Photo Organization + free printable


I love printed photos. In fact, whenever one of my favorite online places runs a special promotion - especially free prints, I cave and place an order. During Jack's first year, I must have taken over 10,000 photos. While I didn't print every single one of them (although when you watch the video it might seem like it), I did find myself placing bulk orders to give to family and friends and so I could have them on hand whenever I had an assignment for scrapbooking. I was also trying to keep up with Project Life at the time, so I was ordering both 3x4's and 4x6's. Because my memory keeping skills couldn't keep up with the amount of photos I was amassing, I ended up with piles of photos, and no good way to organize them. Plus I felt enormous pressure (that I put on myself) to have them in chronological order. Thankfully I let go of that need and came up with a simple filing system that seems to be working thus far. We made a video of the process, and included a free printable if you'd like to try the same method!