off to Chi-town!

Kristin Harmel and I have been doing parties together in various cities across the US for 4 years. We've collaborated on some fun tees, tanks and totes for her latest novels. This year's been the first time we've done parties in the summer. Our launch party for Italian for Beginners is in Chicago tonight. Would love to see you there!
Here are some photos from last week's event in Atlanta at the Georgian Terrace. And here's a little write up in Metro-mix.

And I'm always looking for creative ways to save money and still live fully, the Frugal Traveler certainly strikes that kind of balance. Looking forward to seeing my hometown and taking the Blue Line from O'Hare instead of a cab. Love this video Kelly Purkey created with her new flip!

09 things on 09.09.09

1. Little Black Dress Wines is sponsoring our party tonight. If you're in Atlanta, please come! Here are a couple of my favorite photos from last year.
2. Kristin Harmel and me

3. with friends
4. Scrapping on the plane again... the only item not pictured is my Tombow Tape runner.
5. Confession: I actually like airplane food. Here's the cobb salad on Delta.

5. Snapfish is offering free shipping on all orders by September 13. Use the coupon code: FREELABOR at check out.
6. These are a couple of my favorite new layered shirts for fall
7. I am slightly lost when not using my own computer, but it's ok because sometimes traveling with it is a pain.
8. Miss this little alien:

9. Excited for the Sara J. Gonzalez Memorial Park dedication tomorrow!


Thank you to all who came to my birthday party at South!!! We took silliness to new heights and had a blast. Photo by LA Photo Party.


and we all shine on...

It took forever, but I finally finished Eat Pray Love, and just like everyone else.... I LOVED it. It was hard for me to get through the first half, but once I did, I had a really hard time putting it down.

Here's a layout I did with my FAVORITE paper of the moment. It was inspired by Scrapping the Music. And if you are looking frantically for this paper, Sweetpeas and Snapshots has a big stack of it!!

We've been shipping out a lot of custom tees, tanks and totes. And of course, we love getting photos of people showing their slice...

Keep the photos coming please, they make me super happy.

Happy National Scrapbooking Day everyone! Be sure to check out ScrapInStyletv, as they have tons of fun going on with hourly chats with fashionistas, challenges, prizes and more!!

Saturday I will be at Artistic Affaire crafting up a storm, and then on a red eye flight to NYC for the Intermezzo show. I hung out at Sweetpeas for a fabulous party tonight, where Mary suggested I do a "Where in the world is Amy Tangerine" blog. I love the idea...

Well, this is where I was tonight and had such a wonderful time. Love my Susana Monaco dress (I have it in 2 colors but would honestly get it in every color available). And yes, a lot of girls got henna tattoos and we indulged in delicious mango vodka cocktails, Indian food and even a little belly dancing action. Scrapbookers sure know how to party.

While I was in the ATL and Chicago...

1) I got a lovely visit from Scrap In Style's head honcho, Big Sis, and her teeny-tiny sidekick, Kayla Aimee. Love that the scrapbooking and fashion worlds are constantly colliding.

2) I drove my dad's hybrid downtown to the show and it got broken into in broad daylight. The GPS was stolen, along with his CD's and change. Apparently this has been happening quite frequently throughout the city. I told the police that I had thought about taking the GPS unit down (off the windshield) but didn't, and he said it would probably not have made a difference, because as soon as they see the base, they break in anyway. The policeman was so kind and really wants to catch the thief (or thieves) who are responsible for this. I remained relatively calm and collected, and he complimented me on my good attitude and smile. So even when things aren't going as planned, a smile can make a world of difference. Oh and so can cocktails, which is what I enjoyed for the rest of the evening.

3) Ate some really good food, like Waffle House, Chick-Fil-A, Pappadeaux, Maggiano's, and Two Urban Licks. (I happen to LOVE Waffle House- the Bacon, Egg and Cheese sandwich with hashbrowns scattered and covered makes my mouth water)

4) Enjoyed having "A Wreck" at Potbelly with my cousin, Brian.

5) Missed having someone take a photo of me walking KC's dog, Lucky, in the pouring rain in downtown Chicago. I had a huge golf umbrella in one hand that kept on blowing inside out, and I was begging Lucky to hurry up and do her business. Yes I really wish someone was there to capture the glamourous moment.

6) Had a great time at our last party for the Art of French Kissing. (The lovely dress is by Susana Monaco)

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