Chevron + spray mists? Yes Please.

There are times when I get new supplies and the sudden urge comes over me to drop everything and just create. This was exactly what happened when I got the Studio Calico chevron mask and a new set of Mister Huey’s mists. Since step outs using just photos would probably not do the products justice, we set up a table and tripod outside in the shade, which turned out to be perfect lighting to shoot this little video.

Supplies: Mister Huey’s mists, chevron mask, HeyDay 6X6 paper pack (coming soon!), Alphabet stamp set, Adventure stamp set by Studio Calico; Shadow Inks by Hero Arts; Cardstock, Knock Out Punches and Adhesive, by American Crafts; Ann-Marie Loves Paper stamp; Hey Jen Renee thought bubbles. And in case you’re wondering, the nail color I’m wearing is Essie Turquoise and Caicos.

Remember today’s the last day for Two Peas free shipping for orders over $50 with the code: 85GRMH. Maggie’s Pieces of Me workshop begins tomorrow, and I am thrilled to get started using the amazing kit.

Today is also the last day to register for the Washi Workshop. The 1st photo is a sneak of one of the layouts I contributed to the class. So excited for it to start tomorrow!

GIVEAWAY: Studio Calico is giving away a Classic Collection pack of Mister Huey’s. If you haven’t already, please “like” their Facebook page, and leave a comment on this post telling us something fun related to paper crafting. Winner will be chosen at random Monday, June 4th and announced here. Good luck! UPDATED: The winner of the set of mists is: Monica Blain says: (Edit)

Awesome tutorial! I need to bust out my mists more. Something fun related to paper crafting… well, I am getting ready to open an Etsy store! Pretty excited about that :)

184 Responses to Chevron + spray mists? Yes Please.

  1. kimberly says:

    great video! i loved being able to see the page come together. I just bought my first Hueys and have enjoyed using them. I got the ampersand mask, but now I’m tempted to go back for the chevron!

  2. Lillian T says:

    When I saw what you did with the Studio Calico alphabet stamps, I literally said “Ohhhhh!” aloud. Can’t wait to try it! Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. Julianne says:

    that looks so cool! i can only dream of thinking up something so created. also, i started project life and it’s such a great way to look back on things and remember all the positives instead of any negatives! hopefully, i can try out some of these mists to add more to my projects!

  4. Paola says:

    I love shapes that jump out from paper when you punch them! I’ve just watched your video and thought: So….It doesn’t happen to me only!!! :D

  5. kelli says:

    You know you’re slightly addicted to paper when your recycle bin is overflowing but you don’t want to take it in just yet in case there is something in there you could use for an art project!! :D (do I get extra credit for the run on sentence?) lol

  6. Cathy L. says:

    Love the video, Amy – you make it look so easy! Something fun? Ordering new goodies to play with after watching your videos!

  7. Florence says:

    What can be more fun than paper crafting? Paper crafting with friends, for friends, and while recreating lovely memories… and discovering new tools, techniques and inspiration in the process! :)

  8. tita says:

    In paper crafting I like that I can keep the scrap room messy…cause it’s creativity!!!
    I love Studio Calico products and I’d like to be the winner…Tita

  9. Courtney says:

    I LOVE THIS! I now must go get that mask :) I love paper crafting. It is my biggest stress reliever.

  10. Sandra says:

    The funnest thing I find about scrapbooking is getting together with my crafty friends at our fortnightly crop and laughing til it hurts, scrapbooking, drinking tea and eating cake! It is such a tonic and we always have the best time.

  11. Kerys says:

    OMGosh! Fantastic video and just LOVE the mists. I still can’t quite get the hang of them – I tried them out with my daughter (age 8) last week and she did a far better job than me! Her comment – “It’s just like being at school, except I’M the teacher!!!” Kind of comes up my latest experience!! Lol! Will definitely give it another go though :-) Already a Facebook fan of theirs! Thanks you so much for the video and the chance to win :-) x

  12. Graviela says:

    Something fun about paper crafting….my husband’s story about telling his his co workers what project life is and why he takes pictures at work!

  13. karlitica says:

    Keep calm and craft on?! Seen this ive awy makes me giggle out of excitement. Good luck everyone!

  14. Miriam Prantner says:

    Fun video! And a fun fact, today is my birthday! This would be a great belated gift. hee hee

  15. Christine Arrocena says:

    Something fun about paper crafting! I’m addicted to Amy Tangerine’s Sketchbook line and have a few minis in the works… thanks for making it so easy! Now i want to try the Mister Hueys… :)

  16. janice m. says:

    thanks for the inspo. love your style and use of space and color!!! paper crafting has something new everyday. :)

  17. Michelle huegel says:

    I used spray inks for the ffirst time to mist my title on the cover of.a Smash book for,my WitL album. I used letter stickers then misted over them and removed for a cool stenciled effect. So much fun andaddictive!!

  18. Emilie says:

    LOVED the inspiration from the video! Something fun in scrapbooking is introducing someone new to the craft of scrapbooking!

  19. Christine Newman says:

    I loved the tip you gave about using adhesive in the middle only. You taught that in the class in San Diego and I’ve been doing that ever since! A lot more versatile for layering options on the layout. :)

  20. chel says:

    Something fun? All the summer fun photos that will be taken this summer, which ultimately will end up being scrapped. THAT sounds fun to me :)

  21. pegg says:

    Loving your videos! Really enjoy these quick tips that you have. I definitely need to play with Huey’s and masks more. You enable with your washi videos – looking forward to the class at SC.

  22. Teresa S says:

    Thanks for the great tips! I love chevrons. I really want to try misting, but haven’t taken the plunge yet. Even bought a Mr. Huey’s mist but haven’t gotten the nerve to try it. Maybe with the new Amy Tangerine paper I just bought this weekend! I am going to do some layouts on my vintage camera collection, and it would be perfect.

  23. jengd says:

    I’ve got a few masks and a few Mr. Hueys… think I need to give this a try… and that’s fun for me! ;) As for what else is fun, I managed to survive my GIU week AND try out a bunch of new things. :)

  24. Meagan Vaughn says:

    I would love a chance to win these I have been wanting to try them for awhile! Thanks for the video you make it all look so easy!

  25. Sheryl Coe says:

    Oh my goodness I’ve been DYING to use mists, I’m finding that I’m ridiculously old school and I’m dying to get up to date!

  26. Charlotte says:

    Oh I love the Chevron mask with the mists! I’ve only just gotten into misting but it’s fun!!

  27. Denise Kossan says:

    I only have one Mister Huey :( Oh, how I’d love to win… I am excited to be taking my first classes ever, the Washi and About Me classes starting tomorrow- they will be FUN!!!

  28. Liz G. says:

    What a cute layout! Love the happy clouds you added! I’d love to win those mists, they are such a quick and easy way to add a little something to a page! Thanks for the video!

  29. Ashley Starkey says:

    I LOVE How you used the mists!! I just got my first set of mists and now I can’t wait to try them out!!! Something fun… Getting new scrappy supplies and trying something new that I’ve never done before!! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  30. Jacki says:

    I’m loving MH mists and am just learning how to use them. Love the chevron mask & your layout – such inspiration!

  31. Renee VanEpps says:

    What a great LO! Nice work on the video too :) What isn’t fun about papercrafting?!!!!! Ok, how about use some double sided paper and a hole punch to make a bunch of confetti, apply some adhesive randomly on cs, throw confetti in the air and wherever it lands is your random, happy background :) Add mist if desired!

  32. Sierra says:

    I recently caught up on about 5 or 6 weeks of Project Life! Now that was fun! Especially since I hadn’t started before. I’m trying to make myself use things I normally wouldn’t. Thanks for sharing your tips and thanks for the chance to win. :)

  33. MariClaudi says:

    Something funny…I have never tried any kind of spray ink…but I wouldn’t mind giving it a try

  34. Jessica B. says:

    Thank you for the video! I loved watching the layout come together and the tip for only applying adhesive in the middle to make layering easier what a “lightbulb” moment for me! Right now I am having fun doing project life with my almost-15 year old daughter. Even though our styles are different, it’s something that we can do together! The mists would make a fun addition to our layouts!

  35. Whitney Paddock says:

    Love that chevron mask…and it was neat to see you using Mister Huey’s…I’d always wondered how it would work. I’ve been enjoying Project Life and would love to use these to make fun journaling cards!

  36. Lulugribouille says:

    Thanks for the video ! I would love to use all these Mister Huey’s : sounds like fun !!
    Funny story ? People believe I play Scrabble when I say that I’m a scrap-addict ^^

  37. Nicole McNamara says:

    Great video. I just got heaps of tips from it! What were the alpha stamps? Got to get some of them!
    I would love to expand my mists (I only have one atm), can’t find them anywhere is Aus.
    Thanks for the chance!
    Something fun I do with my paper craft, is flick through an album with my 9 month daughter, she loves all the colours and her eyes light up! Fills me with joy!

  38. Monica Blain says:

    Awesome tutorial! I need to bust out my mists more. Something fun related to paper crafting… well, I am getting ready to open an Etsy store! Pretty excited about that :)

    • Amy says:

      Hi Monica, Congrats! You’ve won the set of mists. Please email us with your mailing address so we can get your prize to you ASAP!

  39. Marti Richards says:

    Well, now I am gonna bust out that chevron mask! Great tip on how you put the adhesive in the middle of the papers- I need to use that one. Thank you for the chance to win the mists!

  40. Mandee J says:

    These look so fun! I’ve been making cards to send my new pen pals in the mail! It reminds me of being in summer camp when I was 11.

  41. Sue Sweeney-Gates says:

    What an awesome giveaway… something fun is that I am working on the album of our anniversary vacay from back in October, having a blast doing it

  42. LinhC says:

    I don’t have a Mr. Huey yet, but I’d love to get one and use it on American Craft photo albums.

  43. Dixie in Montana says:

    This was just what I needed! Been afraid to try these Mists, but now after watching the video think I may be able to try them. They seemed so permanent and unmanageable, but had not thought of cutting the item out…duh….LOL

  44. Jeannie L says:

    Great video and love how you showed your process. I have that chevron mask and I love it. Thanks for sharing.

  45. Cheryl Leong says:

    Wow! Cool! I can’t wait to have fun with two of my new smash books !

    cheryl131091 at yahoo dot com

  46. Jill T. says:

    I have been LOVING misting… came aboard the train a bit late… but I’m making up for it in enthusiasm!

  47. Christy Harris says:

    I am getting my first mister hueys next week and i am so excited! But none of these colors so i really would like to add them to my new collection!

  48. Christy says:

    I look forward to your blog everyday and what an extra bonus with your great video! You definately should do more. I love your cheerful, fun, relaxed style. Big fan of Studio Calico as well :)

  49. Lucie Hale says:

    i’m already a SC fan and guess what? I JUST got the chevron mask in the mail!!! Yahoo! I can’t wait to try it out tonight. I have a ton of grad cards to make for a great bunch of kids graduating college and high school. i think i will do their high school colors using the chevron and the sprays! Great vid, Amy–it inspired me!!!
    Oh, and thanks for the chance winning!!!!

  50. Linda J says:

    Love the way you shadowed the title! Got to try that. That’s the great part about papercrafting, there is always something else to try! I love every new thing!!

  51. Lauren says:

    Great video, thanks for taking the time to do that. My latest fun with paper crafting has been watching my 12 year old daughter get into the mists, she has her own set of Mister Huey’s now, and won’t let me use them!

  52. Sara says:

    Thanks for the video! I love seeing your process. That chevron mask is one of my favorites. Love how you used it. Re: paper crafting. I just sent several just because homemade cards to a couple of friends.

  53. Misty K in Ohio says:

    I totally need to win this prize. I don’t have any Mister Huey’s mists and I NEED them.

  54. anne g-i says:

    I am already a facebook fan! Love all the updates! And I love Mister Huey inks – the colors are so vibrant! Can’t wait for Pieces of Me to start tomorrow – got my kit today!

  55. Valerie Bishop says:

    I love scrapping with my daughter and mom….it makes it so fun when family get why I love scrapbooking so much! Thanks for the chance to win these awesome mists!

  56. Brandy S says:

    I love that my lack of expertise in photography can look great with some paper & imagination!

  57. Amy Jackson says:

    What a cool technique….thanks for sharing. I just wish we had a LSS around here so I could get my hands on all these fun new products. Sadly, they’ve all gone out of business over the last few years. Even worse…there is not a bottle of Uncle Huey’s within a 100 miles of here! Can you believe that?? Tragic, I know. Even though it is a lot harder now to keep up with what’s new in the industry, scrapbooking is not only my creative outlet, it keeps me sane! Nothing like getting all covered with ink and adhesive to replenish your soul! :)

  58. Lisa N. says:

    I would love to see Mister Hueys used on some plain white cards as a background. Sounds like it would be fun!

  59. Emily says:

    Oh, I would love to win a set of Mister Huey’s! I just need to get my hands on some. Let’s see, something fun about papercrafting…I get to go to CKC Houston in a few weeks, that should be lots of fun! I can’t wait.

  60. Katie says:

    Thanks for the chance to win :-) We have a 3 day weekend here in New Zealand so my paper-crafting fun fact is that I intend to spend a lot of time scrapbooking and making mini books this weekend :-)

  61. Alexandra Rae says:

    I’d love to try out Mister Huey’s for the first time! I’ve always “made my own” before!

    Hmmm… something fun about papercrafting.. I’m super excited that my mom has “passed over” my brother’s scrapbooks so I can finish up his “school days” scrapbooks before his graduation this weekend! I’m so excited to be scrapping from a whole different perspective!!

  62. julie e says:

    Would love to win the mr. huey’s – just starting to build my mist collection. One of the fun things about papercrafting for me is that it something my daughter and I enjoy doing together. She is only 12 and has gone to 12 hour crop

  63. JoAnn K Delery says:

    i know i’m crazy, but i love to scrapbook in bed. it’s totally relaxing! love your layout amy!

  64. Ruth G says:

    Oh, I “like” Studio Calico, just about anywhere! What I think is fun about paper-crafting is that my camo-wearing, “I want to work for the defense department when I’m grown up so I can design weapons” spouting, video-game crazed 10 y.o. son will “ooh and ahh” over most anything I create with my two hands (and lots of fun toys, like my Cricut!) That makes papercrafting so much fun (and rewarding!)

  65. rebecca keppel says:

    what’s fun about paper crafting? love how it is a way to let the kids and I get creative and stay cool during the summer :)

  66. Cassi says:

    I am seriously obsessed with your finished chevron piece. I immediately took your advice to use the last day of free shipping, filled up my cart with tons, and then the chevron mask was sold out! Bummer. But I got the other stuff anyway. Thanks for the video. :)

  67. karenladd says:

    I liked Studio Calico on FB and left a comment. I have been papercrafting since I was a kid. Love seeing a plain piece of paper turn into something fun and expressive!

  68. Linda says:

    Love SC on FB already! Love the masks and mists. I’m loving the classes and challenges on SC, 2 Peas and your videos. They’ve gotten my scrapping mojo at an all time high.


  69. Valerie Bishop says:

    Fabulous video! I love to see how people create! It’s so fascinating! And thanks for th chance to win these awesome mists!

  70. Lisa P says:

    Fabulous video. Scrapbooking makes me step outside of my box of order and control and step into the creative side of me that wants to break out. I love it. Misting is a new technique for me and one I am finding I really love.

  71. Melanie C says:

    I love being being inspired by blogs….such great inspiration for all of my crafty fun-ness (yes I made up that word :) )

    I need those Mists, I don’t have any of those colors!!!

  72. Gina Ames says:

    I got home at just the right time to sign up for the July SC class, that was super fun for me :)

  73. Ezlie says:

    I really love using stamps on layouts. And what a great rainbow effect with the mists. I am anxiously awaiting my 2Peas order. =)

  74. Penny Laschanzky says:

    thanks for the opportunity with your giveaway. I, too, have never used Mister Huey’s mists. I’ve only tried Glimmer Mists (and I haven’t been all that successful yet) As for fun with papercrafting: I’ve been having fun trying to learn how to color with colored pencils and then use gamsol on it….so far/so good!

  75. kim smart says:

    love this cute layout!! hopefully my friend and i are gonna get together and scrapbook this weekend!!

  76. Karen S says:

    Paper crafting lets me show my creative side. I just love paper . . . and all the other products that go along with it!

  77. Cynthia B. says:

    Thanks for the video! So cool to see your page come together. Gosh I love all the stamp sets you pulled out to use on your project.
    I haven’t really tried mists in my papercrafting, but I LOVE the effect, especially with the cool SC masks. That chevron one is my favorite!

  78. Delores says:

    Watercolors!!!! Can’t wait to play with some watercolors …nice bright shades for the summer!

  79. Lucy says:

    Love this video! I just got that mask so I’m excited to try it! Something fun – trying new things and just being able to play :)

    Amy – did you say those sprays were a new set being released, or a set made up of existing colours? I don’t own any of the mists so I’m not familiar with what’s out there.

    • Amy says:

      I think they are a new set and available in stores already. I used a couple from my stash as well. All of them are great, especially the white. Hope you get to try them soon!

      • Lucy says:

        Thanks Amy for the reply, I had another watch and noted down the colours for when I get to go shopping :)

  80. Tenny says:

    Thanks for showing us your scrapbooking process Amy. Love it!!!
    Anyway…fun papercrafting going on with me right now will be the Project Life. This is my first year and I;m loving every little thing about it.
    Thanks for the chance :D

  81. rkokes says:

    great layout-thanks for sharing via video-it is always cool to see someone’s process in making a project! something fun-today is the first day of my very first guest designer gig-so fun!

  82. Michele Washburn says:

    Would love to add some Mr. Huey’s to my crafting stash! I just find card making a lot of fun; taking an idea and switching it up a bit to put my own spin on it. Thanks for the chance to win!

  83. SamW says:

    I’m so new to mists, it would be great to take a class on all its uses, like the SC Washi class. I *heart* this neutral set!

  84. Joanna says:

    There are so many fun things you can do with paper crafting! I never run out of ideas….gift wrap, greeting cards, home decor, making gifts for family and friends, repurpose something with paper, decorating a plain matte in a frame….I could go on and on.

  85. adele says:

    Amy, I love your layout! I haven’t tried Mister Huey’s yet but would love to. My 3 kids have their dance recital this weekend – can’t wait to scrap about it!

  86. Amy says:

    What’s fun for me when paper crafting is the hunt for all the fun supplies. I also like how my 8 year old can make stuff with all my cast offs.

  87. Peggy McDevitt says:

    I like using my scraps after creating a layout – I use them to make cards and embellishments

  88. Kirsi Ropponen says:

    Apart from the fun of creating, a lot of fun is to go through old albums and minibooks together with my family. What a smile all those memories, trips and life lived brings to my face everytime!

  89. Lora Oliver says:

    I find it fun to have ink and paint stained fingers. It is a fun reminder throughout the day that I was creative recently.

  90. e rainbow bee says:

    dangit, that’s a brilliant bit of mistwork! i love it best when my hands have paint and mist on them. but then once i looked at my arm and thought, “Where did i get that rash!?” well, it was red mist. ;)

  91. Sparklin says:

    Supercute layout:-) I received the camera pattern album today as well as some papers from the Sketchbook collection; can’t wait to start using them:-D Have a great weekend:-)

  92. Stacy V says:

    I need to move on using Studio Calico’s Mr. Huey’s. I bought Estate Green and Boss Lady, but have yet to execute. Thanks for the tutorial with the chevron mask. I need to do that!

  93. Ann T says:

    Such a great card. Something fun…I just signed up for my first online scrapbookng class. That Studio Calico stamp set and class for July just looked too fun to pass up.

  94. MaryBeth says:

    Loved this video and all the great tips. Need to start using some Mr. Huey’s on my projects. The fun part of crafting is meeting such wonderful friends and sharing your creativity. Thanks for a chance to win this awesome giveaway!

  95. Kara says:

    I’ve recently dusted off my scrapbooking material and have finished one layout yesterday. One out of 365+ days ain’t so bad, right? On to the next! I love the ideas on your site – especially the chevron and washi tapes. Can’t wait to try out the washi tape my friend just brought over.

  96. Melanie says:

    I have never used washi on a layout! Can’t wait to start the washi workshop next week! Loved watching you build this layout, and what a cool background you made with those mists!

  97. Trexxann says:

    Being enabled is fun! You have convinced me Amy how much I really do need to hunt down these beautiful mists! Great layout :)

  98. stacie d says:

    I just bought the chevron mask and bubbles mask today, now I need lots of mr.hueys to play with! Thanks for the how to video! :)

  99. Tasha Hart (@WildAtHeartStu) says:

    I love the layout and my happiest funnest part of scrapbooking is getting together with my friend and watching Dance Moms or some Housewives of … episode…It is always fun when playing with paper and friends alway lead to FUN and HAPPY Times!

  100. jen says:

    How cute is that? Something fun… my hubby surprised me with a cameo for my birthday. So excited to start playing with it!

  101. Jeanne M. W, says:

    Thank you for the tutorial Amy, surely going to try misting sometime soon :)

    I’m still new in scrapbooking, but surely I’m a supply hoarder, been buying anything i think is beautiful, from papers, stamps, inkpads, mini books, etc. I love washi tapes, alphas (thickers, tiny you name it) and stamps.
    I love paper crafting.. beautifully designed papers gave me lots of ideas and surely, from following scrapbook forums (whether two peas, studio calico etc), I gained a lot of new friends!!!

    last but not least, thank you for the chance to win, *fingers crossed* I hope I can win this, haha..

  102. Denise Bryant says:

    Went to a fun stamping day with a group of about 10 ladies. We stamped and crafted all day. Can’t wait til we can plan another date to do it again!
    Love those fun Mister Huey’s mists!

  103. deb pereira says:

    It’s so much fun to go back and look at scrapbook pages and remember the stories behind the photos!

  104. Betty Meyskens says:

    Great video – I googled Mister Huey and came upon your blog. I also have never thought of double stamping, ie the letters ….. with the outline stamp. That is a really cool idea. I have just started scrapbooking and loved your layout.

  105. alicia king says:

    hello! i know i’m a bit behind the times…can you tell me the name of the outline/filled in stamps are called from studio calico? were they in a kit?
    thank you!


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