Violeta’s Journal Folders!

Hello! I am Violeta Scrap and I am very happy to be here in Amy’s blog to show you one of my new projects.


This time I want to show you how to make some folders for the new Journal Studio products in a very practical and easy way.


To make these journals what we are going to do is to take one of the papers of Amy Tangerine’s collections and we will cut a piece of 8.5x9 inches. Once you have this piece we bend it in half and with the rest of the piece of paper we will do two extra pieces of 4.5 inches width.


We will take out a piece of paper from these two extra pieces in a diagonal way and we will glue them inside the folders so we create some pockets.


As you can see, it is very easy to make pockets for your scrapbook journals. When we have our folders ready, what we will do is to decorate the cover of both folders.

You can combine different elements to decorate the folders. I have used different die cuts and some decorative elements of different collections of Amy Tangerine to create different titles.


That way the project is finished. As I commented it is a very easy project to make and you can use different papers for them, and they are very practical as you can keep there pictures, things of a travel and other kind of elements.

I hope you liked this project and that you practice making some folders for your journals.

See you soon!

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