Yummy Spoonfuls - LA launch event

Digging: feeling connected to so many of you! Whether you've been following for years or just days, I love the fact that there are multiple ways I get to share information with you and then you in turn can respond. Love this creative community throughout all social platforms. Last time I did this currently list was in October of 2015 and I had almost 15,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel. Now we've grown the fangerine base to over 28,000! Thank you for commenting, liking the videos and also sharing them! I posted a behind the scenes one yesterday. I am trying to stay consistent by posting two videos a week. Also I was featured on Instagram for Business here!

Not Digging: my skin looking the way it does. I'm in my late thirties (wait, can I still say mid thirties at 37?!) and I am not happy with how many breakouts and blackheads and random zits appearing. Also I have noticed extreme unevenness lately, which leads me to believe I need to use foundation everyday. Urg.

Drinking: water, coconut water and green smoothies. I have major cravings for this new to me brand, Taste Nirvana, and I love that the ingredients are pure and delicious. The coconut water is refreshing, but I am also digging the new passion fruit with coconut blend. Makes me feel like I am in Thailand again. Taste Nirvana has a store locator so hopefully you can find some near you.

Eating: a mix of healthy and probably not so healthy. We go on kicks and lately we have probably been dining out more than we should. Our Culver City favorites that we have visited in the last couple weeks include LukshonKZOThe Wallace for dinner and for lunch, Picnic LA.

WatchingCasual on Hulu. We finished season 1 and are so excited about season 2. But I really want to pace myself and not binge watch it. Also watching tons of YouTube and still my favorite is Casey Neistat.

Reading: Just started my friend Kristin Harmel's latest novel, When We Meet Again that just launched this week!

ListeningThe Good Life Project podcast - I love his voice and topics are varied enough that I just pick and choose what is inspiring me at the moment.

Feeling: happy. Maybe a bit more anxious than usual, but trying to take on less so I don't get too overwhelmed.

Weather: June gloom is in full effect.

Wanting: to make more videos and film a studio tour and house tour and all kinds of stuff. 

Needing: a summer intern and I think I may have found one!

Wishing: I didn't live inside my own head so much. Working on doing it less often.

Your Biggest Fan & huge pineapple!

Hoping: to make time for more fun events that come up in the middle of the week. I went to the launch party for Yummy Spoonfuls with Target yesterday and it was awesome. So lovely meeting Camila Alves and I don't know how it's even possible but she is even more gorgeous in person. Video to come next week!

Thinking: of so many DIY's and client projects and really fun stuff in the works. Just trying not to overthink things.

Enjoying: all the things Jack (except maybe the occasional laying on the floor tantrum) is doing, learning and saying. Oh and his dancing. Right now he is obsessed with the Hot Dog song (Mickey Mouse Club) and watching Paw Patrol. He knows all the names of the dogs and likes to hide the toy characters we got him. Hide and Seek is his favorite right now, although it's definitely his own version of it. He thinks stacking toys is a "magic trick!". He has started asking me to not take photos or video of him - oops - have I been going overboard? Please just be a phase. 

Loving: my family, encouraging notes, making stuff, my new car (Honda Pilot), and finally feeling like I am getting settled into the new studio. Even if it is not yet completely set up. It's really working out nicely!

The Love List: Currently Coveting

I came back from Hawaii on Tuesday night and was home for just about 36 hours before heading to Ventura for Craftcation Conference. Yesterday I left Ventura and went straight to SpringFest, an event put on by Club Momme. Thankful to be home for the next few weeks, but some of my favorite on-the-go items have really kept me organized and in check lately. I realize that I own more than half of these things so I am not really coveting them, but I am pretty obsessed with them at the moment. 

The Love List: Currently Coveting | Amy Tangerine

1. Essie nailpolish in Baby's Breath - the PERFECT shade of baby pink/almost white for Spring

2. Adventure Awaits - this is a printable and perfect for hanging with washi tape or framing

3. Michael Kors JetSet Tote - This is my favorite purse for traveling and the one I carry nearly every day

4. Ashley Mary Bag - this holds all my on-the-go craft supplies and it's the perfect size and design - you can see what I have in it in this video.

5. Skinny Distressed Jeans - a nicely priced skinny jean and since I ripped my favorite pair of Robin's Jeans in the butt right before going to the airport in Hawaii, I will be getting these at a fraction of the price

6. Duffle Bag - perfectly priced weekender bag, especially since my favorite amykathryn one is no longer available

7.  Pineapple necklace - love this dainty necklace that I wore in Hawaii and haven't taken off since. I got it from my Rocksbox subscription, where you can use the code 'amytangerinexoxo' for your first month free

8. Michael Kors sunglasses - these have been my favorite sunglasses for nearly two years now


amy tangerine Big Magic quote

Digging: the fact that I am taking more chances and stretching myself creatively. With new risks and adventures and projects, I feel my horizons are expanding, and hopefully inspiring others to do things out of their comfort zone too. Also digging the fact that there are almost 15,000 subscribers to my YouTube channel! OMG you all, thank you! 

Not Digging: making more mistakes than usual. I know it comes with the territory of trying new things and taking chances, but I can't believe I forgot 2 letters in "participate" for this Monday quote, and I went ahead and posted it that way! Thankful to the people who let me know! How embarrassing. But really cool that Elizabeth Gilbert herself commented! I took a screenshot before deleting the photo on Instagram.

Drinking: water as usual. I've also had cravings for Bud Light Cheladas, which I know sounds gross but dang they taste good to me. Look it up, try it if you're of legal drinking age and you like bloody mary's. I think it's a lighter refreshing twist.

Eating: a mix of a food from restaurants and our kitchen. I've been on a Blue Apron kick but am considering trying Plated. Anyone done both before and have a preference?

Watching: Homeland (current season), Mr. Robot (season 1) and YouTube's Emma Approved (Easy to binge watch, and I'm on episode 18)

Reading: Big Magic - loving it and highly recommend it although I am only half way through.

Listening: to too much kids music - need to get songs like 5 Little Monkeys out of my head. Podcasts - Magic Lessons,  Elise Gets Crafty - I was recently on episode 074, Using Video Creatively and The Lively Show.

Feeling: excited! Even more than usual!

Weather: SO HOT. I've been trying to run early in the mornings three times a week. I got a new fitbit charge HR (I exchanged the non HR grey for black HR) and have been trying to hit 10,000 steps a day. It's not that easy folks!

Wanting: the heat to end. I like warm weather, but 90 in October is a little much.

Needing: air conditioning in our house!

Wishing: there were just a couple more hours in the day.

Hoping: to get Design On Time Season 2 going again very soon!

Thinking: you should come see me (and all the amazing creatives) at Craftcation Conference next year! It's in beautiful Ventura, California and it's managed to get better every year, which is amazing because it started off so awesome.

Jack at the beach
Jack at the beach

Enjoying: all the things Jack is learning and saying. He's also becoming more social, which is nice to see. While we were in San Diego on vacation this past long weekend (JC went to the Steelers game with his cousin and friend on Monday night), Jack enjoyed the beach. We adopted a little almost three year old who really wanted to play with us instead of his family. It was adorable and so fun watching them interact. Jack''s always been funny, but lately he is cracking us up more than usual. He likes to say: "My do it", "Not that one" which we are trying to consistently turn into, "Not that one please", and "Hap Birt to you!". He likes to sing the abc song and for some reason when he counts to ten, he very often leaves off 6 and 7. Also, he was fascinated with the carpeted stairs at the beach house we rented!

Jack on the stairs

Loving: making tee shirts and mousepads and all kinds of creative stuff with my ProWorld Heat Press. They are giving one away on their Instagram and kindly let me give one away on mine too! Check out the posts here and here and just follow the instructions to enter! 



Digging: how much fun I'm having, even though I'm also working hard at the same time. Taking little breaks to make sure I throw the ball for Bamboo or take both of these guys for a walk is vital to my overall happiness and productivity. I am also digging making videos. Even though the process takes a long time, it's become an obsession. In the same way I used to think of things to include in blog posts, I am feeling energized to show you cool stuff in videos. Here's the latest one on YouTube where I show you how I use the We R Memory Keepers Evolution and my dies

Not Digging: the gloomy weather even though I know we need the rain. I'd rather just have it rain a bunch and not be so gray.

Drinking: water as usual. I'm pretty boring like that. Although I did go through a phase of craving beer + Clamato together, a simple version of a michelada. It sounds kinda gross at first, but if you like tomato juice, bloody mary's and don't mind beer, this cocktail is quite refreshing.

Eating: I made linguine with shrimp and mussels for dinner last night mainly because we had all of the ingredients (except for black olives, which I am not a huge fan of anyway), and it turned out SO good. Still trying to figure out how JC and I managed to consume the entire thing even though it says 6 servings, but perhaps I didn't measure everything correctly. In any case, it was delicious and we used the green flat noodles from Trader Joes. I'm also snacking a ton. Yesterday I ate almost an entire container of Stax. Thinking I need to try another recipe out of Super Paleo Snacks soon.

Watching: We finished The Jinx last month, and OMG I highly recommend not reading anything about it and just starting the first episode. There are only 6 episodes (or what they call chapters) and it's one of the most riveting things I have ever seen. We've just started Togetherness and find it funny and entertaining. We've been fans of Mark Duplass for a while now and also recently watched the movie, The One I Love, which took us 3 nights to watch because we have been so tired lately. It was good, but I had to stop watching it on night 2 because JC fell asleep and I got scared.

Reading: The Rosie Effect, which I checked out from the library. I loved The Rosie Project so I am thinking I will actually finish this book before the due date. Also just started A Curious Mind and I I've still been taking my time with Creative Confidence

Listening: to Wheels on The Bus radio for Jack and podcasts from Tim Ferriss and The Good Life Project.

Feeling: excited about summer and the projects I'm taking on for work. Also feeling it big time for creative collaborations. Yeehaw.

Weather: not wanting to complain about this topic, but see "Not digging" above.

Wanting: some equipment to make the video process a bit more streamlined.

Needing: a real pedicure, not just one I do on my own. And while I'm at it about self-care, I;m overdue for a massage.

Wishing: I could figure out the best way to tell a little secret.

Hoping: I can continue to feel less scared and courageous about sharing the more personal things both on this blog and in videos. Thank you for your amazing comments in yesterday's post.

Thinking: I need to do these currently posts more often, at least once a month. The last time I did one was in February.

Enjoying: every minute with Jack. He's 20 months old and delights us in so many ways. The day he turned 19 months, he suddenly developed an interest in the little potty that's been in his bathroom for many months. I sat him on it and he went pee! My mom has been holding him over the toilet since his first birthday. And about 50% of the time he would actually go. Then the percentage started to go up. It's one of those crazy things where I was just about to start researching potty training, but thankful he's kind of doing it on his own. He still wears diapers as I am not completely ready for him to be out of them (mainly because the window of time between when he tells me he needs to go and we actually get to the potty is still not long enough for when we're in public). So yes, it's kind of weird that the one thing I am enjoying has to do with toilets.

Loving: life right now. Seriously.



Amy Tangerine currents list

Digging: being home for the most of February and having family in town. My new fitbit charge, since it's been a while since my Nike Fuelband died.

Not Digging: accidentally dropping and shattering one of the vases we got from the flea market.

Drinking: water mainly. An update from the last time I did one of these lists, I am now enjoying kale in my smoothies. And Jack won't even drink a smoothie anymore unless it's green in color.

Eating: a good balance of food from restaurants and our kitchen. Enjoying our family dinners and learning to cook simple yet delicious recipes. Most of the ones I love are from tearing out pages from Real Simple magazine. Also trying to be healthy and enjoying treats that were sent by Landria, the author of Super Paleo Snacks.

Watching: Youtube videos by Casey Neistat because he is absolutely amazing. I love his story. All of his stories actually. This one in particular really inspired and touched me.

Reading: Beautiful Ruins, but I'm not sure I can finish before it's due back at the library. I've been taking my time with Creative Confidence. I've also recently finished The Rosie Project and Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant?! and LOVED them both.

Listening: to podcasts like Smart Passive Income, Elise Gets Crafty, and The Lively Show.

Feeling: energized and inspired during the day and then usually exhausted in the evenings.

Weather: SO NICE.

Wanting: an Apple monitor to hook up my laptop so I can get more out of the FREE Craftsy eGuides. Right now there are a couple that I really want to peruse like eGuide: Beginner's Guide to the World of Watercolor and eGuide: Understanding Exposure for Better Photos Now: Beginner Photography Tutorials.

Needing: a monitor of some kind so my neck doesn't hurt so much from being on my laptop.

Wishing: it was easier to make videos (it's just so time-consuming!)

Hoping: I can get everything set up for being gone for most of March.

Thinking: you should come see me (and all the amazing creatives) at Craftcation Conference! Early bird registration ends on Feb 20!

Enjoying: every minute with Jack. He's 17 months old today! At the moment, he is obsessed with airplanes, trucks and buses. He loves interacting and responding to questions about animal sounds. What does the sheep say? BAAH. What does the horse say? NAY. What does the snake say? SSSSS. What does the cat say? Meow Meow? And he finally started responding correctly when we ask him what a dog says (he used to say dog dog), but now he says, WUF WUF.

Loving: all your sweet comments on any platform - especially on Instagram.  It seems like there's more chatter over on there than on this blog. But I am determined to keep up with this even though this post has taken me an hour to finish. Oy.