5 For Friday

Amy Tangerine | Hooray

1. I want to remember our family hike from last Sunday where Jack hiked most of the 5.4 miles in Temescal Canyon. It took us 3 hours and there were a few falls and tears, but minimal whining and the view was perfection. 

Amy Tangerine Bullet Journals

2. In case you missed the article I wrote on Bullet Journaling for Carrie Colbert's blog, you can check it out here. And yes, I promise I am going to film a video very soon about my bullet journal set up for this year. I totally appreciate your patience!

Whimsy Wonderland

3. I cannot believe it's March 2nd already. We are en route to PlannerCon as I type this and I feel like I haven't fully recovered from the fun that was Planners Rock (did you see the epic video and prize that West Coast Planners so generously gave?), then Create & Cultivate, and Alt Summit. It was so fun to be in Palm Springs for Alt Summit hanging with this colorful crew of ladies. Hoping to do a recap and video from the fun even though I know I didn't capture quite as much as I had hoped. I was really focused on being present and forgot to capture much of it. And then I was home for one full day and I have a strong feeling the rest of this month is going to fly right by.

Amy Tangerine Planner Pouch

4. Our planner pouches are selling quickly - so if you're thinking about getting one, a little birdie told me to do it pretty soon before they are all gone!

5.  Really think I need to get back into more of a blogging rhythm and try and do more features and fun things like I used to. I miss Currents and Friday Favorites and all that stuff. Going to make more time for it this month and hopefully it will turn into a habit that will carry through Spring and the rest of the year! What are your plans for the weekend?