be hard juggling everything around with a baby in your lap the whole time. The extra seat is always helpful :)

  164. Mary says:

    I love the airmail pouch! If I remember it right, I think I had a separate bag filled with all sorts of toys to entertain my 1 year old daughter when I took her from New England to LA.

  165. Diamond says:

    Hi Amy, love the airmail pouch and your travel kit is just perfect!! my tidbit would be to wear sunscreen anytime you will be outside, regardless of the temperature or weather ….. Thanks again for another awesome giveaway!! You rock xx

  166. mel hammill says:

    love love love the kit on the right
    best tip cause you will never get rid of baby brain – is to make sure you have breast pads on before you get on the plane – quite embarrassing getting on a plane thinking you look great with a baby & not know you have two huge wet patches on your boobs!

  167. Jessica Toulmin says:

    Great giveaway! I like both pouches, but today I will choose the airmail pouch.
    I hope you get your babymoon book finished before baby arrives, because things are going to get crazy busy soon!
    Travel tip for flying with little ones is to have them feeding when taking off and landing. As an adult you know how to equalise your ears (‘make them pop’) but babies can’t. Sucking and swallowing fixes that, so there won’t be so much screaming! A dummy/ pacifier would probably work the same.

  168. Wendy says:

    Cute giveaway! Love the airmail pouch one! My favorite place we’ve been so far is Jamaica, kid friendly too:)

  169. angela says:

    Love the airmail bag kit. My tip: when you are flying with a baby/toddler make sure you have an extra set of clothes for YOU with you in addition to all the stuff you will have for the baby while on the plane. If the baby throws up, has a leaky diaper and it goes all over you, you can at least change your shirt (after you get the baby cleaned up) and won’t have to smell like throw up the rest of the flight! That being said, travel as light as possible on the plane (easier said than done!) because traveling with a child is exhausting no matter how well prepared you are.

  170. Karina K says:

    I like both pouches. When we went to Hawaii last year, I mailed a post card home for each day that we were there with a summary of what we did that particular day. I loved getting the postcards at home after the trip and it was super easy to just add them to my scrapbook for the trip!

  171. Carmel Keane says:

    I love the airmail pouch! My best tip for travelling with lettle ones is to ignore your fellow passengers giving you evils and concentrate on your baby/toddler adn meeeting there needs. little babies really aren’t too much hassle feed them and let them sleep. For toddlers haev lots of distractions – including a couple of new things eg, a new book to read together. Sleep when they sleep if you can.

  172. Joyatee says:

    I’d love a chance to win the small camera pouch. I just came back from Brazil for a little summer conference, and I highly highly recommend it! The food is amazing!

  173. Julie says:

    Amy, I’ve really enjoyed all your pictures on Instragram. You have such an eye for taking interesting shots.
    Love your stuff, Airmail is adorable.
    Travel tip is water, water, and hand wipes.
    I don’t have any children,….but my mom always said sleep when they sleep….


  174. Lesley says:

    I love the air mail pouch!
    When we travel, I keep a journal every night to record all the amazing things we have done and seen so when I come back to scrap them – I can remember everything!

  175. Carol J says:

    I love them both, but the airmail pouch is my favorite. I always travel with different sizes of ziplock bags for storing mementos, ticket stubs, etc. For children always bring along a favorite toy, blanket. or book.

  176. Megan Smith says:

    I love the airmail pouch.

    My tip for traveling with babies – no need to pack anything for yourself other than your smart phone, headphones and wallet. You won’t need anything to entertain yourself! Oh, and be ready to feed them on ascent and descent – it helps the ears to pressurize.

  177. Joanna K says:

    So great! We went to Thailand for our honeymoon and also visited Wat Pho – great for massages! My tip would be to roll everything in your suitcase – saves so much space.

  178. Azusa says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    I LOVE the airmail purch.
    I haven’t traveled with baby yet.
    But when I was small, Disney was as like heven to me!!
    Every kids love there, right?

  179. Anny says:

    Airmail bag pls
    Tips, I always brings my essentials like bandaid, alcohol swabs, antiseptic swabs, tiny brushes, medicine, hair band, handcream, in a pouch, belive it or not is only 3″x3″ size. And always bribgs baby wipes and tissue.
    Baby tips after you got home always renew your baby bags, filled the dippers, the bottle, spoon, etc.. So the next time you want to go out just grab it( saves you a lot of time and believe or not if there’s a baby sometimes when you are in a hurry you might forgot to put it a few things, this minimize them)

    And good luck on you labour, it’s painfull but it’s all worth it

  180. Stephanie Harmon says:

    Hi Amy!
    Your travel/baby moon book is awesome. I’m about to travel in the next few weeks…I always take my comfy travel neck pillow since I love sleeping while flying. And I always bring extra bug spray!

    Both giveaways are adorable…I love thr airmail kit!

  181. Liz says:

    Love the camera pouch!! My tip is for when the baby is a little older…pack each days’ outfits in its own ziplock bag!! Underwear, socks, everything!! Makes getting ready so easy!!

  182. Jana says:

    Thanks for this fun opportunity! If I win, may I please have the airmail pouch set? I love traveling – we took a 27 day road trip across America last fall, sleeping in the canopy on the back of our Toyota Tacoma – just the two of us now with our kiddies grown. My travel tip with a baby is to just bring essentials for your baby – skip all that “have to have” paraphernalia and make your life simpler! Babies will sleep where ever Mommy & Daddy are. Diapers, Mommy (if nursing), car seat & easy to wash clothes & blankies are pretty much all real young babies need!

  183. Elee Vang says:

    I love the mini camera bag kit! Absolutely perfect! Did you guys stay at a Westin hotel? I love the one that we’ve been going to in MN. As for an advice, pack up the vehicle with necessary baby items, but bring a light necessary bag when shopping. It’s quite a lot of weight after awhile. Yay for you!

      • Elee Vang says:

        Thanks for responding back! I would love to see Bangkok someday. How did you guys decide to go there? Would you ever consider coming to MN? I can host you! (*fingers crossed)

        • Amy says:

          I’ve been to Bangkok twice before and he had never been to Asia. Plus we wanted to get to Phuket and that is the best way. And he was able to go to the Chinese Tailor in Bangkok to get some shirts and suits made. It’s a fantastic city to spend a couple nights in.

        • Amy says:

          oh and as for MN, I was there for Scrapfest 2 years ago but won’t make it this year. Would love to go back to teach classes – hook it up!

  184. darla says:

    Love the camera bag. My tip for you is when taking off and landing in the airplane give the baby a bottle – it helped our children with the change in air pressure. As they got older gum helped. They were awesome travelers!

  185. Nessa says:

    I’d love to win the airmail pouch & kit! I’ll be traveling to Thailand my honeymoon this year! Do you have any recommendations as far as craft supplies & paper stores to visit?

  186. Karen B says:

    I like the airmail pouch kit and my travel tip is drink lots of water and if possible have a local show you around as they always know the best places to eat and shop! Thanks for the giveaway.

  187. Kristin says:

    I always pack a couple of packets of oatmeal, some tea bags and some granola bars so I have instant breakfast or snack if I need it. Sometimes you don’t know how the schedule will change and it’s good to have some extra calories around when you need them. I can imagine that this would apply to little ones too! :)

    I love the airmail pouch. Thanks for the opportunity!

  188. Heather Adams says:

    I love the airmail baggie! It’s so cute! I haven’t travelled too much, but whenever I do, it’s good to catch up on sleep! :)

  189. wendy says:

    the airmail bag is super cute :)
    I just like to have a couple different genres of books and maybe a scrappy magazine to take along on the plane. When I get bored reading one I can switch to another.

  190. Angela Himes says:

    The airmail pouch is awesome!

    A baby wrap is necessary to carry the baby when waiting in long lines at the airport. A cover for the carrier is great, too, to keep the baby undisturbed when sleeping.

  191. Alycia Clark says:

    I love the travel bag! So fun.

    Now traveling with babies can be hard but it can also be fun. Something I like to do with my kids, is take a few things out of their toybox about a month or so before we travel. That way when I bring them out, they are like new. (*Note: This doesn’t work as well with the older ones.) I also hit up the dollar spot at target and get little things like sunglasses and coloring books that I bring out at random times during the travel.

    With little babies just use the nursing or bottle method to help with the pressure. :)

  192. Jeannie Phillips says:

    I love the airmailbag! Thanks for the change to win some goodness! Baby travel tips – just do it! Don’t be afraid and dive right in. We travelled with our son constantly all over the world and it was awesome to enjoy lots of countries, cultures, events, and cuisines and to see it all through the eyes of our child from age 1 thru 18 (where we are now).

  193. J3SS1C4 says:

    Thanks for the chance to win, the airmail case is the cutest ever!

    I love all things travel, and my biggest travel tip is to keep a notebook and pen with you while travelling, so you can write down all manner of interesting things while away. Something small that you can keep in your bag. This is great for keeping a travel diary of what you did each day, but also recording things like resturants you go to, cocktails or recipes to try making back home, phrases in the language over there (at least things like hello, goodbye, thankyou, etc) and any interesting facts you learn about the places. While the idea of scrapbooking on the road is not something I love the idea of , I’ve never been successful at, but these notebooks are easy to keep, since you can fill them in while going between places, waiting for food to arrive, etc, with nice quick notes, and it only takes a few minutes a day to do.

  194. Kim says:

    What a great giveaway!! The airmail pouch is my fav. We just returned this morning from Orlanda, FL and my tip is: carry wet wipes with you at all times. I started the trip with wipes but ran out on Day 2. We used them for everything – wiping sticky hands and sweaty brows, cleaning tables, etc.

  195. Tambi says:

    I LOVE the airmail bag!

    My travel tip: Traveling with kids, put an entire outfit (including undies and hair accessories) in a ziploc bag. One bag per day (plus a few extras for accidents and such). When you get to the hotel, put the bags in a drawer and they can pick one per day. Huge time saver! Plus you have bags to put the soiled/dirty clothes in after they have been worn!

  196. Kristen says:

    I like the camera one! We are leaving for a vacation in a couple weeks and this would be a great way to document our trip. My favorite place for vacation is anywhere in Northern Michigan. My only tip for traveling with a little one is to make a list so you don’t forget to pack anything!!

  197. Alison D. says:

    the camera one! I don’t have little ones but from what I’ve seen snacks and baby wipes are vital.

  198. Sue SG says:

    My travel tip is always make a detailed list of everything you need. I “mentally” walk through my days away to make sure I have everything I need with me, but then again I am a Type A personality! Love that camera bag because my husband collects vintage cameras. Thanks for the chance!

  199. Jaz says:

    LOVE the camera bag! My favorite place I’ve been so far is hands-down PRAGUE! Would love to go back soon. :)

  200. ileana says:

    I LOVE the little camera pouch – thanks for the chance!

    I just got back from my first cruise to Alaska – LOVED it! The experience on the ship was so fun and met a lot of people from all over the world. After spending time in different ports, I now know where I want to go back and spend more time. Great way to vacation with a large group!

    Best advice ever from my pediatrician when starting our baby on solids:”Remember, you’re not a short order cook. Whatever you’re eating, your child can eat. You might have to chop it up or something, but it’s doable. ” It works. I think the same goes for traveling. We started taking my son everywhere when he was 6 weeks old and he just got the hang of it and has loved it ever since. He is now 18.

  201. Lisa Federspiel says:

    Both are adorable but I would love the airmail pouch! It’s been a while since I traveled with babies but even now that the kids are older I still like to pack the disinfectant travel size wipes. You never know when they will come in handy!!
    Thanks Amy!!

  202. Marilyn T says:

    I love traveling to Thailand Resorts Island. Especially love Koh Samui. I was also in Phuket in June 2013 this year and we stayed at the Serenity Spa and residence. Awesome vacation as this time round we had 2 families stayed in a double room apartments. The kids ranging from 7-2 years old had loads of fun time.
    You can view the video here.

    One tip I learnt and help alot as I started to bring my kids traveling when they were really young age. 9 months or so and above. We traveled to LA from singapore. We had connecting flights as well to PA.

    It’s important and we are blessed that our kids are not the cranky crying type when we were on board of flight. The one thing of preventing ear block on the little ones when the plane start to ascend or descend is to breast feed the baby. As swallowing of milk and comforting with the mother’s bosom will keep the baby calm. It works every time!

    Hope this tip helps!

  203. Jill Leake says:

    Thanks for the giveaway ! I love the camera bag. Traveling is a part of my life because my husband is in the military. I try to document all travel and we have been to many states and countries. We have traveled by train, plane, car, even walked to capture memories. My daughter is well rounded because of different cultures so soak it up!

  204. ilissa says:

    they are both awesome!! but my favorite is the airmail pouch one on the right. you have got the best traveling advice!!

  205. Anita Wills says:

    Pack light…you won’t use half of the baby stuff you take! Thanks for the super cute giveaway…I love the airmail pouch.

  206. Bethany Becker says:

    I love the camera pouch. My travel advice is to pack light (I never end up seeing everything I bring). My favorite place to go is to St Thomas.

  207. Elizabeth O. says:

    Well what made my life simpler: when they were babies I used to change diaper before boarding the plane and kept a small diaper bag with contingency basic items underneath my seat. Right before take off always fed them a bottle to reduce the ear pain and keep the tummies full, if lucky baby will go to sleep :), the down side is that at that age they have frecuent BMs, that is why I always went for the aisle seat. As they grew we switched from bottles to sip cups and snack cups to keep them busy, beware most flight attendants get very unhappy when you feed kids cereal and “messy” foods, so we kept that in mind to avoid the aggravation of the “looks”, then as toddlers we always carried an electronic device that would play dvds and/or videos exclusively for trips… i hope it helps…Thank you for the chance to win, I would love the camera pouch please ;).
    Have a wonderful day!

  208. jengd says:

    Great book and giveaway! Personally, I like the airmail pouch. As for advice, travel with lots of wipes, some cleanup cloths and a spare set (or 2!) of clothes for the wee one… and maybe one for you. Hurlage and blowouts happen when you least expect them.

  209. Kristin O. says:

    I LOVE the airmail bag. I absolutely love Key West! So, my travel tip for Key West is to never ever spend over two days there without renting a bicycle. In particular, when I go, I rent a tricycle. :)

  210. Alison says:

    Tough choice, but airmail, as I always need more space in bags. My favorite travel tip is to pack an extra bag in your luggage if you know you’ll be shopping at all (or if you’re prone to shopping). It’s always harder to find a piece of luggage or giant carry on bag when you need one and they are always way more $$ than you would usually spend.

  211. melanie darcy says:

    Congratulations on your impending arrival! I just love the camera pouch. My biggest tip for travelling with children is to try to pack as little as possible and to buy things like diapers when you get to your destination, also try to get a room with either a laundry service or a washing machine in the room so that you can pack lighter (you will inevitably go through so many more changes of clothes with children around).

  212. Sandi Pressley says:

    I absolutely love that camera bag (in fact I added it to my wish list over the weekend). We love to travel and one tip I can give you is to always bring your own pillow (if possible) I often have trouble sleeping on hotel pillows. When your little one becomes a toddler bring lots of hand sanitizer because little ones love to touch EVERYTHING!

  213. Beth N. says:

    I would love the kit with the airmail pouch! My travel tip is take twice as much as you think you will need when traveling with a baby!! Lol. Thanks for the chance to win!

  214. Liz H. says:

    It’s been 16 years since I’ve traveled with my daughter as a baby, but the best tip I ever got (from a fun book called ‘Traveling with Kids’ by Meredith Brokaw and Annie Gilbar) was having her suck on a pacifier or drink from her bottle before both take-off and landing to help keep her little ears from hurting due to cabin pressure. It really helped, too, and kept my daughter from crying!

    And if I were to choose, I’d pick the kit with the camera pouch! Please and thank you!

  215. StacyK says:

    Can’t wait to see the finished product!!! I’m inspired to make my own on my next vacay at the end of the year!

  216. Katie says:

    I love the little camera bag! My tip is for when your baby is beginning to eat table food. I recommend getting disposable stick on placemats to provide a clean eating surface. As they first start eating they want to be independent but will toss a plate. Without a travel mat it was impossible to keep mint from taking a bit and then putting it down on the table.

  217. SmilynStef says:

    Since my husband is a mailman, I love the one with the postage stamps. Our favorite travel tip is choose your hotel based on location … and try to take public transportation and walk as much as possible … I feel so much more connection to our destinations when we see them on foot, by bus, and by subway.

  218. Susan says:

    We’ve travelled with our girls, who are now 20 and 17, since they were each just weeks old. Nursing, or bottles, on take off and landing help a lot. When they were a little older (old enough!), we would give them Benadryl and lollipops, to help alleviate the pressure in their ears. I am absolutely not one to give meds frivolously, in fact, they are generally a last resort, but after you’ve flown once with a child in extreme pain, you do whatever you can to see that never happens again. Even if they are not showing signs of congestion, even a tiny bit can cause excruciating pain. Benadryl fixes that, and with a lollipop, you’re golden. Whole Foods has some that are sugar free, since the idea is to keep the lollipop in the mouth for the entire landing so they create more saliva and swallow more frequently. It’s a magic combination. We used to travel with a bagful of lollipops and would share with other children if wanted/needed. Happy travels!

  219. Georgia says:

    Really like the airmail pouch as I am a retired Postal employee and think it’s so cute. My best tip for traveling with small children (we’ve done it often with granddaughter) is to always take a break in the day. Just go back to the hotel, take a nap, sit and look at books, just something quiet. They get worn so easily and can get extremely cranky, but the break helps tons!

  220. Marina Haddad says:

    Thanks for the chance, Amy!
    I love the airmail pouch!
    Well, since I am from Brasil, and being it a tropical country, I love going to the beach with the kids! They have been going to the beach every since they were 6 months old. :-)

  221. Marie-Pierre says:

    I love the airmail pouch! My tip: travel when the baby is not yet walking because trying to get a toddler to sit still for several hours is not easy and you’ll notice that the flight attendants are less patient and accommodating with toddlers than with pregnant women. ;)

  222. Shelbie says:

    I love the air mail kit! They are both fantastic though! :) my traveling with baby advice…check the carseat, board the plane first so that you have plenty of time to get settled and nurse the baby if needed, be sure to have a clean shirt for you and clothes for baby-I can’t tell you how many times this came in handy, take extra paci’s and enjoy the trip! Oh and remember that when your baby cries through an entire flight that its ok and most folks will understand. :)

  223. Naomi says:

    I’m easily pleased so either will leave me quite chugged.
    Travel tidbit – fly with a lovely pashmina / scarf as it tends to get a little chilly on planes plus I use them as a blanket for my littles traveling with me. Much more comforting for them and a familiar smell rather than a yucky old airline blanket.

  224. Ashley says:

    My favourite place that I have ever traveled to is Mexico. It was beautiful there. I love the airmail pouch!

  225. Ashley Michelson says:

    I would love to win the Airmail pouch, please! thanks!!!!
    I have 2 travel tidbits/stories.
    1) I visited approximately 40 states by the time I was 9.
    2) I once won a trip to D.C. from Marie Osmond. I was blessed enough to meet her & take a limo tour with her. Very fun.

  226. Candice says:

    Hi, Amy! You are such an inspiration and I can’t wait to see all the fabulous layouts and projects you will be creating when your little one arrives! We have a 20-month-old daughter and I think so far one of the best travel tips is to bring a new toy (or book) with you on a trip. The excitement of seeing a new item (it doesn’t have to be big – even something as simple as a mini photo album of photos of people they know) usually keeps them distracted for long enough to forget about the pains of traveling. But also too (like a couple of other people said) just stay calm and remember – you’re not the first mommy traveling with a baby and the crying/screaming only seems super loud because it’s right next to you. :)

    Oh and if I win (fingers crossed!) I like the camera pouch. :)

  227. Shelly Berg says:

    Love the small camera pouch – I have the larger one from our previous kit! My travel tip is to journal as you go (or at least take notes) so you capture as much as possible! It’s a new thing for me but I love it – if I plan to create a travel journal or scrapbook when I get home I forget too much!

  228. caz hancock says:

    Love both of the kits, think i like the smaller pouch the most though.
    My faveourite destination has to be LA, I love that place, I LOVE Disney Land, the big kid that I am.

    Lucy has been going every year since she was once and just adores it, actually this is the first year we never made it to the states and boy have we missed it.

  229. bizzy boulay says:

    I love the airmail pouch! And the vellum letter stickers, which are always sold out whenever I try to buy them!! Sadly, I’ve never been out of the country, but one of my favorite places was Breckenridge, Colorado! So scenic and pretty, plus a lot of fresh air!

  230. Julia says:

    I would love the air mail pouch!

    Tip: when flying with baby bring change of clothes for baby AND for you! At least a fresh top. That ways spit ups, accidental spills etc aren’t a reason to stress.

  231. Melissa Seese says:

    Thanks for the tips. I was trying to pre-plan a travel journal for my upcoming trip to Maui and I now have some ideas. My travel tip is to pack a travel sized Lysol spray so you can disinfect all the door knobs and surfaces (or anything else you feel needs to be disinfected)in your hotel room.

    I love the camera pouch kit. ❤

  232. Allyson says:

    I love the airbag one! It is so cute! I don’t know many baby travel tips but I do know that when traveling with a toddler you never want to be without an emergency snack!

  233. BettyLou says:

    Camera pouch is adorable. If you aren’t getting a seat for the baby/child ask for aisle and window. Increases your chance of getting an empty seat and anyone will switch!

  234. Teresa says:

    What a super fun idea for a vacation! Hope every bit of it was lovely.

    My favorite is the airmail set. :)

    Travel tip for babies- bring the carseat on the plane if at all possible. :) And for toddlers…stickers! Lots and lots of stickers. Occupied mine for hours! Wishing you the best of luck!

  235. Kimberly aka SamsSissy says:

    Both pouches are great! I love that on vacation everyone can let go of the stress of everyday life and just have fun. This makes for great memories and fun pictures to document.

  236. Shannon Schafer says:

    I love the airmail pouch! I really didn’t travel much when my kids were babies but as toddlers, make sure you have stuff to keep them busy and lots of snacks! :) Best wishes!!!

  237. Sofia says:

    I love vacations… I can let go, de-stress, and packing is so fun too haha! My favorite would be the airmail set… I love vintage stamps and it looks so cool! I would bring snacks, earplugs, and definitely blankets because it gets cold on planes. Don’t forget throw up bags because small kids can get sick often! Bring PJ’s when the children want to get comfortable too!:)

  238. AnnG says:

    Both options are cute, so either is fine with me, thanks! My advise is to purchase something like a Baby Bjorn or baby sling. They are great for “wearing” your baby, especially when you are traveling. Keeps the baby close and secure to you, and if you are traveling to places not conducive to strollers (Venice comes to mind because of all those stairs/steps all around), the sling will be invaluable to you. The other advise I would give, I believe someone already mentioned, which is to make sure baby takes a bottle during take off and landings. This was a lifesaver for my daughter who was on her first flight at 6 months, and almost everyone commented around us as we were disembarking that they didn’t even know there was a baby around because she was so quiet (she is now eight, and still travels well). Good luck with all your baby adventures ahead!!

  239. steph d. says:

    awesome giveaway, amy! thanks for the chance! love the airmail bag, too cute! i haven’t traveled with my son yet. i think that it’s harder these days since people have to bring along (or rent) car seats. i’m hoping to take him to disneyland when he’s five. i might take him to the neighbor islands, maybe maui, before then since the airplane ride is short. so excited for you! wishing you the best! *hugs* and much aloha, steph :)

  240. Karen P says:

    Hi Amy,
    Love the airmail pouch! Just for fun we make an airport scavenger hunt when traveling. We have silly things like, twins, someone running, the same suitcase as ours, etc. It keeps us from getting bored while we wait.

  241. Danielle says:

    Love the airmail. Love the travel journal idea. As there are times I forget details of our trips. Thanks for the chance to win.

  242. Tammy L says:

    They are both so cute!! If I had to choose, it would have to be the airmail pouch. When traveling, I always carry a small notebook with a list of places I would like to visit during my vacation. It also comes in handy to jot down events that I can use in my ProjectLife album! Thank you for a chance!

  243. Karen S says:

    I love these bags, but have to choose the airmail bag. My twin girls love to get up really early to start our road trips in the dark. We just got back from our first visit to Seattle.

  244. Kym says:

    I like the print of the camera bag but the size of the airmail. My tip for traveling with baby is to take advantage of free fares before they turn 2, even on cruise ships. Also breast feed as long as you can. Easy to get through TSA checkpoints, you are not required to shove your boobs in a quart ziplock. On the serious side, your milk will always be ready to go and no packing a cooler is necessary for travel.

  245. Africa Sabe Dausa says:

    I love both kits, may be the animal pouch is bigger so it be more useful! My tip would be just be your self, your kid will get used to how you act and how you do thinks. I’d say just keep calm and share your life becasue as a family you’ll be a hole.

  246. Deborah J says:

    I love the airmail bag! And I also love journaling while travelling, but I usually just write all the nitty-gritty details of the day. I collect all the tickets, receipts etc and add them to my photos in a separate album.

  247. Astrid says:

    I love the arimail bag. I am on holiday in the first week of September and it would be a great bag for some scrapbooking stuff to come with and collect the little things during my holiday :-)
    Hope I still can leave the comment because it don’t exactly know the time difference between your place and Europe …

  248. Doris says:

    I like the airmail bag. I wear old shoes on vacation and toss them before coming home. Space is filled with purchases from the trip.

  249. Cindy Brooks says:

    Love the kit on the right with the airmail bag! We’re going to China in October and this would be so fun. When we travel my sweet husband and I both have a manila envelope with all our reservation and travel information. We’re pretty sure we wouldn’t lose both of them :)

  250. Amanda abernathy says:

    What kind of book are you using to make this?
    I love the one on the right.

    In Oct 2010 I threw caution to the wind and flew to Australia all by myself. I mastered the round abouts, snorkeled the great barrier reef, road horseback across the beach and ziplines through the rain forest. The one brave thing I did in life.

  251. Naomi says:

    I don’t have any tips for traveling with little ones but when I travel I pack ziploc bags.
    Congrats with the little one & I love the airmail bag!

  252. Claire T says:

    I love the airmail pouch. I found travelling with an infant pretty ok. Once my daughter became mobile my hot tip is to take night flights. We do a lot of long haul flying with Miss 3 and she sleeps well on a night flight and it is much easier to watch a sleeping child for the bulk of a ten hour flight than try and entertain her for ten hours flying through the day.

  253. Sandra says:

    I love the airmail pouch.
    I have not much tipps for travelling with children. But I think: Go not too far. And don’t stay in hotels, but in an appartment/room.

  254. Helen G. says:

    I love the airmail pouch :)
    I would recommend for you to get a set of The Classical Baby dvd from HBO (Amazon has them). They are the best baby dvds ever! :D

  255. Gwen says:

    I love the camera pouch!
    My tip: Take tons of photos…looking back on them will be memories captured forever!

  256. Ulrika says:

    I would love the airmail pouch!

    My favourite place to go is Paris. In any season. I went there by myself with my boys when they were 7 and 9 and got a chance to see the city from a whole different point of view. If possible, try to make trips just you and your child (as well as the whole family).

  257. Amelia says:

    Love the inspiration from your book! And the airmail pouch is also too cute.

    For travel, I make lists of things to pack + places to see/things to do at my travel destination before leaving so I don’t forget anything in the flurry of activity before traveling.

  258. Catherine says:

    What a nice package , would like to win the air mile pocket for my next trip with baby number one ( due on sept 15th, twin date baby ;) ) over to sandbanks (white sand beach on a lake) Ontario,Canada. It’s a must for families!

  259. MichelleB says:

    Love those new pouches – especially the airmail one! Fun giveaway! My husband and I have a tradition of doing a memory journal page at the end of each day of a vacation – highlights, low points, funny things, etc. We know the memories get lost quickly once you get back to reality and this really helps when it’s time to document the trip.

  260. magdalena says:

    Love the airmail pouch! I like to pick scenic places for babies – it is quieter and they love looking around. If picking day flights, I will load the iPad with shows or have a stack of flashcards to entertain. If night flights, more or less, the baby will sleep.

  261. KateT says:

    The airmail pouch looks cool, I’d choose that one if I had the chance, thanks. My tip for little people is not to be slavish to routines at home. Vary the mealtimes slightly, don’t put them down to bed on the dot of whatever time you choose every night. A little bit of relaxed flexibility means little ones won’t be screaming the minute their routine is altered and makes travel, visiting friends, eating out etc easier.


  262. Emma says:

    I’d love to win the Camera Pouch! I’m going back to Italy real soon so it would be great to document it with this kit! Last year I went to Venice in Italy, which is my favourite destination to date! So beautiful and peaceful (without noise of cars! Amazing after living in London!) And of course the Italian food is just divine!

  263. Ana Castro Pravia says:

    Love the airmail bag kit.
    My tip, a sleep ritual: relaxing bath, dinner and bed.
    A song in the cradle but do not carry him in your arms, he will get used to it and what would you do when he grows up? (unless you get the Stallone arms ;) )
    That way he would be able to sleep anywhere, love routine.
    The wipes, will be essential for evermore.

  264. Camile Cezar says:

    This Camera Pouch is amazing!! So happy will be restocked soon.
    This year i went to Europe, will be amazing if i had a kit like this. I have used a boring notebook to write down everything and use later on Project Life.

  265. Cyndi Speelman says:

    Love the airmail bag kit. My favorite travel thing is to take the 3 x 4 PL cards with me whererever and document as I go – I always have plenty of pics to add later! And I bring a few Amy Tan embellies :)

  266. Maggie M says:

    Love the little camera pouch set!!! whenever we travel with the kids, we make sure everyone is fed and well-rested before the trip…definitely makes for happier kids..and parents! Thank you so much for the chance to win!!

  267. NatallieP says:

    I love the airmail kit! My tip is to always bring a book or a magazine along with your iPad or kindle as they consider them as electronics and make you switch them off. Thanks for the chance to win!

  268. D West says:

    The camera bag is so cute but I could store more in the airmail pouch!! I always bring entertainment and lots of snacks on trips. Keeps everyone happy!!

  269. victoria weiss says:

    My goal is to make it to Thailand in 2015. I love the airmail pouch. I am a avid traveler and i traveled with my son soon as he was born. he was such a marvelous traveler. i always traveled by myself, rarely did i have family to assist. I carried the diaper bag and was simply stocked. Most important is let your child know they are safe and loved. They will sense and know it.

  270. Betty says:

    The airmail one is my favourite and thanks for the chance, love that these will be available in the store. Tips for travelling with kids, “be relaxed” they always surprise you for the better I think. So long as they’re fed, I think entertainment is easy to come by. You have a well travelled bub already.

  271. BlueOrchys says:

    The camera pouch is very cute ! My tip : Take many and many pictures during the trip, even the most insignificant things and take notes in a little diary. Thank you so much for this generous giveaway ! xx from France

  272. karen says:

    To coin a phrase from the boyscouts, “Be prepared!” Bring extras of everything–diapers, outfits, pacifiers, snacks, baby food, amusements, etc. You never know what can happen when traveling.

  273. Karen Lee says:

    I can’t wait to try a scrapbook on the road sometime. I too love collecting papers and pieces from trips… I hang onto everything! My tip: I think traveling with children is only as stressed as you make it be. If you are cool, the kids are cool. I’ll be looking forward to seeing your adventures with your little one.

  274. Samantha L says:

    I love the airmail pouch. Travel tip: always have a little notebook and ofcourse you must have a charged battery for your camera! I always bring extra.

  275. Scrappybarb says:

    I like the airmail bag. My best tip for traveling with a baby is to accept that babies cry. Sometimes they don’t sooth no matter what you do. Just roll with it. And ignore the stink eye from the folks around you. They were all upset babies at some point in their babyhood. And if you can’t be chill about a crying baby, have an adult beverage. It isn’t your life forever. Have fun in your travels with your little one!

  276. Laura A in OR says:

    Love the airmail bag! And always love your travel books with great ideas and eye candy. Travel tip? No matter how prepared you are (and there have been some great tips) traveling with littles can be challenging. The right mind set can keep you from being short tempered, ailing with a few surprises for the kiddos in your bag! My kids are teenagers but still look forward to a few special treats or activities when we travel!

  277. Michelle says:

    I love the airmail kit! I don’t have any kids yet, so I can’t give any tips about that, sorry! I haven’t traveled much, but I do like taking day trips to small quaint towns (in the Northeast). Going into little family souvenir shops is fun for me, though I don’t often buy things! I think I’d also like to try doing a day book for short trips, though the idea of not having all my supplies with me scares me just a bit!
    Love the start of your babymoon album, and can’t wait to see more!!

  278. Melissa R. says:

    I love your books!! Last week we spent the weekend in Cambria, Ca and I actually scrapped on the road for a first time in a very long time. But I didn’t have such a cute pouch to carry my supplies. I’d love to have the airmail kit!! After reading everyone’s advice, I don’t have much to add. :). Thanks for the chance to win!!

  279. Ellie A. says:

    Both are AWESOME! LOVE them.. My tip is about staycation (as I am the queen of it) find a fun kid park you’d be amazed how much fun and happiness it can bring not only your baby but you. I love looking though my kids eyes. To us it’s just a sandbox but to them it turn’s to a desert where they are on a mission and you know you actually SEE it to.. Nothing like enjoying life through your kids eyes no matter where you might be!

  280. Valerie says:

    I love the one with the camera! photography can make a moment last forever! ;) sweet to journal along side it!

  281. Diana Tellez-Smith says:

    Hi Amy. Always love your work and products. I would love the airmail pouch, I always travel with a couple of zip lock bags, notepad and pen for my souvenirs so if i won this it would be a nice. My travel bit for you is LISTS. I have a 9 & 6 yr old and i have always drafted lists on my computer and print them out. I have a couple of lists depending on where we are going and how long we are staying. And as my children get older my lists change and its easily done on the computer. My lists help me to not forget anything.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  282. Kelley Hartnett says:

    Both kits are really cute; although you can never go wrong with a bigger bag! As for traveling tips with kids- leave them at home with the grandparents. That is the best way to travel! But for errands around town, keep special toys in the car that only get brought out at restaurants or doctor’s offices. We have a drawer under the passenger seat in our van that I keep things in and can pull out when I know the kids will need something to keep them busy.

  283. youngmi says:

    ooh! the airmail pouch :) i went to beijing years ago and i saw a food cart vendor selling foods on a stick. strawberries on sticks… fish on sticks… meatballs on sticks… and dried starfish on sticks?! how does one eat that?? it’d be like eating a sand dollar.

  284. Carol says:

    i would love the airmail one!! travel tip: a sarong is a must have item when traveling. its a lightweight towel that can dry fast, a cover up for when you need to enter any religious sites or just hitting up the beach or just an awesome accessory!

  285. Linda in Aus says:

    Oh they are both cute my favourite would be the airmail one and how perfect as we are going to Penang in 8weeks and two days not that I’m counting..our favourite place

  286. Frances says:

    Here’s my travel tip for traveling with babies–zip lock bags! Clear and zippable bags are so good for keeping things sorted and dry and then also a good place to stow away wet and dirty things without wrecking other stuff you’re traveling with.

    I love that camera pouch!

  287. Melissa Martinez says:

    Congratulations! You are going to be such a wonderful mommy. My travel tip, is to enjoy it all, take it all in, and be in the moment. Because, you will most likely never have these moments ever again. My favorite pouch is the air mail one. Thank you for this opportunity!! XOXO

  288. Doris Driver says:

    My travel tip for flying with babies is to give them a pacifer before take-off. The air pressure changes in the cabin and sucking on a pacifer will help to clear babies ears
    so they won’t experience what we do when changing altitude quickly.

    I would be thrilled to have either kit.

  289. tami=) says:

    Thanks for the chance! the airmail bag is just too cute! There are so many tips added here (I’ve learned a whole bunch just by reading the comments) and unfortunately no baby travelling experience yet (but hopefully soon:))

  290. lisa cox says:

    I love the little camera pouch! My only baby travel tip is if you are calm and relaxed your baby will notice.

  291. Neisa says:

    Both are fantastic. As for travel tif bits, I always pack a foldable duffle bag, in case I go shopping and need additional luggage. As for traveling with babies, I always scheduled my flights around feeding time. That way my son was eating during takeoff and we did not have to worry about his ears. I always sat in the back of the plane. Most people want to sit up front and you have a better chance of getting the row to yourself. Oh and never, never, leave home without your boppy pillow. It is a lifesaver!

  292. Alexis says:

    I love the camera pouch kit since what I love most about traveling are being with people I love and taking a zillion pictures! :D

  293. gina says:

    oh i love this and would be great for our traveling this summer!
    thanks again! can’t wait to meet baby!:)

  294. Megan says:

    Awesome giveaway Amy! I love the camera kit. It would be great to incorporate it into my mini album from my trip to the Outer Banks. Lately, I’ve been collecting small rocks and seashells to add into my book. Congratulations on your upcoming parenthood!

  295. Jessica Dougherty says:

    Both kits look amazing! I love traveling…especially fun day trips to surrounding towns. Seems like when you live somewhere, the places nearby can easily be overlooked. I like small towns featuring local businesses – shops, cafes, etc.

  296. adriana esparta says:

    Both pouches look great, but the airmail pouch would fit perfectly with my Amy Tan´s stuff!! I am going to NY in September, great if I had it with me to scrapbook along!!! now, traveling with a baby, patience, be calm and enjoy whatever comes along :0)

  297. jovi says:

    love both pouches but would go for the airmail one- its bigger so it holds more and bigger bits and pieces. what i love most about traveling is eating local food, shopping and taking a million pictures..

  298. Cristina Paredes says:

    I love the airmail bag kit. My travel tip should be try to feed the baby while the plane takeoff.
    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  299. Alexandra says:

    Just love it and I need something to keep my memorabilia when I travel in 1 place. Somehow the stuff I gather still ends up on a shelf which I need to sort out some time :-)

  300. Gypsy Chaos says:

    I haven’t read all the comments — and I know the contest has ended. But this tip has saved ME from a very painful flight. This is NOT a well known trick. Every time I’ve asked for this, it’s been a new thing for the flight attendants.
    When those earaches flare while traveling, this is the best pain relief trick I’ve learned. A flight attendant did this when one of my ~18 month old twins had horrible ear pain. Ask for a plastic drink cup with one or two paper towels put in it, with the galley hot water added, just enough to soak the towels. (Seriously – drain any extra water; on the floor if that’s the only option. It’s only water!) Hold the cup/wet towel over the painful ear, pressed against the skull.
    The heat and moisture help relieve the pressure, reducing the pain. Years later, I was flying on two 5 hour flights. With a major sinus infection. My ears were “OMG kill me now” painful. So I asked for two cups with hot towels. I looked like a goof but within 10 mins I realized I was going to live.

    Let your child run around in the terminal! Be noisy, be active – MOVE. There will be little to no time for movement while on the plane. Do you really want to spent the energy required to contain their excitement while waiting to board? ugh. Added benefit – their energy supply will be a bit diminished!

    Another ‘trick': scope out the people who look kind. When nobody offers to help – all too common these days, catch the eye of one of your targets and ASK for help. Plenty of people are willing to help but often afraid to offer.
    The last thing: remember karma. When you’re traveling alone, be that person who offers to hold a bag – or simply the one who smiles at someone with children.

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