Fashion Friday | California Dreaming Mural


We have been getting a mix of interesting weather in Los Angeles this winter. The sunshine tax we pay for living here has definitely not been worth it this winter. In my thirteen years of being a local, I don't recall the winters ever being this way before. One day it will be 70 degrees and sunny and then it will rain for three days straight. I'm not complaining, as I am well aware that in spite of all the rain we've had, we are still in a drought. On the bright side though, I put a little spring into my step after seeing this freshly painted mural in Culver City. It's huge - 26 feet X 74 feet - and was completed February 1st by artist Ricardo Gonzalez of It's A Living.  It's at the Chinese Laundry headquarters and faces East, so if the sun is shining, I recommend going in the late afternoon. If it's overcast and cloudy go anytime, as you won't get a strange shadow that is typically on it all morning and early afternoon.


We caught the very last bit of light and Alisha from Lish Creative worked her magic and snapped these photos just in time. I paired the Cynthia Floral Skirt in Fuchsia/Teal/White from Cents of Style with a simple white long sleeve shirt and a borrowed denim jacket (the embroidery says "mommy" in case you are trying to read it). The bright and poppy colors of the skirt paired with these grey boots are my new favorite combination. And ladies, there may have never been a more comfortable pencil skirt. Ever. Because of the stretchy fabric and versatile colors, I may have worn it two days in a row. I simply changed it up with a black jacket and a different white tee shirt. I also paired it with my yellow Tieks and it might be what I will be living in all Spring. It would look amazing paired with these fuchsia Tieks, which are the next on my wishlist. You can see all the Fashion Friday floral skirts here. DISCOUNT CODE for a limited time, all floral skirts are $19.95 with the code FLORAL STORY!

Happy Friday and let me know in the comments if you make it to this mural!