Cause Mama You're A Firework!

Cause Mama You're A Firework!

The Fourth of July is all about freedom, independence, and sparkly celebration— which is why I loved every bit of Bashery & Co’s Moms Independence Day dinner party so much! It was so incredible to be surrounded by beautiful, happy moms taking a little break from their everyday lives. It was a celebration of womanhood, motherhood, and independence in a gorgeous setting with amazing food and plenty of laughter.

It was a great opportunity to have some girl time. After all, the kids aren’t the only ones who get to have fun when nobody’s watching. We hula-hooped and even played a few rounds of flip-cup, which I hadn’t done since college! Of course, the real fun was time connecting with friends over fabulous drinks and bites!

We finished off the night with pies, cocktails and sparklers. It was a truly magical evening!

Party Design – @basheryandco

Photography - @nolafontanezphotography

Cocktails - @coastal_cocktails

Food - @hart_caters

Florals - @tess.made

Tableware - @geeseandganders

Assistant - @anukdesigns

I’ll be remembering and savoring every bit of this as we will be attending a parade in the morning on the 4th and having a block party. Then of course we will be watching the fireworks. What are your favorite Fourth of July traditions and activities?