Newborn Essentials

Newborn Essentials | Amy TanIt took some time to compile this list, mainly because I wanted to make sure I only included items that we really loved and would probably be most helpful to others. Some of these were on our registry, some of them we bought ourselves and some were even hand-me-downs. No matter how we acquired them, looking back, these things really have helped us get through being new parents. Thanks so much to the friends who recommended them. 1. Suri the Octopus and Friends Teether. Everyone loves Sophie the giraffe, but Jack cannot get enough of this anchor right now.

2. Fisher Price Cradle 'N Swing. For us, this was a life saver for the first 3 months. JC set it up in our living room and Jack felt comforted and loved it from the moment he laid in it when we got back from the hospital.

3. Sprout App. Keeping track of Jack's diapers and feedings was really important to me because I didn't seem to remember a thing. So easy to use, and it became a habit after some time. It really helped to see patterns and establish somewhat of a routine for us and we still are using it today.

4. Britax B-Agile Travel System.  It's easy to use and go places with - I highly recommend it for new moms. And yes, there is a recall but it seems like an easily avoidable thing if you use it properly and the way we have always used it. We love this system so much - it's perfect for us and was right on budget.

5. MD Moms Baby Silk Shampoo. Their lotion is also wonderful as well! Love the light scent and though the bottle seems to still have product when it stops pumping (I just pour it into another container for travel), we have used these products the most.

6. ErgoBABY Carrier. This is so comfortable for both Jack and me. I used it after he was 12 pounds, so never needed the infant insert.

7. Medela Pump. Insurance provided us with the Ameda, but I think this is way better and worth the investment for breastfeeding mamas.

8. Fisher Price Deluxe Newborn Vibrating Rock 'n Play Sleeper. For us, this was a life saver for the first 4 months. We didn't get it until night 3 of being at home, and man it made such a difference in sleep for all of us. Jack never seemed to like sleeping flat on his back, so this was a great place for him to rest next to our bed.

9. The Honest Co. Diapers. Love the designs and the philosophy of the company. The prints are fun and this is what we used for the first 4 months. We have since switched to Huggies, mainly because it's available at Costco.

Jack's new camera

20140411-115738.jpgJack was so excited to get this personalized Bannor Toys camera. He chews on it occasionally (the teething process is taking a long time!), waves it around proudly and bangs it down. Basically all the things he wants to do with my real camera (iPhone) he can do with this. Pretty sure this is his way of saying thanks Allison for such a thoughtful gift! 20140411-115759.jpg

Baby books

20140311-225634.jpgEven though we received these as gifts for Jack, they seem like they were made for me. They are from a wonderful friend named Heidi who always comes to the classes at Paper Tales. In fact I don't remember a single one she has missed. I've just decided she's one of the best curators for books. She chose Hands, First Book of Sushi and Beautiful OOPS. She used to be in publishing and has actually worked with Barney Saltzberg before. The Beautiful OOPS book is definitely a favorite - every single page is an interactive work of art. So whimsical and fun. I know Jack (and I) will love it for years to come. These are such amazing books, what a perfect gift - thanks Heidi!20140311-225643.jpgWe are always looking to grow Jack's library. Do you all have favorite books for little ones? Would love to hear your selections in the comments.

9000+ photos?!

Not sure how it is with all of you, but these days most of my photos are taken on my iPhone 5. I love the ability to take great photos, edit and share them instantly. Since Jack was born, JC set up Photo Stream to share pictures with family. Nearly all of us are iPhone addicts users, so it's great because we don't have to constantly send photos via text or email. Instead, we are able to just put them into albums and people can check them out at their leisure. Notifications come up when photos are added, so then everyone can look at them, like them and comment if inclined.20140311-222450.jpg20140311-222500.jpgAlways looking for great solutions for photos. Now all I need is a proper app to organize and edit (delete) as I am approaching 10,000 pictures! Do you all have a good way of handling and sharing photos that I need to know about? Would love to hear!

Pregnancy Essentials

Pregnancy Essentials | Amy TanDisclaimer: I kept wanting to post something like this while I was pregnant, but obviously that didn't happen. Considering I don't know how I would have survived and enjoyed those months without these items, I thought it was still worth a share. Hoping some of you find it worthwhile. 1. Havaiana Flip Flops. Comfortable flip flops. Any and all. Pretty much every single day in my 3rd trimester, I wore Havaianas. But when I wanted to dress up, I went with Michael Kors' flip flops.

2. Bringing Up Bebe - A fun read that I received at my baby shower.

3. Kind Bars I was always hungry when I was pregnant, so healthy snacks were a must. I craved both sweet and salty, so these Kind bars were perfect.

4. Bio-Oil. - Stretch marks?! Not if I can help it. And I truly believe rubbing this on my belly once (or twice when I remembered) really helped prevent them.

5. Belly Band - Got it in white and black and loved wearing it during the first and second trimester. The third trimester was all about maxi dresses.

6. My Pregnancy Today App - I was pretty obsessed with checking it every morning to see what the heck was going on with the little guy.

7. Amazon Prime A membership to Amazon Prime is truly priceless when it comes down to the fact that you can get so much of what you want delivered to your door in two days for free!