back at it.

After days of rain (I really might need to join a gym again) and some excuses, I am finally back at Mile A Day. At 7:15am the air was brisk, but dang did it feel good.

Mile A Day

According to my Nike Fuelband, I am a pretty active person. 3000 is my goal, and on most days, I hit it. My average for the past 200+ days has been 3577. This is all fine and good, except I am also a person who indulges in  many meals out and I don't always make the healthiest choices. And these days I am thinking more and more about health and developing healthy habits. I have accepted the fact that my metabolism is now slowing down quite a bit. Instead of depriving myself too much from the food I enjoy, I decided to make a public declaration of joining Elise Blaha in #mileaday. Love how she's motivating so many people to not only get moving, but to also document it. I will post the occasional photo (which may or may not turn into every day) on Instagram just so I can hold myself accountable. Also, I am going to try and achieve the mile every day by running, but if there are other options available, I will count it. I know myself and I know I need variety. The only other way I will successfully accomplish this is with a no excuses approach. So here goes. Nov 22 || Day 1: 1.45 miles in Venice

Nov 23 || Day 2: 2.34 miles on the elliptical machine in Palm Springs

Nov 24 || Day 3: 8am yoga and then 1.24 miles on the treadmill in Palm Springs