hello adventure pocket book

This little notebook was sent to me by one of my creative partners, Baum-Kuchen. It’s aptly named, Kangaroo Notebook, because all the pages are made up of pockets. Clever, right? Well the notebook is now available for pre-order (and these cute pockets for pre-order). They were so kind to send me the horizontal sample to play with in advance. I kept it simple and used new washi tapes from My Minds Eye and Freckled Fawn along with a hand-stitched title for the cover. I like to take washi tape along on my trips. Since it can get bulky (and I prefer to travel light), a solution that works best for me is to wrap a selection of favorites onto a shipping tag.
(Background paper: Together Chevron by My Minds Eye)

The tag fits perfectly into the pocket. You may have noticed that my schedule coming up is jammed with travels. Thanks go out to the blog reader who brought to my attention that I will be in 4 continents in the next 3 months. Whoa! My cousin Cindy also pointed out that I will only spend 6 days at home this month. Yikes.

No doubt this is the perfect little book to accompany me (and my spiral daybook) on all of the travels. I can collect goodies in the individual pockets for safe keeping before they make their way into mini books or onto scrapbook pages.

24 Responses to hello adventure pocket book

  1. Jenny A says:

    That looks amazing Amy! And so smart about how you bring your washi with you when you travel – I will do that the next time. Happy traveling!

  2. Michelle says:

    What a fantastic way to transport Washi around the globe :) cannot wait to meet you in person when your over here in Australia x might have to whip up a little welcome card for you to pop into your book :)

  3. Chari says:

    Oh this is what I need, a book with pockets because I’m pretty good about just stuffing things in notebooks and not gluing them down. :)

  4. Amelia says:

    Very Clever…Kangaroo notebook. This is a perfect school days notebook to keep all those programs, ribbons, and activity items…thanks for sharing!

  5. ginny says:

    Thanks for the washi tip! Q for you – I saw a pad of paper in Michaels of your daydream line. No credit to you at all. Are you receiving royalities on this or should I just pass it by?

    • Amy says:

      Hi Ginny,
      Thanks for your note! Yes, it is properly licensed through American Crafts with Michaels/Recollections and I do still receive a royalty. Really appreciate your support!

  6. Cheryl Leong says:

    Washi tags seems bulky for me, what I did was wrapping the tapes on chopsticks, I can get 10 designs on a chopsticks, I’ll bring along 6 chopsticks that makes 60 designs. Not too bulky :)

  7. glee says:

    Another super adorable must have from the amazing Amy T!! Here’s my sister and I doing a coast to coast, FL girl meets HI girl in the midwest for a 100degree jazz concert in the park what I wore photo.

  8. Charlotte says:

    I just saw that you’re coming out to Australia and you’re going to be at my local Spotlight store! I am SO SO SO SO excited!! I LOVE your style, and have already bought a whole bunch of your line from Spotlight & I’m SO excited to get to meet you in person! Your style is gorgeous, I have been following your blog for a few years now and you always make me smile :) I hope you enjoy Australia!


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