December Daily walk through


It was my goal to finish my December Daily album by the end of the year AND shoot a video walk through of it, and I actually did it just in time. Hope you enjoy the flip through showing some of the process and then most of the pages. Excited to have this book and 2014 all wrapped up. Have a safe and fun New Year's! Thanks so much for visiting and all of your comments - I read every single one of them and can't wait to share even more with you in 2015.

Best Solution for Holiday Cards! (and any cards, really!)

I have a confession. When it comes to mailing hand written cards these days, I feel guilty because I am so behind. I used to be pretty decent, having a list in my phone under memos or calendar events reminding me who to send thank you notes to. But after Jack's 1st birthday party, I was just horrible at sending the notes. There were so many people who brought gifts (although the invitation specifically said "Your presence is your present". I suppose people can't resist buying fun toys and cute clothes for a one-year-old. Of course we were so grateful for all of the gifts! But then came the thank you note process. I ended up doing online designed thank you cards that were emailed to guests that I didn't have physical addresses for, and some others got a hand-written note. But they got it months later. Insert sad/embarrassed face here. But then somehow the universe must have felt my dilemma and Postable sent me an email telling me about their awesome service. postableThis remarkably clever site takes all the stress out of the address collection process, and makes the daunting task of writing thank you notes a breeze. And they actually mail the real cards for you! Not only that, but they offer cards from uber popular and talented designers like Rifle Paper Co, One Two Canoe, and Small Adventure, in addition to allowing you to create your own custom card.Amy Tangerine | PostableI was excited to partner with Postable to make a Thanksgiving card that we sent out to a few family and friends. It took mere minutes to make and I was able to send it out to a dozen people including my mom who posted a photo on Instagram showing the card she received.

With a holiday card in mind, I had Jamie take some photos of us one morning before JC left for work. Jack had a runny nose at the time and his patience was running a bit low. We attempted several family photos but the little guy wasn't really in the mood. Except for the moment Daddy went to get him a Boogie Wipe. Then Jamie caught a photo of just me and Jack. JC said I should just create a card with it since it was the best one. postable1amy tangerine | postableEven though it's cute, the perfectionist in me didn't want to send out a card of just me and Jack. That's just weird. Then after Daddy left for work, Jamie of course captured this cute shot of Jack in the living room clapping. postable2But I really wanted all of us to be in the photo, so we made another attempt a few days later and it worked! This isn't the actual picture or design we decided to use for the holiday card, but it was a contender.postable famYou can check out this cute video to see more about how easy it is, or just try it for yourself. So easy and the fact that I could really create unique and personal cards at a great price point in mere minutes and not have to address them and mail them? That alone makes my holidays very happy. What are you doing for holiday cards this year?

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Rainy Day experiments


For days, the weather forecasters have been warning us that it would rain. The chances were 100% yesterday, in fact. But somehow I was in denial and I thought it wouldn't really rain ALL DAY. I had grand plans of getting stuff done in the studio. One of those things was photographing a couple projects using my Silhouette. After working on other projects that didn't require photography, I took a little break and snacked on some Snapea Crisps. Why are those things so delicious?! Then after about 15 minutes, I was super motivated to make something work so I went ahead and decided badly lit photos taken with my iPhone are better than no photos at all. So apologies, but I did my best with the grey skies, pouring rain and light bulbs in my studio. Hope you understand! I really wanted to work on my December Daily album, even though the day wasn't over. I'm determined to stay on track and carve out 15-30 minutes a day on it. The time includes the printing of the photos, gathering of the supplies and a decent amount of documentation with journaling, if possible. So yesterday, I set up the designs I wanted to cut out with my Silhouette. Yes, I am still using the SD even though I have the Cameo sitting in a box. I plan on opening it soon! And here's how my crafty time came together.Journaling can be added to this card later.Here are some photos (apologies once again for the weird lighting going on)...And because I couldn't leave well enough alone (what is it about rainy days where I am inspired to do a bunch of stuff that should be done when it's sunnier out?!) I even experimented with a super simple little video. Just a warning, it was me holding the iPhone in my right hand and flipping through pages with my left hand. One take, people. Just wanted to see how it would turn out. Not incredibly thrilled with it, but it was quick. And I am still thinking about making videos and posting regularly on YouTube.

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Hello December, let's do this.

IMG_3813.JPGAt first I wasn't going to embellish the cover, but as I stared at how plain it looked, I also remembered having these fantastic Maggie Holmes Crate Paper Thickers. Once I realized that I could layer and stick hospital tape (well, I think it's just plain bandage) and washi tape and other goodies, I couldn't help myself. So just like my other albums, now my cover is decorated!IMG_3812.JPGSupplies: Hello - Open Book Thickers | December - After Glow Thickers | Flower stickers from Stitched | Cloud - Matte Puffy Sticker | washi tapes from Cute Tape My plan is to use supplies mostly from my stash. I also plan to photograph and share my spreads throughout the month both here and on Instagram. I still can't believe how quickly this year has flown, but I am excited to get this last month in the books. Or in this book, at least. Let's do this!

Doing it for the 5th time?!

amy tangerine december dailySince 2010, I have played along with Ali Edwards' project, December Daily. With each one, I attempted to document the entire month (instead of just 25 days), but don't think I was ever successful. The first year was probably the closest I came to completing the entire month. I decided to pull all of the books out and figure out how I want to approach the project this year. I went through and chose some of my favorite (and not so favorite) parts to highlight. In the 2012 album, I think I had a hard time with the 4x6 landscape format. I love this spread, but don't love that I still have so much extra just hanging out in the back of the album.amy tangerine december dailyLove the stamps page from last year, and plan on doing something very similar again.amy tangerine december dailyDon't love that boarding passes fade, but so far we have no more travel plans for the rest of the year. This may be the first December in which I haven't gotten on a plane in well over a decade. Love the mix of credit card sized photos thrown in, this year being printed by my Fujifilm Instax Share.amy tangerine december dailyI gathered up some supplies and put them into this Creative Options container. Though I will be using things from around the studio as well, it's nice to have most of what I want to use in one place. This "kit" that I have put together is made up mostly of old and new. The old stuff has been collected through the years and were supposed to go into the other December Daily albums. The new stuff is from this December to Remember kit by Kelly Purkey and Evalicious.amy tangerine december dailyAfter much deliberation on size and format for this year I made myself make a decision. Most of the time, I start with the cover, but because I am using a black 6x8 Project Life album (this red polka dot one was my second choice), I decided to play with the cover page instead. Using this Simple Stories pocket page, I began filling in the 2x2 squares, keeping in mind that maybe a couple of them will be photos instead of patterned papers. This is also about the time I realized that I don't think any company in the scrapbooking world makes an actual 2 inch by 2 inch square punch... anyone?! I could definitely use one of those, so if anybody knows of one on the market, please tell me!amy tangerine december dailyamy tangerine december dailyamy tangerine december dailyIt's silly, but I already feel ahead of the game by simply having gathered my goodies and by having 1 page done and in the book. How about you - anyone else doing December Daily?

Though some of the photos appear to be missing, you can check out the posts I did for 2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013.