Yes, Please

It’s that time again. So excited to be able to show you my newest collection with American Crafts. We played with watercolors, hand sketched with pencil, and developed some really innovative and fun new products that I am positively ecstatic about. Hope you are too.Yes, Please63070_AT_Embroidery_Kit_EC EC_2bEdited-14 AT_Paints_Layouts_ECAdventure through city park landscapes with the hand-drawn playfulness of Amy Tangerine Yes, Please. Watercolors accent the canvas, with a pleasing mix of soft and bold hues depicting scenes of the city, nature and that classic Amy Tangerine camera. Paint the town fun with Amy Tangerine Yes, Please.

Twenty-four patterned papers, Thickers, stickers, stamps and Daybooks are just the base of this lovely and extensive new line. Amy Tangerine Yes, Please also includes new embellishments like wood veneer tags, an embroidery stencil kit, wood alphabet stamps, and a calendar stamp unlike anything else.

Join in on the fun, as some talented friends are hosting a look at various photos from Yes, Please on their blogs.
lisa truesdell
kelly purkey
jennifer mcguire
paige evans

GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. THANK YOU! || Visit all the blogs and leave a comment telling us what you liked best! There are 2 chances to win the entire collection, one on the American Crafts blog and one right here! Comments will close at 7am PST Friday, January 11th and one of the winners will be announced here shortly after. Good luck! Winner announced in this post.

UPDATED: Finally!! The Yes, Please collection is online at Two Peas In A Bucket ! So thrilled to have this in stores.

794 Responses to Yes, Please

    • Nina says:

      Oh my, that roller stamp looks so yummy! But I have to say that the papers just stole my heart. Perfect, perfect, perfect! Thanks for the chance to win.

  1. juli says:

    wow, i love all of it so much! im probably most excited about that calendar stamp. and definitely the colors! :)

  2. Nicole K says:

    Sure, I will buy hte whole collection, but my favorite is a cross between the roller stamp here (WHOA, amazing) and the calendar stamp…
    Seriously, you have outdone yourself Amy. You are amazing!
    Thank you for the chance to win!

  3. Katie says:

    My favorite is the calendar stamp! So very cute and I love all the ideas it got floating in my head for what I’d do if I had it!! Great line, I loved it all!!

  4. Christine Naroian says:

    What a great collection!! My faves have to be the embroidery kit, and oooh, those stamps. I can make good use of those for sho!! Thanks, Amy!

  5. Melissa S. says:

    Holy cow, Amy! Gorgeous awesomeness, all of it! Pick a favorite? Well, I can’t wait to get my hands on those new stamps, the calendar and sentiment roller stamp. Fabulous!

  6. laura m. says:

    it’s all so amazing (as usual!), it’s hard to pick one favorite! guess i’ll have to go with the alphabet stamps & the calendar stamp ;)
    thanks for the giveaway!!!

  7. Amanda J says:

    I think this is my favorite line of yours to date, and that’s just from the sneaks! Can’t wait to see it all in person! I love the stamp on Lisa’s blog, and the fun veneer and other bits on Paige’s! Thanks for the chance…and congrats on another fab line!

  8. SusanB says:

    Wow~ waht a gorgeous new collection! Think my favorites are the roller stamp and those layered vellum bits but I can’t wait to see all of it in person!

  9. deb pereira says:

    SO exciting! I love it all, especially those wood veneers! Can’t wait to get my hands on the whole line!

  10. Heather Sweet says:

    I love EVERYTHING about your new line Amy! I can’t wait to get my hands on it! I’m really excited about the alphabet stamps, the calendar stamp, the embroidery kit, and the daybooks!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  11. Ana Luisa says:

    Amy, I loved your new collection, and I´m thrilled to see all the news !!!
    But, more than anything, I loved the new sketch books and words and tags in woodveneer, thats amazing !!!


  12. Dawn Beery says:

    LOVE the stamp on your blog & also the stamp that Lisa showed on her blog!! Can’t wait till I can buy them!

  13. Catherine A says:

    There is truly no way to pick. I love, love this line. I can’t wait to play with it all. So fun! You hit this one out of the park!

  14. Joanne says:

    wow…I SO love the colors in this line….but the calendar stamp and the sentiments roller stamp are my favs!

  15. Becki says:

    Thanks for the chance to win, Amy! The new line is incredible! I can’t wait to see it all IRL! I love that stamp. It will make it’s way into my stash ASAP! Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. Michelle says:

    Wow, the collection looks awesome! I love the little stamp and the embroidery set. Thanks for the chance to win :D

  17. Catherine says:

    Wow, Amy! I have loved all of your lines so far, and love what I’ve seen from the peaks of this one! YGG! The colors look wonderful and I’m super excited about that roller stamp! But the real star of the show has to be that calendar stamp. Big WOW!
    Congrats on what is sure to be another amazing success.

  18. Megan says:

    Love the whole collection, the colors are fantastic! I can’t wait to get my hands on the wood veneers and thickers!!

  19. Sparklin says:

    You seriously rock! I adore the colors of your new line! Can’t wait to see all of it, but a few things I already saw: the vellum shapes (ah-ma-zing!) and you designed embroidery stencils as well????? No way! that’s awesome! Can’t wait to see those!

  20. Halliday Pearson says:

    How can I pick just one favourite? I love the stamp shown here and the embroidery kit. Too much fun!

  21. Pepper says:

    Gorgeous line! I’m waiting for some embroidery stuff this CHA and this is just the right colour! Love the calendar stamp too! Oh not forgetting the lovely stitched vellum on Kelly’s site :) Thanks for the giveaway! LOVE LOVE it ! <3

  22. Piradee says:

    Congrats on another amazing collection – adore everything and loving especially the pastel watercolors. Also that stamp is a must have!!

  23. Amber Campbell says:

    All I have to say is YES, PLEASE!!!! I am loving everything. The calendar stamp is wonderful and I really loved the layered vellum accents on Kelly’s blog

  24. Lynn says:

    I love the summer colors. What a great idea with that stamp. Makes good sense! I need to learn the embroidery technique. I haven’t seen that before.

  25. StefanieC says:

    How can I pick just one thing…oh my. I love the wood veneer – too cool. and the stamps – they are looking awesome! I can’t wait to see it all!!!
    Thanks for the give away!!!

  26. Tisa Browne says:

    Amy I absolutely love your blog, inspiration, and products. I LOVE the calendar stamp! What a great idea!

  27. Shay says:

    Amy, this is hands down my favorite collection of yours yet, the colors, the patterns but ESPECIALLY the extras are just FAB & I cannot WAIT to see them in person [&& you!!!] this weekend! xoxo

  28. Jennifer S. says:

    This collection looks fabulous! love the little stitched embellishments! And the calendar stamp has so much potential!

  29. Jenny A says:

    OMG – I love every single thing!!! I don’t know what I’m most excited about: the wood stamps, the calendar stamp or the embroidery kit! Lovelovelove!!!

  30. Caroline Neale says:

    Am loving the embroidery kit but then I love all things stitchy as I can draw from my cross stitch patterns fir added quirkiness for my layouts. Cxx

  31. Angela Nebinger says:

    Wood Veneers.. Shut the front door.. how cute are those!! The Alpha Stamp.. LOVE LOVE LOVE.. super cute line Amy.. the colors and textures.. Amazing!! Thanks for the chance to win.. fun blog hop :)

  32. Laurie says:

    I love everything! Sketchbook is my FAVORITE LINE EVER and I’m excited to see more hand drawing/watercolor looks. I think I’m most excited about another roller stamp, though. I’m addicted to those things — they can be used so many ways!

  33. Marie-France says:

    Like your other collections, I just LOVE what I have seen on the blog hop! I really like the calendar stamp and also I can see my two kids (and I of course) use the stitching template alphabet (my oldest just learned reading this year). I really love the colors and feel of the little of the papers we have seen on the blog hop.

    Have a great CHA and thanks for the chance to win!

  34. Maria W says:

    It’s sooo hard to choose a favorite thing – I love the details and fun embellishments and the stamps and everything! BUT, what makes this an absolute must-have for me – the gorgeous, gorgeous colors! I love them all and just want to hang them up on my wall and admire them! (:

  35. Fifi-T says:

    Wood Veneers! I love these things… and so excited to see some from Amy Tangerine… the calendar stamp is super cute too (but I don’t know if I could be bothered with the fiddlyness of it :[)

  36. Sharmon P says:

    I LOve the calender stamp and the stitching set….and I love all the papers…just all the other Amy Tangerine papers! I am in LOve!

  37. Dawn W. says:

    As always love the playful style. Love all of it especailly the stamps! Another AMAZING collection Amy! Thank you!

  38. Gale says:

    Calendar stamp was such a great idea. I’ll be buying one! Also, I’ll be stitching on one or two of my next pages.

  39. KariLynn L says:

    I just love the colours in this line, they are gorgeous. I think that the stencil sets look like a ton of fun and the little pink stamp with the sayings is going to be a must have!

  40. Zelmarie G says:

    Amy as always you are awesomeeee! I love the entire collection, specially the ebroidery kit, omg that just wowww! And the new stamps! I just cant wait to have it all in my hands! 8-) xoxoxox! You are an awesome crafter!

  41. Abby Huffer says:

    I love the Thickers, the vellum, the new roller stamps and the wood veneers! Absolutely love the colors-so fresh & springy :) can’t wait to scrap with this!

  42. Rommel says:

    oh Amy.. you know that… i really love your ENTIRE collection! But the new stamps really catch my heart! amazing! :)

    wish you a new year with lot of success… and YES, PLEASE, enjoy CHA Show for me! ;)


  43. Laura says:

    I really like that the new line will also work well with your other lines (for those of who might, perhaps, still be hoarding some?) The calendar stamp is genius and a must-have and I’m going to find it difficult to resist the alpha/numeric wooden stamps, as well. And wood veneer tags? Shut the front door! :-)

  44. Dora says:

    Those pastel Thickers are going to look just CHARMING on those papers! I am a sucker for your style, Amy! Congrats on knocking it out of the park, AGAIN! :)

  45. laura atkin says:

    This is truly stunning!! I love it, i don’t know how you keep coming up with these awesome lines but boy you keep on surprising us!!! I cannot wait to get m hands on this collection. I love all your lines and am so happy you have released another, i adore the calendar stamp and the cute stamp set and the papers…wow!! Who can forget the awesomeness (if that can be a word!!) of your embroidery stencils!!!! Amy, quite simply, you rock! x x x

  46. Elizabeth Stites says:

    I love it all! But I don’t think I can live without the layered vellum embellishments and the embroidery kit. :)

  47. Sharon L.M. says:

    WOW! I am new to scrapbooking when I discovered your line. And I just L O V E it! I’m going to use my scrapbooking budget for your new line :D

  48. c says:

    Beautiful collection – and selecting one item? Aaaaghhh! Okay, after careful consideration – and facing the ‘reality’ that I’m paper-obsessed – my favourite item is the patterned paper(obvious!), with the embroidery kit running close behind. Can’t wait to see this collection on my crafting counter! Thank you for sharing and inspiring.

  49. Miriam Prantner says:

    Would I love this collection? YES PLEASE!!! You did it again, Amy! I am loving, loving, loving this line. The calendar stamp is fantastic and I love the embroidery stuff and of course the gorgeous papers!

  50. Lindsay Pratt says:

    AHHHHHH i love everything you do! I still remember you teaching me how to do the embroidery during the paper tales class in san diego and how excited i was to learn- so i think that the embroidery kit is what I am most excited about! But also the stamps. and the papers. and everything. between your new line and all the project life stuff i can’t sleep!

  51. Rachel Millington says:

    Wow, it’s all fab Amy! Your lines really do rock. I love the stitching templates, that feather is awesome. Thanks for the chance to win xXx

  52. Samm says:

    Knocked it out the park again – another lovely collection Amy, congrats! Is it possible to just say the stamps are my fave? Don’t make me choose between them!! Thank you for a chance to win, Samm x

  53. Brenda says:

    Was that layered stitched vellum I saw on KP’s blog? I’m in luuuuurve! :) This collection is just as awesome as all the ones you’ve put out before!

  54. Olivia L. says:

    Oh Amy this is wonderful! I love that I can bring a part of you into my home: your kindness, your insanely creative talent, your travels, your heart. The colors are so happy and the new embellies are genius! Thank you!

  55. Chari Moss says:

    Oh Amy I love the new collection! I’m most excited about the sewing kit & stencils as well as all the embellishments! The hearts & arrows & wood accents are fab! Can’t wait to see it all in person at CHA. See you there! :)

  56. Maureen says:

    Amy, everything you do is beautiful. I cannot wait to get my hands on this paper and it looks like I can easily mix with the last three collections. Thank you for your hard work!

  57. Sharmon Savoie says:

    It’s sooo hard to pick one thing…..I guess it would have to be the calender date stamp! LOVE IT!

  58. Dana Brooks says:

    This is my favorite Amy Tangerine line yet!!!!!! Love the playful colors and the new daybook is the!!!!!!!!!!

  59. mystele says:

    amy, you’ve done it again! this is definitely my favorite so far, and i haven’t even seen it up close! love love love all of the little details that are included. wow.

  60. Olya Schmidt says:

    Wow, what an amazing collection!!!! Absolutely in love with the colours & all the little details! My FAVOURITE? Probably the little embellishments on Kelly’s blog, just so perfect & sweet :)

  61. Missy Whidden says:

    This is one AMAZING line…I’m swooning over here! It’s all just gorgeous…the colors, the patterns…those STAMPS!!! I must have this ASAP…..I’m in love! Your page is awesome, as always!

  62. Marti Richards says:

    Amy, once again I love an entire line by you! Love the colors. That calendar stamp is to die for awesome and I am totally digging the embroidery kits and the camera Daybook. WTG!!

  63. Andrea Garland says:

    It’s very hard to decide what love the most Amy, but first I Love the soft colors like watercolors. I like the stamps, papers and stickers.
    Again an amazing collection, congrats Amy.

  64. Donna Cartagena says:

    I have loved all of your collections but this one is over the top fabulous ! The daybooks are gorgeous, the stamps are awesome .. and the calendar stamp .. eeeep :D
    Congrats girl !!

  65. Peggy says:

    What a fantastic new line. Love it all… Especially the layered vellum. Can’t wait to use it on my layouts.

  66. Lora Oliver says:

    Of course that roller stamp screams out to me! I love the feather on the layout and am very excited about your embroidery kit. Bring on the new Amy Tangerine!

  67. Cathy L. says:

    Oh my gosh! So excited about this new collection, this may be my favorite of yours so far! I am most excited about that stencil embroidery kit. I love to embroider on my layouts, but don’t love my letters. This will be perfect!

  68. Crystal says:

    WOW Amy, your new line is to die for! I love everything about it. Can’ t wait til there available for purchase.

  69. Kathryne says:

    I love the watercolor theme! What a fantastic line. I’m a scrapbooking newbie and this kit looks like a dream!! Great job!

  70. Nicole says:

    The roller stamp and layered embellishments on Kelly’s blog are my faves! The colors are perfect! :) Congratulations on another awesome collection, Amy!

  71. Lauren says:

    Umm, gorgeous papers, wood veneers, and that calendar stamp! Love it all, fabulous line Amy, you’ve done it again!

  72. Marina Haddad says:

    Amy, I’m so in love with this collection! I loved the stitched feather on your layout! Does that come in the stitching kit? I really loved the calendar… I would be trully honored to have the opportunity to receive this collection from AC. Hope I do… Will cross my fingers!
    Thanks for the chance!

  73. Tracy says:

    Oh.. my.. GOD! This line is so beautiful! I am so in love with the roller stamp as well as that CALENDAR STAMP! I hope I’ll be able to get these here in Canada! Bravo, well done, Amy!

  74. Terrie Allison says:

    As usual, I love your new collection just as much as I love all the other collections. Especially love the stamp. :)

  75. Annette says:

    Hi there! I am absolutely and totally in love with the new line! I love most the colours and papers (but everything else, too). If I do not win, I hope to be able to bye it in shops in Germany soon. Thank you for the chance to win this. Annette

  76. Jessica G. says:

    I LOVE IT!! I am just loving the vellum embellishments on KP’s blog! Also, I am so excited to see that cameras are used again!!

  77. Tiffany O'Grady says:

    I’m not gonna lie, that calendar stamp is a total must have for me. The wood veneers are great too though- I thought I saw one that says today. Love that!

  78. Ann Jobes says:

    I am saying yes, please to Yes, Please! Favourite things?? Too numerous to name them all, but the watercoloury effect on the patterned papers, the expanded date stamp, the vellum arrows to name a few. Congratulations and I hope CHA is all you hope it will be!

  79. Christina Prahl says:

    Great new collection, love the colors and design. My favorite is the stitching kid, can´t wait to try it out.

  80. Wendy F says:

    I love those stitched vellum! The colors are great and the stamps are pretty awesome too! Can’t wait to use some of this collection!

  81. laurie lariviere says:

    Amy, these are fabulous! my fave line of yours yet, the colors scream summer! thanks for the chance to win :)

  82. Jessica B. says:

    I’m really excited for the stitching templates (I love that feather!), and the calendar stamp. Beautiful & fun line! Thank you Amy!

  83. Nicole Doiron says:

    I love everything about this collection! The Thickers and the little colorful clothespins! I can sooo see myself creating awesome fun designs with this one! Thanks for the chance to win! :)

  84. Kerri-Ann says:

    Gorgeous line – love the colours, well everything really! My picks would be the vellum and the papers! Love it all! Thanks for the chance to win.

  85. Michelle Leaf says:

    It is always hard to choose a favorite. I think I like the wood veneer tags the best! Can’t wait to own it!

  86. Shay says:

    Another amazing collection! Along with old favorites like the paper, die cuts, stickers, Thickers and the like I love the new stencil embroidery kits (so cool!) and the stamps (love, love)!! Thank you for the chance to win.

  87. Jane Alvey says:

    What a wonderful collection. I love the calendar stamp and the wooden tabs are inspired – such a brilliant variation on the wooden embellishments that have been appearing recently. I can’t wait to get my hands on this collection – Please start shipping to the UK very soon :)

  88. LaurMKK says:

    You did it again Amy!! I am so thrilled, and also so excited to blend it with all your other glorious items out there. You go girl!!

  89. Miss Ellei-Lou says:

    I have to choose? Seriously? From all of the deliciousness? Oh well – if I must!! I love the alphabet stitching templates, they really would make any layout pop.. but I ADORE the layered/ stitched (vellum?) embellishments – the colours are so soft and juicy and just look gorgeous!! xox

  90. Amy#8546(TheTigersHaven) says:

    Oh my!!!! I love this line. This is so wonderful. I love the bright colors and the designs and all those embellishments. Love it!!!

  91. jackie radu says:

    congrats on ANOTHER great collection! really excited about the stitching kits :) thanks for the chance to win!

  92. StacyK says:

    The roller and calendar stamps are a must have. All the papers and accessories….difficult to choose just one. I want it all!

  93. Ash Kay says:

    My favorite… oh that’s a tough one! I’m loving the calendar stamp at Lisa’s blog and the vellum at KP’s… it’s a toss up which I like most! Such prettiness, thanks again, Amy :)

  94. Jessica Toulmin says:

    I’ve enjoyed all your collections so far, and this is no exception. Love the colours and prints of the paper, the calendar stamp, wood veneers, embroidery set! Can’t wait! Thanks for the chance to win it.

  95. caroline hancock says:

    i just love it all, this may be my fave collection so far and you know how much i loved the past ones. love that stitching kit, that is so unique and so you. Not a stamper here but i need that calender stamp and i love roller stamps too :)

  96. Kristina Solheim says:

    the line is beautiful! Can’t wait to get my hands on those stamps!!!! would love to win the whole thing!

  97. Meagan Boyce says:

    Oh Geez. I love the colors and all of the brand new concepts, all very exciting. As an absolute Thicker addict though, I have to say that banner alphabet looks so versatile that I may need like 100 packages. Who doesn’t love banners and thickers?!
    Thanks for the chance!

  98. blurooferika says:

    I love this new softer color palette, Amy. My favorite new item is the wood block stamps. A fun new way to go crazy with the journalling. Thanks for the chance!

  99. Jingle says:

    I love everything you design, but this line seriously beat all my expectations! It’s brilliant! It’s gorgeous! It’s fabulous! It’s everything!

  100. Machelle Nelson says:

    I am lovin” the phrase stamp, the layered vellum, and wood veneer words!! Yes, Please! It’s all beautiful!

  101. Becs Attwood says:

    Love it! So excited about the embroidery templates – a great way to use up some of my enormous stash of embroidery cotton. Can’t wait to see it in real life!

  102. Brooke says:

    Definitely the date stamp!! and the collection as a whole has such a breezy, carefree feel to it, which I love!

  103. Janetta Zeimetz says:

    I love the spring colors and the calendar stamp is going to be a must have. The embroidery stencil kit looks very intriguing! Another fantastic and sweet collection from Amy!! Great job!

  104. Brooke says:

    Congrats Amy! Another gorgeous line! I’m in love with all the embellies and can’t wait to see the collection in person!

  105. Christina H. says:

    I’m definitely most excited about the patterned papers and the cute new date stamp! There are so many ways to use that!

  106. charmaine says:

    Love the entire collection and its colors once again! Especially love the stitching kit and the roller stamp :) thanks for the chance! :)

  107. Bev M says:

    Wow, it is like a dish of rainbow sherbert for the eyes. I love the papers, the calendar stamp, and the wood veneers. I hope I don’t have to wait too long before it arrives in the stores;)

  108. Veronique Bottiaux says:

    Yes indeed! I LOVE what I’ve seen of the new collection and I think the embroidery kit is SO original. Tomorrow’s my birthday – this new amazing line would be such a nice gift! Anyway, thank you for the chance!

  109. Kathleen says:

    Awesome! I was so hoping for a new Amy Tangerine collection and when I saw the names of the 3 new ones on the AC blog I just knew this one must be it! :) So excited!

  110. Molly says:

    I’m a little bit in love with everything I’ve seen! I guess my favorite would be the wood veneer tags; I can’t wait to use those!

  111. Valerie Slaa says:

    Love love love!! I always love Amy’s collections and this one is no different! I really like the paper and the embellishments but that stamp is way too cute too!

  112. Alison says:

    The line looks amazing! Congratulations. I would have to say other than loving the colors of everything, my favorite was the stitched vellum accents KP posted. Adorable and soft.

  113. Carol Mc says:

    Love the wood veneers. Crazy for the calender stamp
    on Lisa’s blog. Can’t wait to play with the entire collection.

  114. Louise says:

    Yes Please Amy, thank you for the chance to win your gorgeously scrummy line. The colours and patterns are incredible. My favourites are the papers and the stamp. This line is perfect for my recent florida holiday album.

  115. Anissa H. says:

    There is no way to pick just one thing from this awesome line!!! I love the papers and embellishments, but I’m so drawn to that calendar stamp!! It is a must have!

  116. Karen says:

    Congratulations Amy- another gorgeous collection! Love the papers, calendar stamp, wood veneer and the remarks alpha stickers.

  117. barbara lassiter says:

    There’s lots to love about this collection, including the vellum embellishments and the wood veneer tags, but I really need that calendar stamp! Oh my !

  118. Laudicia says:

    Hi. Everything looks just amazing ! I espacially like the stamps (calendar and roller).
    Thanks for the chance to win ^_^

  119. Natalie says:

    I can’t chose just one! When I first opened Lisa’s page, I was like “nothing is going to top that stamp for me!” Done, I know my fav, but I was wrong. Then there was the vellum embellies and Kelly’s blog and I knew then, that I wasn’t going to be able to chose. Sigh. I love it all! My top three would be the date stamp, the day books and the “tile” style thickers. Oh and the roller stamp. And the paper pad……

  120. indiana says:

    Your collection is gorgeous ! Totally love the sewn vellum layered embellishments seen on KP’s blog, those pastel colors are simply scrumptious !

  121. AndreaJ says:

    Love it! I’ve always enjoyed using floss to sew on my layouts and those colors are gorgeous! Cute roller stamp too. This line is a hit!

  122. Lisa - GAP girls says:

    Holy moly Amy don’t know how you do it but each line is even more AMAZING than the last! Love this whole line but my favourite piece would probably be the stitching templates!

  123. Niknaks says:

    It’s really hard to pick but I loved the look of the acrylic stamps and the vellum stickers are just gorgeous too! Can’t wait till these are on sale!

  124. Karen Rice says:

    I am in love with the calendar stamp as well as some of the innovative embellishments you have created! Fabulous! Thank you for the chance to win your collection!

  125. Jennifer O'Connell says:

    Stop with yourself! This line is FAB-U-LOUS! Not only am I inspired to create with it, I cannot wait to incorporate new ideas into my projects like embroidery.

  126. glee says:

    oh amy congrats on knocking this one out of the ball park!! The embroidery kit is tops on the must have list! aloha ;)

  127. Rachael Fritsch says:

    LOVE this collection! I would love to try my hand at embroidery…a great challenge for a new year of scrappin’ ;)

  128. Katie Hanchinamani says:

    I love all your stuff! I just found you last month at Joanne’s in Washington state! Truly cute and beautiful designs! I love this calendar stamp that you have in this collection. thanks for the giveaway!!! Happy New Year!

  129. Nancy M says:

    Yes, Please might knock Sketchbook off my favorite pedestal. You designed some great additions to this collection, including the stitching kit and calendar stamp, but the items that stand out the most to me are the phrases roller stamp and the layered embellies that were on Kelly’s blog. Another great job, Amy. And thanks for the chance to win.

  130. Jordan Hebl says:

    I love it all so much! My favorite would have to be the vellum cut outs that were seen on Kelly’s blog. Congratulations on this line and thank you for the opportunity to win!

  131. Sara Lovell says:

    Looks like a great line, roller stamp would have to be my favourite – I’m a sucker for those little beauties! Not sure if I can be in the frame to win as I’m outside the US, but I thought I’d try anyway!

  132. Sandra says:

    Just wonderful! I like the colours and patterns. Thanks for the chance to win. I’d love to be creative with those products…

  133. Niina says:

    I subscribed to your feed! I love your work but I’ve only seen your products ONCE in real life. It was in Paris and the store only had couple of papers left. I wouldn’t mind winning some!

  134. Jennifer C. says:

    I love the stamps! I love the embroidery! I love the stickers! I love the colors! I love the whole line! My favorite is the calender stamp! You have really out done yourself! You should be proud! Thanks for the opportunity and for sharing your talent!

  135. Erica Garcia says:

    I’m so happy to have previewed this! Thank you for sharing, and if I don’t win, I will still be buying the wood veneers and the date stamp. Who am I kidding, I will be buying it all! :)

  136. Louise says:

    Oh my goodness. I thought I loved the Ready, Set, Go collection. This is even more divine. The stitching templates. I *need* them.

  137. ee k. says:

    Congrats on creating another fabulous line! I love it all but am especially intrigued by the embroidery kit. Thanks for the giveaway!

  138. Vernetta says:

    I LOVE That new calendar stamp! but I love the roller stamp too! OHHH DECISIONS, DECISIONS! I may just have to have them all! lol Thanks for the chance to win!

  139. Joy Gissing says:

    I love the date stamp, I love your collections and am waiting for your last collection to hit spotlight in Australia this month, sadly it takes awhile to get here and I usually buy online but I want to support our local store to keep getting your stuff in so have been waiting patiently. I have been doing some layouts recently with your first collection such bright pretty papers.

  140. Ashly Margritz says:

    WOW!! yet again another stunning collection. I really love the stitching stencil. Oh and the watercolor floral paper is just beautiful. I love your layout above as well. Thanks for the chance to win

  141. nyanko says:

    I love the soft colors of this collection, especially the vellum stickers on Kelly’s blog. I also cannot wait to see the roller phrase stamp in person. (By the way, is the feather on your LO cut by Cameo or something? Are you going to have digital cut files for this collection too?)

  142. Annie says:

    OMG! Another gorgeous and fun collection. Can’t wait to get my hands on it. Tks for all your efforts in continuing creating such lovely collections.

  143. Jeanie L says:

    That roller stamp looks really neat! And I love the overall colour and feel :) Thanks for offering the giveaway.

  144. Sharon says:

    Oh this is super exciting, can’t wait to get my hands on Yes, Please! I adore the pastel colours, can’t wait to play (the range will be perfect for photos from when I lived in Tokyo). Congratulations on a gorgeous range!

  145. Claudette says:

    Oooh, I love this line! But my favorite so far is the month date stamp! Amy, you did it again! Can’t wait for the new line to be avail in stores soon!


  146. melowz says:

    oh lala! I so love the evrything! But I have to say i likey the wood veneer tags and wood alpha stamps the best. Great job on this new line. Can’t wait to use it!

  147. Lori Proctor says:

    Your whole collection looks beautiful Amy love colors of the papers and I’m crazy about the
    stamps that calendar stamp is so cool!!!!!!! Thanks for a chance to win.

  148. Meghan says:

    I’ve loved every collection you’ve designed but this one makes me say “Yes Please.” [Oh I bet you’ll read that pun a few times…hahaha.]

  149. Cynthia B. says:

    Congrats on another exciting line, Amy! Everything on these ladies’ blogs looks great, and I think the items that most intrigue are the layered vellum doodads and the wood veneers…and the stamps (can never have enough camera stamps!). Oh, and the paper too. :) Yes, they’re all winners! So happy for you on what’s sure to be another successful collection!

  150. Cassi says:

    Just checked out the AC blog and I am blown away! Can’t wait to get my hands on those stitching kits….the feather and chevrons are calling my name. The watercolor-y Remarks stickers look pretty great too.

  151. Karen Freeman says:

    Simply gorgeous how are we suppose to like just one thing! Love the calendar stamp, Love the single alphabet stamps on Jennifer’s blog, love the colours, the wood pieces oh, the embroidery kit just so cool. Ok you are what I like best – I love it all but if I had to buy one thing at a time I would start with the calendar stamp, then wooden stamps!TFS your wonderful designs..

  152. Lena says:

    what a beautiful collection!!!!!!!!!! I love the stamps and the thickers! everything actually :)
    greetings from Costa Rica

  153. Dawn says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the wood veneer tags and that calendar stamp. And the colors in the collection are right up my alley. Can’t wait!!!

  154. kathleen says:

    Oh my goodness….my heart skipped a beat when I saw the vellum stitched embellies, but I really need that date stamp!!!!! Congrats Amy, on another great line!!!!!!!

  155. Bethany Becker says:

    I love this collection. Great alphas and roller stamps. I can’t wait to gety hands on this collection!

  156. Michelle OKeefe says:

    I really love the colors of our new line ! It is hard to pick a favorite item, but I think the canvas are really cool – love the watercolor effect ! The papers are gorgeous, too. Thank you for the sneak peek.

  157. karenladd says:

    Okay, so I love everything but my favorite favorites are the wood veneer embellishments and the stamps! Fun and fresh…and ever so adorable! I want it all!

  158. shartl says:

    Loved everything but it’s a toss up as to my favorite between the wood veneer and those vellum embellishments!

  159. Kathy R says:

    Love that new calendar stamp, the date stamp and the clear stamps too! The pattern papers are great and the day book…well basically all of this collection is fabulous.

  160. Bernice says:

    I think this is my absolute favourite of all your lines so far! I love the colours and the little embellishments. The calendar stamp is at the top of my wish list and that date stamp is next in line.

  161. Gail A says:

    Yes, please – I would like all of it! This is an incredible collection. How do I pick a favorite? Ok, I’ll go with the clothespins!

  162. Angeline says:

    The embroidery kit! Simply love each and every new line from Amy Tangerine more and more! <3 Yes, please!

  163. Katrina says:

    Geez, so so hard to choose!!! I said the camera elements on AC’s blog, but I am really in love with all those wonderful yummy colors!!!! Hugs, Katrina

  164. Kelly_S_ says:

    What a fun new line! I’m loving the alphabet stamps and the new Thickers. Thanks for the chance to win!

  165. Kim H says:

    loving the new line, beautiful colors and patterns. love the modified date stamp. thanks for sharing and the chance to win.

  166. ruth says:

    I can’t decide if I am more excited about those stamps or the new embroidery kit, the whole kit is another triumph, you make the best scrapbooking products in the industry, Amy, pure genius and so fun to scrap with. Love Love Love (just like I still LOVELOVELOVE that kraft Love paper from Ready set go.. hehe)

  167. Pamela Webber says:

    Every time you come out with A new line, I think, yes, yes, THIS one is my all time favorite! Guess what? It’s happened again…. THIS ONE is the new favorite!….Again!!

  168. Patty Del Rosa says:

    Amy, you did a fantastic job! Your embroidery kit looks so cool — just like your famous t-shirts. Can’t wait until it’s released!

  169. Dana L says:

    That calendar stamp will be mine! Oh yes, it will be mine :)
    You have truly outdone yourself. Thanks for the chance to win.

  170. Pai says:

    i’m primarily a stamper so i’m drawn to the stamps the most but the embellies are super fun too and good for cards as well!

  171. Tara says:

    Congratulations! How exciting!

    I just love the calendar stamp, and as an embroiderer, I’m stoked for that kit!

  172. M Kent says:

    The entire line is amazing!! I think my fav thing though is that awesome roller stamp. LOVE that it is NOT a date stamp…have 3 of those already!

  173. Kathryn Sargent says:

    Amy, I’ve bought nearly everything you’ve made, but this watercolor collection is beyond gorgeous! I can’t wait to collect the daybooks, stamps, stickers…and embroidery kits! Loo in’ that calendar stamp!

  174. Cindie says:

    My favorite item has to be the calendar stamp! I am always looking for new stamps to use on my project life kit and this would be perfect!

  175. Kate aka stinkydudette says:

    You’ve done it again, Amy!! Congrats on your new collection, and you know I love you. lol… Love the color palette and gotta have the everything!!

  176. Heather says:

    How cool is that calendar stamp??? I think we are all drooling over that!! Congratulations and thank you for putting together this awesome line!

  177. Nonnie says:

    the embroidery kit on Shimelle’s page or the date stamp of Lisa’s page would probably be my favorite, but i love it all!

  178. melissa says:

    I must have the calendar stamp. Saw one similar on pinterest but everywhere went said not in stock. MUST HAVE IT.THATS MY FAV.

  179. Patti Mats says:

    Congrats on the new line! It is so very fun fun fun! I’m thinking alot like you? Can’t wait to play with it myself! Thanks for the giveaway!

  180. Claire T says:

    Wow Amy! This is amazing! The calendar stamp and the vellum shapes rock my world but I am so in love with the colour scheme and general deliciousness of the whole range.

  181. Carol B says:

    Wow! This is an amazing collection, I LOVE the calendar stamp, so cool!

    Carol B

  182. jessica o'brien | jessohbee says:

    congrats!!! i’m usually not a soft colors kind of gal, but these are summery and cute and i think, for me, they’d be an awesome alternative to traditional baby girl collections. favorites? the stamp set with the camera and ampersand, the pink paper with the diagonal stripes and i’m sorry, but did i spy woodgrain letters?!?! awesome. congrats again!

  183. Elizabeth Gardner says:

    Everything looks amazing, as always. Some really exciting new products!! I’m looking forward to seeing the wood veneer in person & the embroidering bits look really fun. Congrats on another must-have line!

  184. Sandy L says:

    Amy – I have to thank you for making another fun, colorful line that I’ll be excited to use! I love the stamp set – and I have the perfect little granddaughter to use everything to scrap. Congratulations – and it’s well deserved!

  185. Melissa says:

    What a fun line! I absolutely must have that calendar stamp that was shown
    Lisa’s blog – i’m totally smitten with it!

  186. Karen Beldon says:

    Love this Amy! Thank you…can’t wait to create with all these beautiful products! Hard to say what my favorite is since its all awesome, but I’m loving the wood veneer tags! :)

  187. Brooke says:

    Wow. Love the stamps. And love the water colors and pencil. I think I love both of those so much because they take me back to where my papercrafting began and where my true love is. Awesome!!

  188. Kimberly James says:

    Another fabulous collection! Yes, please indeed. I love the color palette and that it can be used with past collections. I can’t wait for the release.

  189. evelynpy says:

    Yey….1st i wanna say this is brilliant collection and yes my fav is embroidery stencil kit. Finally you create something about stitching and make it real. Now i don’t have to stitch line, zig zag or etc i can stitch letter using your new tool. yey! So Yes i wanna it badly and please choose me as winner ^^

  190. Vicki F says:

    You’ve gone and outdone yourself again! Beautiful collection! Love the embroidery templates and the roller stamp and the wooden block stamps and the wood veneer tags. Impossible to choose only one fave!

  191. Leap Year Baby says:

    Love the collection and oh my gosh the roller stamp is super. Can’t. Wait to get one for my projects.

  192. Tammy Silvers says:

    I don’t know that I can pick just one thing! The roller stamp – love that it gives you multiple options. The colors – yummy! And the stitching – too awesome. Great, great line!

  193. cher in MI says:

    this line is so so wonderfully feminine to me..absolutely love the colors and textures you offer..whole line is fab, but I absolutely must have that stamp! tell me where and when I can get it…you really rock!I am a stitcher, so you know Im in love !

  194. Amgela says:

    I’m loving the two stamps I saw both are neat one without dates and then the calendar style one. i also love the stencil. I’m sure I will buy most of the line.

  195. Melania Estaris says:

    I love the roller stamp, the layered vellum on KP blog, the wood veneer! Oh, i just love them all! Thanks for the chance to win!

  196. Susanne says:

    Oh my gosh, I need the whole collection. I absolutely MUST have the stamps, and the papers, and the embellishments and everything else :)

  197. Diana K says:

    Love it all……. Must have the layer vellum and paper Hope it comes to Australia faster than ready set go………

  198. Karina K says:

    Congrats on another great line!! It’s hard to choose a favorite but if I have o it would be the monthly stamp!!

  199. Yam E. says:

    Another beautiful collection, Amy! Well done!
    Love the colours in the collection and I can’t wait to get my hands on those papers.
    I’m so intrigued by the embroidery stencil kit and the new calendar stamp too.

  200. Dee Cummins says:

    Your paper designs give me such inspiration to get started on a page and this collection will be no different. For months, every page I made started with your pp! Thanks.

  201. Ashley Brown says:

    Congrats Amy! Your new line is beautiful and I know I am not going to be able to live with out all of it, but most of all I covet that Calendar Stamp!! You are one talented lady!

  202. Dolly B. says:

    Stunning collection! I love everything! My favorites are the roller stamp, calendar stamp and the wood veneer tags! Thanks for the chance to win!

  203. Renee L says:

    I don’t think I can choose one thing. Love the Yo You flowers, non date stamp, die cuts, and of course the day book (couldn’t be w/o one in my bag.) Congratulations on your new line. Thank you for the chance to win.

  204. Brenna says:

    What a breathtaking and amazing job you did creating this line. Love ALL the elements, but especially the embroidery, the calendar stamp, pretty alphas, and velum accents. I have about a dozen projects in mind for this line. Can NOT wait for it to hit stores. Thanks for your genius!

  205. Barb S says:

    Am very excited about trying the embroidery. I love the stitches on a page. Also like the stamps since I am just learning to use them. Once again Amy Tangerine nails it!

  206. Karen says:

    Another great collection Amy! :) There are so many great new additions it makes it hard to pick just one. I will tell you that I am very excited about the embroidery kits!

    and thanks for the chance to win it!

  207. Birgit says:

    YEAS, PLEASE is my No. 1!!! Absolutely beautifull, the colours, the stamps, the vellum embellishments and embroidery kits. Can´t wait, to have them in my favourite shop…

  208. rachel murrow says:

    seriously, choose my favorite? I am such a fan of everything done! I almost squealed when i saw the new calendar stamp, and the embroidery kit is awesome too, and I always love the patterned paper!!!

  209. Barb Ghigliotty says:

    Thanks so much for the blog hop!
    Congrats to you on your new line! Everything is just beautiful…my fave is the roller stamp!

  210. mmforever says:

    I just love how vibrant the whole line is. My favourites are the calendar stamp and the layered vellum embellies from Kelly’s blog.

  211. Chris R says:

    I love the softness of the watercolor and how sweet all the colors are. I love the stitching kit idea and think it’d be fun to try it. The layout you showcased today is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your amazing talent with this fun new line.

  212. Faye Marie says:

    OMG!!!!!!!! The stamps are great and of course the THICKERS are my fave!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  213. Lori Turner says:

    This might be my favorite line yet. LOVE the blend of colors and the stitched elements. I’m not a huge stamper, but I’m drooling over the stamps, too. And the Thickers!! You really rocked this collection!

  214. {Karen} says:

    Love it all Amy! Love the colors, the alpha stickers and if pressed, I have to say my favourite is the calendar stamp!!

  215. Lisa R says:

    I have to pick one favorite?!? The embroidering elements…or the wood veneer…or the arrow embellishments or…

  216. Nicole Martel says:

    Love your new collection!! The colors and patterns are fabulous. I can’t wait to get this collection! You amaze me with all of your collections. I’m a big fan of your work/collections :)

  217. Tatiana Ortega says:

    Congrats, Amy, your work is awesome. Love each product in this collection! Thanks for the chance to win!

  218. Marlies Gordon says:

    It has to be the daybook on Shimelle’s blog. I am a sucker for those and have a pile of them already. Love the colours on the new line. So that’s a; yes Please! From me,

  219. Janice Hopkins says:

    Love your use of color! You have to be one of my favorites, because I always want everything you design!

  220. Emily says:

    I can’t wait for the embroidery kit. I don’t have a sewing machine and I’m excited to finally be able to add a little touch of embroidery now to my layouts.

  221. Melinda T says:

    Love your new collection! So hard to pick one thing I like the best, I really love it all! The calendar stamp is pretty nifty, so many uses!

  222. Marianne Nelson says:

    OMG Amy!!!!! This line is beautiful!!! I can not wait to use this line!!! Can’t pick a favorite because it is all perfect.. I Love it!! Thank You!!

    • Tammy says:

      I absolutely LOVE the new calender stamp. I can see that being used for more than scarpbooking or card making. I’m Lovin It.

  223. Debbie says:

    Amy, you did a beautiful job! The colors and patterns are perfect. So cute that you added your stitching…with a kit we can all pattern after you~ Our own sewing club! ;) What great ideas and products. You go girl!!!

  224. sarina coffin says:

    Love Love Love! The colors are amazing. I love the calendar stamp and stencils but I am a paper fanatic and think you can never have enough!

  225. Jill Tatro says:

    I am SO in love with this line. I love your use of color and the subtle water color look as well as the more trendy things like the arrows and geometrics. I love love love the embroidery kits as well! I’m so excited to get … all of it!

  226. Sandra C says:

    I love everything, especially the mason jar paper, glitter letters, and roller stamp.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  227. Erica Mattingly says:

    The calendar stamp is the coolest!! love it!! Your lines are so much fun! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  228. Scrappin Annie says:

    Love all your new collection Amy but really like those little clear stamps and the water painted embellishments. Thank you for the chance to win!!!

  229. Angel Estes says:

    Wow! You sure named this collection right! Yes, Please is right!

    I *love* the date stamp and the rolling sentiment stamp thingy. Not sure what that one is called. :)

    Great collection!

  230. fonda rush says:

    the calendar stamp is my most favoritist!!! image being able to really date the layouts so easily! thank you for the opportunity to win! rush88888 at gmail dot com

  231. Lyn says:

    I am absolutely in love with the watercolor theme of this line. I love all the stitching elements, and would love to try the day books and veneer elements. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win!

  232. Theresa Lafleur says:

    Wow I always love the hand made feel of the designs and the colors are my favorite things in this line.

  233. Vera W. Yates says:

    Amy, I love your set! This collection is gorgeous. Love the watercolor look. My favorite is the calendar stamp and the pattern paper of course. The design is simply scream fun!

  234. Pei Fang |Alice| says:

    Hello Amy! I’m a big fan of yours =) Love all your work and layouts, they’re all bright and colorful and happy! I’m excited about your new scrapbook line, everything looks awesome, and my favorite will be all the super cute embellishments (I LOVE embellishments!)! So, yes please to a giveaway! Thanks Amy!

  235. Qin says:

    Wow Amy you’re so brilliant! The customizable stamp set is just so versatile from card making to project life! But I love the embroidery stencil kit the most. It’s best for people (like me) who want to try stitching like you yet always lack of ideas. The stencil is the perfect template! Yes, please I would love to win! (:

  236. Jen b says:

    Everything is wonderful! Such bright fun colors! My go to will definitely be the calendar stamp. I am excited to try the stitching. My favorite is the vellum embellishments.

  237. Terrie Allison says:

    I love the calendar stamp but the whole collection is awesome. Amy, you out did yourself. I can’t wait to get my hands on this whole collection. Thanks for giving me a chance to win this great collection.

  238. Sara L. says:

    Oh my God! Amy, you’re really talented! I’m a big fan of your work and this new collection is awesome! I love the stamps :D

  239. Jen says:

    I adore the brilliance of the calender stamp, but from what I have seen via this blog hop I would have to say that I am most smitten with the wood veneer tags! This is what I said about them on “Blog hoppin’ along, these wood veneer tags are outstanding, I feel like they look like they were pulled from a hippie chic art student’s notebook from the 70’s LOVE it!” Oh and PICK ME, PICK ME!!!!!!!!

  240. Jackie Pocock says:

    What a fabulous line. I especially love the embroidery kit I saw on Shimelle’s blog, I love embroidery so will be looking out for a UK supplier.

    Good luck with CHA.

  241. Kim J says:

    Yes, Please indeed! I have loved every line you have designed so far, includig the daybooks – genius! – and that adorable elephant – show up every where in my scrapbook and PL, but the calendar stamp — OH MY GOODNESS! I want that right now! Amazing! Oh, and I love your puppy cuddle picture ;)

  242. Maria says:

    Gorgeous collection, Amy!! You so did it again!! I am in love!! The embroidery stencil kit looks like so much fun and easy to get to those cool selfmade stichted details!!

  243. rebecca says:

    I absolutely love this collection!!! the colours are so beautiful and the new products are great!! you’ve done it again Amy!! :D

  244. Dori says:

    the roller date stamp looks great, but the clear stamps and the daybook are awesome! Love your choice of colors again. Wonderful to use for my 3 kids <3
    the calendar stamp is so stunning for pl!
    love it!

    greetings from germany

  245. Davida Stafford says:

    LOVE the entire line – can’t wait for it to arrive in stores. Especially loving the date stamp – looks like fun :-) Thank you for the chance to win!!

  246. tami=) says:

    The whole collection is just so cute and sweet! Love the watercolor tones! And every item is just adorable! Thanks for the chance =)

  247. Letty Sandoval says:

    Lovely collection Amy!! I really like the stitching kit, the daybook and the stamps!! Thanks for the inspiration and the chance to win!!

  248. nikki denman says:

    How can you choose i love using all your products but I’am loving this new collection. You have made my day.

  249. Jeanelle says:

    Can’t wait to get my hands on the large camera stamp….among other items from this collection!!!!! I say YES PLEASE to Yes PLEASE~!

  250. irene moira says:

    yes, please.. yes, please.. yes, please..
    i want the entire collection.. :) :) :)
    my favorite is the stitch set.. i’m curious & excited to get them in my hands ;)

  251. Latrice says:

    The thread will be so great, but the Thickers and the colors in this collection are so fun! Can’t wait to get some.


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