A quick trip to the Stationery Show

Amy Tangerine at the Stationery ShowLast week I was away from Jack for the first (extended period of) time and took a quick whirlwind trip to NY for the National Stationery Show. I arrived at midnight on Monday and spent Tuesday on the show floor after a seminar in the morning. It was my first time both attending and showing - American Crafts had a booth. It was such a visual treat.Amy Tangerine at the Stationery ShowAmy Tangerine at the Stationery ShowAmy Tangerine at the Stationery ShowAmy Tangerine at the Stationery ShowAmy Tangerine at the Stationery ShowAmy Tangerine at the Stationery ShowAmy Tangerine at the Stationery ShowAmy Tangerine at the Stationery ShowAmy Tangerine at the Stationery ShowAmy Tangerine | Stationery ShowAmy Tangerine at the Stationery ShowHighlights included:

  • chatting with Amy at AHeirloom
  • trying the confetti with Candice Stringham at Knot & Bow
  • finally meeting Garin from Ginko Papers
  • seeing Shinola's booth - it's JC's favorite watch
  • getting a card from that sweet machine from Easy, Tiger
  • hanging out a lot at Paper Bandit Press - seeing designs from friends is the best - go Kelly Purkey and Sarah Champion. Oh and they had a charging station, so that really helped because my iPhone doesn't seem to be able to hold much battery life.
  • I missed Donna Downey, but enjoyed catching up with her husband Bill.
  • meeting and talking to Melinda of Read Between the Lines. Our mutual adoration for puppies and babies was laughable.
  • getting my first Tattly, which sort of matched my dress and being star struck by the ever so down to earth Tina of swissmiss
  • having Ladyfingers Letterpress hand write Jack's name
  • my one and only dinner this trip at Boulud Sud

Boulud Sud I realized that this was the most amount of time I had spent by myself (if you count being at the airport and on board an airplane) since Jack was born. Honestly, it was kinda nice to be able to just relax and read a book and cut apart magazines, and take my time eating a meal. Wait, am I a bad mom to be admitting that? I think not. The hardest thing for me may have been the pumping and dumping every few hours. For my next solo trip, I will probably request a refrigerator in the hotel room and bring a freezer pack along. I was gone for a total of 2 nights. It was the perfect amount of time to be away - though I missed Jack very much, knowing he was in good hands with Ahpo, Cindy, and Daddy.

W Hotel Barcelona

W_BarcelonaSigh. I have to say that I loved staying at this hotel. We spotted it and admired it on our first trip to Barcelona back in 2010. At that time we also visited Sagrada Familia and I made a note saying that we hoped to be back before the completion in 2030. We made good on that promise a couple months ago. Just looking at these photos puts a smile on my face. After teaching at the KDS event, we switched hotels to the gorgeous W, located right on the water. We thoroughly enjoyed our view and though it was a bit far from a few things we wanted to see, the walk was totally manageable -even at 23 weeks pregnant. We could walk to the Metro station, or just hop into a cab to get to various restaurants or sites. And the breakfast at the hotel? One of my favorites - with smoothies and a plethora of options from fresh fruits to French toast and bacon. And the bed?! One of the best we've slept in. Seriously considering getting one of these for our new home. Starwood Hotels once again gets our vote. W_barcelona amyW_Barcelona 1 W_Barcelona 2W_Barcelona 3W_Barcelona room W_Barcelona view W_Barcelona amy + jcWe will certainly return once again before 2030.

PS We Love You

We celebrated Valentine's Day a weekend early by heading into major traffic on Friday at 5pm to finally arrive in Palm Springs at 9pm. We drove through tons of traffic, rain, more traffic, and even some snow! The roads were not great, but after taking double the time it normally takes (usually 2 hours), we finally made it safely to The Parker. It was our first time staying here and I was immediately smitten with the kitschy decor. Since it was late and we were hungry and tired, we got dinner at the hotel and then went to bed. The next day we explored the hotel after a delicious breakfast of huevos rancheros for him, bagel & lox for me, and a side of bacon to share. 


Not pictured: the spa, in which the hot tub & steam room are complimentary for guests; coming out of the gym and seeing a cute Yorkshire Terrier playing with his owners on the lawn by the hammock, me realizing it was this guy from Modern Family only after I played with their dog and asked them if I should bring mine next time; doing yoga under the canopy; our delicious dinner at Copley's; sitting by the fire and reading. This little getaway was much different than when we went to the Ace in the blazing heat of summer. We're already thinking about when we can get back to this little piece of paradise sometime in the spring!

Let's go to: Palm Springs

Hoping to get back to Palm Springs sometime this fall when the weather is much cooler than the 100+ degrees we experienced at the end of July.  Staying at The Ace Hotel and eating at King's Highway were definite highlights. We had the fanciest bagel & lox ever and tried chilaquiles for the first time. Delicious. We got up early and got some chairs in both the sun and shade and near the misters. There were lots of towels down, but not too many people.Around 10am, the DJ came on and so did the crowds. The pool was quite the scene, with many females wearing heels and wedges that only made them look like complete fashion victims as they struggled to take them off when entering the pool and putting them back on when they got out. I found the whole thing to be a bit humorous. Personally, I loved that my $10 flip flops were super low maintenance and kept my feet from feeling the hot pavement just fine. PS. We Love You.

Let's go to: Palm Desert

When a client asks for help with a creative project involving a little road trip, some styling, and a night in Palm Desert, I don't hesitate to say yes. Eager to put my former personal shopping/fashion styling talents to work - we hit some outlets on the way. The windmills leave me breathless every time I see them.After a productive lunch meeting at the hotel, she enjoyed a spa treatment while I worked in the room. Then it was back out together to shop some more. All in a day's work! Needless to say, I love my clients.