Craft a Life You Love Is Available for Pre-Order!!

Craft a Life You Love by Amy Tangerine

AHHH!! My head is spinning and heart is bursting. There are times in your life when so many of the pieces just seem to fall into place! I am so excited to say that I'm having one of those moments! As you all know a little over a year ago I self-published a long-time passion project... my creative, self-help guide & journal, “Craft a Life You Love”! I was pleasantly surprised and honored by the sweet and encouraging response I received! After all, the book was based on real experiences from my actual life. It was important for me to share how through the curation of art projects & creative ventures I continue to find happiness & flow. To see how well it resonated with all of you... touched me to my core!

Fast forward to 2018! In the last year I have had the privilege of getting my book picked up by Abrams! It's something I had no idea was even possible, but it turns out it is. If you want to hear more about that experience and process, I plan on making a video about it, so please feel free to leave any questions in the comments. We will be re-releasing Craft a Life You Love as an updated, expanded version with bonus material! That means more to love! Also, this 2.0 copy will be in the bright & shiny colors it was meant to be seen in. I really wanted to make sure that even if you bought the first version, you would find value in having the second!

craft a life you love pre-order gift!

Though Craft a Life You Love doesn't get released until April 10, you may want to go ahead and pre-order it now as we have a super special gift we are offering! We thought long and hard about offering something really unique - and we think we came up with the best idea. You all have been loving my watercolor brush lettered quotes for some time now, and now you can have a custom one of your own! Choose someone's name, a favorite saying, or whatever you want! I will sign the back of it and you can have it framed for display, use it as a book mark or stick it into the book as a name plate!

Pre-order by April 10th on Amazon (or any of the retailers listed above) & fill out this form to redeem your special gift! Thanks as always for your amazing support - it means the world. Please spread the word to friends. I know I may be scripting several hundred of these, but I think it will be so awesome for you all to have them in your hands. I hope you enjoy the custom watercolor piece as a token of my affection! Love you big!