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Extremely guilty of collecting cute little notebooks and journals and only writing in them for the first few pages, I decided such nonsense must come to an end. Picked these up from Staples and while in NYC at KP’s apartment, I stamped the “write on” with Studio Calico alphabet stamps and Hero Arts shadow inks.

After I got home, I put some of the extensive washi tape collection to good use.

Simply adding strips of colorful washi tape really brightened up the cover. Now I just need to listen to my own advice and actually fill up the pages with scribbles, sketches, sayings and sweet things.

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  1. Christina says:

    i eyed these little ms notebooks at staples when i bought my ms planner & thought i needed one… but alas i only write on a few pages normally too. =)great use of washi!xo

  2. Sena says:

    I buy little note books and journals all the time, thinking I will use them or some special occasion will come along and then I'll have the perfect journal at hand! So far, haven't really used any of them… :/ But there's always hope! I hope you are able to keep up on yours! Good luck, and I love the washi tapes you used!

  3. Zelde says:

    Haha, I do that as well. I find having one notebook I always carry with me is the trick. In my case, it's just a plain moleskin book but it hold everything. Notes, lists, journal entries, wishes, phonenumbers etc

  4. AbbyS says:

    Haha, Love it!!! The first page intimidates me too!! And I'm a collector of journals & fill up…maybe the first 10 pages and then, I move onto the next cute journal I pick up!! Haha!! I love it!! I may just copy you…Love the very last washi tape (the purple & red)!

  5. Valerie says:

    Ok, so now I know what to do with all those cute little journals I've collected over the years and use some of my fun washi tape to boot! Thank you, Amy!!!Just received the travel kits I ordered from you, delightful! Can't wait for my next trip….

  6. Joy says:

    I am guilty of this pleasure too…so many notebooks around my house at present, maybe I too should grab my washi tape and make it look as pretty as yours is..Love it! hugs

  7. Gypsy Chaos says:

    Too funny that you have unfilled notebooks. I keep one in my purse – they fill quickly with things I have to remember, things I see that I want to buy, the ton of possible wallpapers or fabrics depending on the project and all sorts of musings on life.I LOVE LOVE LOVE your collection of Washi tape. Must go find several of them that I haven't seen before. My problem with the tape? I want it half as wide!

  8. Holly Knitlightly says:

    I absolutely LOVE this, Amy! Would you mind if I copied some of this into one of my own journals? Have an Amy Tan quote! ;)Also, yesterday my Mom picked up one of your journal things (haha not quite sure what it's called…) I LOVE it! I love that we can buy your items & you know who lil' Squirty is! Haha I was saying that to my Mom. "We can buy her stuff in stores & she knows who Squirt is! CRAZY." hahaha.

  9. Maureen says:

    Love this idea! As with the other comments, I collect these books and don’t use them either. This would make a great gift idea or inspire me to use more than 3 pages!! Thank you for the simple, but beautiful, idea!


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