currently on 6.19

Digging: the fact that we finally closed on the house we have loved since we first saw it in mid-March! YAY
Not Digging: the fact that the previous owner left a bunch of trash by the garage and took out a bunch of things he wasn’t supposed to, like light fixtures and switch plates. He also left the bonus room reeking of smoke. Don’t even get this pregnant girl started.
Drinking: lots of water, smoothies, some Gatorade, and Mommy’s special mango lassi.
Eating: whatever sounds good at the time. Food just tastes amazing right now. Yesterday I had an all vegetarian day and it felt really great
Watching: Mad Men, NBA Finals, a little bit of the Stanley Cup
Wearing: mostly maxi dresses, and only maternity pants now. I haven’t tried my regular pants but am doubting they still fit, even with the belly band.
Reading: just started Crazy Rich Asians after seeing it on Pugly Pixel‘s Instagram feed. It’s definitely entertaining so far.
Feeling: great, but a little overwhelmed at the thought of small remodeling and painting and moving and all that stuff.
Weather: the sunshine won over June gloom the past couple days
Wanting: to magically have the kitchen in the garage unit complete in the next month
Needing: help from friends to move and put together some Ikea cabinets
Wishing: the house could look like the dream places we’ve seen on houzz.
Hoping: for the best for all concerned
Thinking: of how lucky I am for this life
Enjoying: every moment of what feels like a pretty fast pregnancy – less than 88 days to go!
Loving: color coding events in Google calendar, meeting uplifting and inspiring people, my new Honda CR-V and the bluetooth, and the fact that a sweet friend in Australia started an Amy Tangerine group on Facebook.futureisexciting

11 Responses to currently on 6.19

  1. Cathy L. says:

    Congrats on the house! Crummy what the previous owner did. We closed on a house once, went to move in and the owner still hadn’t moved out! Frustrating, but everything worked out. If I could, I’d be there to help!

  2. Shelley Haganman says:

    So sorry to heat that. I don’t understand why people do such things. Sounds like a lot of really good things are going on that will outweigh that persons lack of consideration. All the best to you!

  3. KimberlyMarie says:

    I’d be peaved too!! Nothing worse than a house that smells like smoke. YUCK! Hope you get it all aired out and you get the reno’s done before the baby arrives!

  4. Susan says:

    Congratulations on the new house! Boo to the previous owner. Had a peak at Crazy Rich Asians online and can’t wait for it to be released here in September! So exciting lah! lol, i love the footnote about why and how often “lah” is used in the chinese language.

  5. Ilissa says:

    Congrats on the house!! Boo to that precious owner!! I’d come over and build ikea shelves for yah!! Don’t work so hard!!

  6. Diamond says:

    New house so exciting I hope all goes well?? but smoke in the house sounds horrible …..the book sounds interesting we must hear more about it!! watching NBA finals as we speak…..Love xox


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