Happy New Year! We spent the last day of 2013 with a bad case of food poisoning (wait, is there ever a good case of that?!). We think it was from some salmon we had the night before. Luckily, Jack was not affected and we're feeling more normal today. This year I plan on documenting using Project Life once again. This time, like the past 2 years, I will try to do it on a weekly basis. Thinking I may actually try and fit in 2 weeks per spread, or maybe even move into some sort of monthly form. Who knows... one thing for sure, I will continue to make the process enjoyable and document the little things. I'll be using this album, in grey. Here's a little peek at part of my cover page. 2014I used elements from Studio Calico kits and bits from my newest line, Plus One (which will be available in stores in a couple months). If you love the look of Kal Barteski's writing as much as I do, perhaps you'll join in for this awesome class - Life | Scripted. Bring creative play into your memory keeping with the art of brush script. This month renowned artist, Kal Barteski, brings her popular class on brush script to the Calico Classrooms. Learn the ins and outs of brushes and inks to take a variety of projects to the next level with your own handwriting. Our Creative Team members will join in to inspire you how to incorporate your new skills into your pages and projects for 2014.Need supplies for this class? There's a special free shipping offer if you order by January 7th. See the class slideshow for more information.

I'm excited to be one of the contributors to this awesome workshop. Class enrolling now through January 31st. By enrolling, you'll have immediate access to the classroom and class message board. Class begins February 1, 2014.