My Party at Urbanic!

Last month I teamed up with Urbanic (one of my favorite local shops!) to celebrate spring and all of my favorite things. Everything from the DIY decor to the creative stations the lovely guests turned out perfectly. In the days (and hours!) leading up to the party, Ann-Marie and I inflated so many balloons to use for the decor. I also took inspiration from the party invitation to freehand the floral design the photobooth backdrop. It was a lot of work but all worth it once the party begun! 

Truth be told, the original intent of the party was to celebrate the launch of my book but -- spoiler alert -- Craft A Life You Love was picked up by a large publishing house! I've been keeping this secret under wraps for awhile and am so thrilled that I can finally share the exciting news with you! Because my book will eventually be sold under a different publisher (I self-published which is a whole different story), there may be a few changes to the title and cover, so I wanted to hold off on promoting the launch of my story until it is officially completed. Since we already had the date and venue picked out, I decided it became a good excuse to have a party. Plus I have always wanted to get a bunch of my friends and fellow creatives together to celebrate some of my favorite things at one of my favorite places.

We had fun getting everything set up before the guests arrived! I painted a floral photo backdrop and added some balloons that I stitched into a cluster using fishing line. I will have a video of the whole process up soon!

Once guests started arriving, I was excited to share the various activities and treats I’d chosen for the party. There was an ORLY cart mixing up custom nail polish colors for each person. I’ve been loving their nail polish lately so it was exciting to offer this super cool service to my guests!

I set up a table with a few Minc foil applicators and some cute prints for people to run through the machines. That way, they could take home an adorable custom foil craft! The flamingo lights by Sunny Life Australia hung around the crafty table.

There was also a hand-lettering artist! The talented Lindsay Shannon (@lshannondesigns on Instagram) was writing out personalized custom calligraphy.

During the party, we enjoyed cocktails from Our Los Angeles and Owl’s brew, food from Cava, and Jeni’s ice cream for dessert.

At the end of the night, everyone got to take home a goodie bag filled with some of my products, Pipsticks, a Doodlebug pin, a Tombow discount card, and a pack of Tombow adhesive.

I really wanted to take the flowers from Hello Honey, but she was planning on picking them up the next day. Because I knew I would be too busy, I recruited Amanda to shoot video while at the party. So grateful to have her as part of the team, as she rocked the editing on this video too!

It was such a wonderful time! Huge thank you to all the sponsors who helped make this event a success. Thank you so much to everyone who attended too! Check #amylovesurbanic on Instagram for more photos of the event!

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