Amy Tangerine's 100 Day Project

Yesterday I posted this photo on Instagram, announcing that I am going to be participating in Elle Luna's #THE100DAYPROJECT. Elle Luna is the author of The Crossroads Between Should and Must and has created a movement that I am super excited about. The thing for me though is that I am really good at starting these types of projects, but not the best at finishing. I am determined to finish this one, as that's one of the main reasons I have kept it simple. Making to-do lists is something I do anyway, so I may as well make them pretty (if I want) and then that way I have a documentation of my next 100 days. And most importantly, once complete, I will have created and maintained a habit that will hopefully make me feel more productive, creative and fulfilled. Part of my caption yesterday: Going to attempt this project with a simple bullet journal entry every day. Some days will look better than others, but every day this notebook's gonna get some love. 


Ok so that's what I thought yesterday until the late afternoon when I decided to switch things up and do the same sort of thing, but instead, do it in my Day Designer. My newest A5 ringbound planner came in the mail (I know, I am now a crazy planner person) and I am so inspired by the format of these pages.

Amy Tangerine's Day Designer

And for today only, to celebrate the launch of their new flagship designs, flat rate shipping is only $5 and ends at midnight at Day Designer. Also can you help me decide whether or not I should add color to my pages using these Frixion pens? It only seems right, right?