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Fiercely Fearless with Olay

Choose joy! Those two words sound so easy, right? I firmly believe that looking on the brightest side of life is a choice you’ll never regret. That doesn’t make things any less difficult when facing life’s challenges. Most people who know me really well would say that I am more of an optimist than a pessimist. And it's true - I am. But I haven't always been this way. I have gone through phases in my life when I encountered negativity and bad stuff. Everyone has. The true mark of inner strength is being able to face your obstacles and choose happiness anyway. It’s definitely easier said than done on some days. When I am struggling or feeling down, I intentionally have to carve out time to pause and replace those negative thoughts with positive ones.

When I first moved to Los Angeles when I was 25, I had no idea what kind of crazy amazing journey was ahead of me. A company had relocated me from Atlanta. I was excited to get to work in a new place, while keeping the little company that I started when I was 21 on the side. I dreamed of living as close to the beach as possible. The path seemed perfectly paved until just a week after my arrival, I got a call that pivoted my life in a way that was most unexpected. My boss told me that I was going to be let go if I chose to keep Amy Tangerine on the side. I had to choose either the company I created or the job that had moved me to LA. I was devastated. I had just bought a brand new car, I didn’t have a place to live and and now I was out of a job. I called my dad and he said “You’re lost in the right place.” Those words comforted me and gave me hope. I wouldn’t have made the big move on my own and here is where I was going to thrive.

Plans shift and change and yet through it all, I held onto believing in myself, maintaining a positive mindset and doing what I love most— making things. Challenges and struggles are opportunities for tremendous growth. We all have a story to tell, we all have unique paths to take. When you find yourself at a crossroads in life and you feel out of balance, perhaps you’ll find comfort and guidance in seeking harmony instead of balance. I created an acronym from the word, and I call it the Harmony Principle:

Fiercely Fearless

"There is nothing more beautiful than a woman on a mission." -quote from this inspiring video. I think this phrase is so important because so often as women I think it is easy to forget how true it is. That's why I so enjoyed watching other fearless females who give a sneak peak into overcoming their everyday lives and challenges through the power of Olay. See how pilots face anything during their day. I’m grateful to share my story too in a video on my channel. Just as I overcame my fears and adversity, I am proud to stand with Tristan and all of the other fearless females throughout the world! So who wants to join me on this Harmony journey? Your permission has been granted to live your best creative life and feel fearless to rise above and to be the best version of yourself each and every day. I am so inspired by your comments in the YouTube video already. Thank you!!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Olay. The opinions and text are all mine.

Embrace the beauty that surrounds you. Do you have a word or guiding principle that helps you?