brand new bag! *SOLD OUT*

Amy Kathryn Limited Edition Purse | Amy TangerineAs far as creative endeavors go, this one is near the top of my list. As you know, I have been a long time fan of amykathryn bags. When we initially discussed a collaboration, I had no idea it would come to fruition and materialize like this-it's all very exciting. I carried a very similar style handbag every single day for over a year. So now, without further ado, we're introducing the Amy Tangerine signature bag. Watercolor chevron hand-painted canvas in my favorite color, yellow! Although this is exclusive to the website and limited-edition, I think (and hope) we produced enough quantity so that they won't sell out immediately. I love that this eco-friendly (non-leather) bag carries everything I need in it - it's the perfect size for travel, toting around town, and even holds 12x12" paper if you so desire. It also has lots of pockets and plenty of room for a DSLR. There's more info in the shop. I put it in the Scrapbooking kits category (mainly because we didn't have a different place set up for it yet) and where you will find a fun Instagram stamp as well! If you have specific questions, please ask in the comments and I will be sure to answer them and add it to this post.

UPDATED 3/16 - We have more detailed photos of the inside of the purse and a video too in this new post.

UPDATED - We are all sold out and not getting any more in of this color/style. There is a chance we will launch another bag for the fall. They are all limited edition, so I recommend that folks get them soon after they launch.

**To celebrate this launch, we're offering free shipping worldwide (while supplies last) if you place your order by the end of March. We really wanted to show our appreciation for all your support! Thanks for being excited and I hope to see some photos of you carrying this bag around soon!

WC vs. EC || Sparkly skirt edition

It's been a little while since KP and I have done one of these posts, and technically she's moved from the east coast to the midwest, but here we go regardless. Last year during CHA, KP sported a fun sparkly skirt. She was the first one I thought of when I decided to wear mine at CHA this year. I didn't think to have any head to toe photos taken at the show, so I had Cindy snap a couple in front of the hotel room door after a long day.  melissawingsAs you already know, I love these shoes. They really are comfy and they smell so good (all Melissa shoes do, in fact.) Anyway, back to what KP and I decided to blog about, which is this sparkly skirt by xhilaration from Target. It was in the Juniors section, so it's an XL, but I don't care about the label one bit (and the fact that I may be at least a decade too old to wear it). American Apparel V-Neck summer shirt (sadly discontinued) || skirt from Target || cardigan by Charlotte Tarantola || leggings by Spanx || shoes by Melissa || bracelet by Belted Wrist

Hope your Monday is bright!

WC vs. EC || Holiday Party Edition

This year I was really excited to get dressed up for the holidays. Fortunately there was JC's company party, so I had an excuse to wear my favorite Melissa shoes. Unfortunately, I did not get a good photo of my outfit all night. JC tried as we left, but it was much too dark. So the outfit post is without my fabulous shoes, however I did find a photo of them on the internet (though it was difficult!). melissawingsSurprisingly they are comfy and they smell divine (all Melissa shoes do, in fact.) My obsession started when I was in Brazil and bought 2 pairs one night and then as soon as I landed in the next city, I hunted down 2 additional pairs. And now I regret buying more pairs (obsessed, I tell you.)

Anyway, back to what KP and I decided to blog about, which is what we wore to a holiday party. I took this after we got home and I kicked off my shoes. The lighting in the bedroom isn't great, and our place isn't exactly large enough for a full length shot.dress2Dress by Knitted Dove purchased at a sample sale in LA, other cute styles are at ModCloth || bracelet by Belted Wrist || Essie nailpolish in Chinchilly

And if Buster was invited to a fancy holiday party, I am pretty sure he would wear this upcycled bowtie collar from Papaya Pascal.busterbowtieAnd we would have totally matched.

Traveling in sweats

(photo taken in my hotel room in St. Kilda and I blame jetlag for not removing the tissue box.)

Yes, these are khaki sweat pants and a blazer made from the same material. The tank top is from Thailand, and I am wearing my favorite brown cowboy boots and some patterned socks. It's how I traveled to Australia and South Africa (that's where I am now! If you're following me on Instagram -username amytangerine- you've already seen some of the safari photos). And I must say the outfit is a total winner. Somewhat stylish, and reasonably well disguised as smart casual for being so darn comfortable.PS- How big is this tray table? Love it.

WC vs. EC || NYC Style

This west coast girl flew across the country last week and met up with one of her favorite east coast girls in NYC. One of my favorite things about visiting NYC is the food. And sharing the food with wonderful friends is a key ingredient to happiness. KP and I had a couple delicious meals. One of them was a 12-course dinner at wd-50, where the low lighting didn't provide any picture taking opportunities. Fortunately, we also had lunch plans the next day at one of my favorite spots, The Breslin, where we shared laughter and a lamb burger.Dress from Urban Outfitters (the elastic belt is key for big meals) || Purse by amykathryn || Flats by Aerosoles What would you wear in NYC on a hot summer day? Forgot to mention we also discussed the next time KP will be on the West Coast, and it will be for another day of classes we are teaching together at Paper Tales on November 17. Save the date!