Everything You Need for a Creativity Session in One Colorful Package

One Colorful Package

I always say it’s important to infuse at least 10 minutes of creativity into your daily routine. Lately, I’ve considered upping that quota for myself. When I recommend this daily dose of creativity, I get a lot of questions. Where should I start? Do I need a lot of expensive supplies? What if I don’t have any ideas? If you have these questions or you’re a beginner and you want to ease into it, I have good news. A good starting place for your creative practice is as close to you as the nearest Target or a few clicks away at Target.com.

One Colorful Package

I’m talking about the 20 minute Studio kits from Faber-Castell. Each kit focuses on a different art medium and provides easy-to-use inspiration and supplies to get your creative juices flowing! I especially loved the watercolor kit because painting takes me to my happy place, but if that isn’t necessarily your cup of tea– don’t worry. There are a number of awesome options to choose from in addition to watercolors including marbling art, card making, and abstract art.

There’s a kit for everyone! If you aren’t already sold, here are 5 reasons to use these kits and integrate them into your daily (or weekly or monthly) creative practice:


1. Thrifty. These aren’t single-use kits. They come with supplies you can work with over and over as you grow and learn in your creative practice. They retail for $12.99 and include high-quality items you can continue to use again and again.

2. Minimal. If you have limited space or just like to keep things simple and easy to find instead of buried under a pile of colorful supplies, these kits make it incredibly easy. Everything fits into the box or is easily stored in a small container, which means your creative practice can stay short and sweet whenever you engage with it in a mess-free, hassle-free way.

One Colorful Package

3. Accessible. If you don’t live near a local craft store – never fear. The kits are available at Target online and in-store, which means you will most likely be able to get one (or all of them) in your area.

4. Inspirational. These kits are full of tips, tricks, tools and general inspiration. So often I hear from people who feel that their lives aren’t sources of creativity and these kits offer so many amazing prompts, projects, and ideas to get you started. If you’re feeling a little unsure or blocked creatively, these kits are perfect for you!

One Colorful Package

5. Customizable. If you’re feeling creatively inspired, you can still make use of these kits. Various kits are packed with stencils, paint brushes, watercolor pencils, lots of paper, cards and so much more.

Do you feel inspired to give the kits a try? When do you feel most excited to work on creative projects?

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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Faber-Castell ®, but all opinions and experiences I mentioned are my own. My creative partners and I really appreciate your continued support!