My article for the Huffington Post!

Cute beach shot of father and son - JC and Jack

While on vacation last month in Myrtle Beach, I got an assignment from the Huffington Post. (Umm, how cool is that?!) I was very, very excited. It was a challenge I was a little unsure about at first though, but I thought turning down a writing opportunity with them wouldn't be the best idea. Instead of mulling it over too much, I responded yes. So excited the article is up on Huffington Post now! It's my take on attempting a 48 hour digital detox. Would love if you could spread the word and share it on Facebook and Twitter!

hello vacation
Group photo Myrtle Beach

I also captured the experience on video (which turned out to be a little long, but I have heard feedback from many of you saying that you enjoy the longer videos, so yay) and it's up on YouTube here

Would love to hear any thoughts on how you stay present and manage screen time in the comments!!