Our Beautiful Trip to Bermuda!

Last month, I had the absolute pleasure of staying at the Hamilton Princess in Bermuda with my friend Alisha! The pink palace invited her to come and she asked me to tag along. Of course I had to say yes!

I just love the fact that like-minded creative people can travel together and support one another! Alisha is a friend of mine as well as somebody who I admire for her work ethic and creative drive. I love her spirit of wanting to try new things and just going for it! She runs Lish Creative and is an inspiring entrepreneur for sure.


We received such a warm welcome with a private check-in, a special gold elevator, and a few trays of beautiful treats in the room upon arrival! Everyone at the Hamilton Princess is so nice and we were excited to be there. The Gold lounge was really great - they had daily breakfast, afternoon tea, evening hors d'oeuvres, and a happy hour with complimentary drinks!

Hamilton Princess Bermuda

I brought a lot more shoes than I usually pack for trips because I knew that we’d be taking a lot of photos! They ended up coming in handy, as you’ll see later in this post.

We only had two full days in Bermuda so we wanted to make sure we got the most of our short time there. 

We ended up stopping in the boutiques after one of our photo sessions and they had some really cute dresses! Though I didn't use to believe in indulging in resort wear, I love the idea of supporting local boutiques while I'm away. Plus every time you wear or use what you got from a trip, you can reminisce and re-live those moments. We also could not get enough of the colorful walls. There was a photo op around every corner. The town of Hamilton is walking distance from the hotel, so we did some exploring.

On this trip, there have been amazingly serendipitous things that have happened to us and I think that that happens when you’re traveling with the right attitude and outlook. Hard work, consistency, and a little bit of luck can go a long way.

The second and last full day of our trip, we had the opportunity to meet Peter, the man who runs the town of St George’s! The lovely Brittany, who seemed to know everyone in Bermuda, took us around and showed us some amazing places to take pictures. This blue romper by Lovers and Friends was so comfy!!

So much loveliness everywhere we looked.

The gift shop at the resort (@luxurygiftsbermuda) had this pool float by Sunny Life Australia. We were excited to take some fun photos of it, got it blown up at the moped rental place, carried it back to the pink palace, and decided it was too windy and cold to actually get into the pool.

So what did we do instead? We photographed it all over the hotel, then took advantage of the amazing light in my room and did a photo shoot there too. When you make the best of what's around, really awesome (and sometimes hilarious) things can happen. Sometimes you just gotta do ridiculous things, wouldn't you agree?

The resort is really gorgeous. Everywhere we went, they had the coolest art hanging on the walls! I’m not sure if anyone else gets as excited about the art as I did, but I thought it was just the coolest. It was especially neat seeing the Julian Opie pieces as we saw his exhibits while in Japan last November. Also, Gray Malin's pieces were for sale in the boutique and Alisha and I had the pleasure of meeting him while in Palm Springs for Alt Summit.

In the lounge on our last night there, we met Haley and Kaylee who were so sweet! I encouraged them to add some stamping and brush lettering to my bullet journal and found out that Kaylee loves Tombows as much as I do - she used them to address her wedding invitations! We enjoyed dinner once again at Marcus and had an incredible meal all together. 

We were sad to leave our new friends, but how wonderful is it when you just hit it off with total strangers? Our voices were gone from talking all night with them. It was such an amazing time filled with fun and laughs and beautiful scenery!

Here’s my video from the trip, so you can feel like you were a part of the journey - without having to run through the airport like we did.

I really enjoyed going to Bermuda with Alisha and I hope that I get to visit the Hamilton Princess again someday. Alisha's post is up on her blog along with some free wallpapers. When you think of the word paradise, which location pops into your mind first? I'd love to hear about your own personal paradise in the comments below.