Zinia's Watercolor Dashboard

Hello everyone! It’s Zinia here and today I’ll share with a really fun dashboard idea using some of my favorite Amy Tan clear stickers.

You can adjust this idea and make a dashboard for any type of planner you are using but in my example, I’m going to make one for my traveler’s notebook.

The first step is to cut the base of your dashboard according to the size and planner you are using. Make sure you use a thick type of paper, preferably watercolor paper so that it won’t curl a lot once we add water to it.

Then comes the fun part! Grab your clear sticker sheets and create a fun colorful pattern by filling the page with all the different shapes and icons you love. Start with the bigger stickers, spread them across the page, and then start filling the gaps with the smaller ones.

Try not to overthink it, just have fun and enjoy the process without worrying about making it look perfect.

Once the whole area is covered grabbed your watercolor crayons and scribble some color between the stickers. Avoid putting complimentary colors next to each other so you won’t end up with some ugly brown spots.

You don’t need to add a lot of color, just a few lines here and there. When you add water and start diluting them the color will spread and cover the whole area.

Depending on the type of paper you use, it’s very likely that the scribbles on your page won’t get diluted completely and they will leave some marks. I personally love that look, I think it makes it look more unique and whimsical but if you want a smoother coverage you can scribble the crayons on a palette and pick the colors with your brush.

Before everything dries, take a paper towel and wipe any excess color that sits on top of the stickers. They will work as a resist and create a really beautiful look.

Have fun with different stickers and color combinations to create gorgeous accessories for your planners or any other project.

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