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The shortest month is already done. We'll call February fabulous, fast and fun. Still loving photo-a-day. Along with Project Life, I am thinking this will be the most well documented year of my life.  Here's detailed information on how I put together my collage, which is now super easy since the flickr app is working on my iPhone. January seems like so long ago. Is it just me or is time just flying by? Ready, set, March.


how i made it

Thanks for all your sweet comments about Sketchbook, my colorful Project Life, and every other random thing I post. Have I told you lately how much your comments brighten my day? Well they do. So thank you for that.

Some of you asked how I made the collage of my January photos.

It's super easy, and I have Elise Blaha to thank when years ago she posted about Big Huge Labs, as it's been one of my favorite sites ever since. Seems to work perfectly for projects like photo-a-day and  really, anytime you want to use a collage of photos. So here's a little tutorial on how it came together.

1) I uploaded all my images (taken with my iPhone) to flickr. I put them into a set labeled 365 of 2012.

2) On Big Huge Labs, I chose the Mosaic Maker. You can adjust the settings for whatever suits your need, for example, when I just did the 1st week seen here, I made my settings for Columns: 7 and Rows: 1. For the entire month of January, here is what my settings look like:

3) After changing the Columns to 7 and Rows to 5, I chose Flickr photoset and entered the URL for the 365 of 2012 set, and hit create.
4) Once created (which feels a lot like magic), I saved it to my computer and opened it up in Photoshop to add the JANUARY. These fantastic letters are from Design Editor's Glitter alphabet, available on etsy. I also added my camera icon from my first release for American Crafts. We don't have a digital version for sale, but you can get the same camera in the Love Struck stamp set as well as The Good Life paper.

If you're looking for more digital tutorials or options, Pugly Pixel is a fantastic resource. Not to mention she always has fun stuff she's blogging about.

So there you have it - if you happen to make a collage and want to share it, please link it up in the comments.

1st one done

Hoping the enthusiasm I had for taking an iPhone photo-a-day for month 1 continues for the next eleven.


3 things (including another giveaway)

1- The winner of May Flaum's Field Guide class is:
amcgrew said...

This would be such a fun class! I would love to be a part of it!

 Congrats amcgrew! Please send me an email with the email address you use for Big Picture Classes.

2- Week 2 of my 365:

You can see Week 1 here. The plan is to put all the weeks together at the end of the month for a grand ol' collage.

3- Giveaway time for my Stretch Your Kit class with Studio Calico!

Class info: Are you ready to jumpstart the way you look at supplies?  Tired of letting your kits pile up month after month without touching them?  Ready to pull out the tools you have on hand and put them to use? Amy Tan is here to help show you how to see the Studio Calico Main kits in new ways and get those supplies onto your pages.  She’s ready to share tips and tricks on making your kit supplies stretch to create beautiful page after page.
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START DATE: FEBRUARY 1, 2012          
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For your chance to enter, leave a comment with your Studio Calico username and a winner will be drawn on Wednesday, Jan 18. Thanks and good luck!

seven on saturday

So far sticking with the Photo-A-Day 365 project has been going smoothly. I know, I know - it's just the first week, but this is still a small accomplishment for one who loves starting projects, but isn't as good at finishing. It is something I plan on staying on top of because I'm keeping it simple. Taking a picture of whatever tickles my fancy that day. Making it easy. Keeping it easy.

I'm taking the pics with my iPhone, uploading them to my365 (a free app with a calendar), flickr and tumblr. I may be going a bit overboard by uploading to 3 different places, but I am choosing to do it this way because with flickr, it's easy to make collages like this one with big huge labs.

And tumblr has a cool "launch mass post editor" button which displays all the photos by month. Will keep you all posted on how this project goes. I joined in the 1st class at Studio Calico taught by Nicole Samuels and it will help keep me on track. Are you all in on the 365 fun and do you have any tips for this first timer?