Getting Organized with Creative Options

Creative Options craft tote

It's already Back-To-School season and even though I'm not going myself, I do love shopping for the supplies! It's fun to have a fresh outlook on a new season, so I'm happy to have once partnered with Creative Options® to help me get organized for Fall! I love their stylish selections and prints. This time around they sent me three different products. I loved working with their fashionable and functional storage solutions that are perfect for Back-To-School and crafts of all kinds.

Though most of my crafting is done in the studio these days, I love having the option of taking my tools with me on-the-go.

Amy Tangerine organizes with Creative Options
Amy Tangerine organizes with Creative Options

It's always fun getting organized with these products, and as you can see in the video, we tackled quite the mess. I sure do love my crafty stuff, but I love it even more when I can see where things are and can easily access and use my pretty supplies!

The products featured in the video can be found at Walmart and Hobby Lobby.  
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I would love to hear from you! So what's your prediction on how long I can keep the studio organized and tidy?