Yummy Spoonfuls - LA launch event

Digging: feeling connected to so many of you! Whether you've been following for years or just days, I love the fact that there are multiple ways I get to share information with you and then you in turn can respond. Love this creative community throughout all social platforms. Last time I did this currently list was in October of 2015 and I had almost 15,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel. Now we've grown the fangerine base to over 28,000! Thank you for commenting, liking the videos and also sharing them! I posted a behind the scenes one yesterday. I am trying to stay consistent by posting two videos a week. Also I was featured on Instagram for Business here!

Not Digging: my skin looking the way it does. I'm in my late thirties (wait, can I still say mid thirties at 37?!) and I am not happy with how many breakouts and blackheads and random zits appearing. Also I have noticed extreme unevenness lately, which leads me to believe I need to use foundation everyday. Urg.

Drinking: water, coconut water and green smoothies. I have major cravings for this new to me brand, Taste Nirvana, and I love that the ingredients are pure and delicious. The coconut water is refreshing, but I am also digging the new passion fruit with coconut blend. Makes me feel like I am in Thailand again. Taste Nirvana has a store locator so hopefully you can find some near you.

Eating: a mix of healthy and probably not so healthy. We go on kicks and lately we have probably been dining out more than we should. Our Culver City favorites that we have visited in the last couple weeks include LukshonKZOThe Wallace for dinner and for lunch, Picnic LA.

WatchingCasual on Hulu. We finished season 1 and are so excited about season 2. But I really want to pace myself and not binge watch it. Also watching tons of YouTube and still my favorite is Casey Neistat.

Reading: Just started my friend Kristin Harmel's latest novel, When We Meet Again that just launched this week!

ListeningThe Good Life Project podcast - I love his voice and topics are varied enough that I just pick and choose what is inspiring me at the moment.

Feeling: happy. Maybe a bit more anxious than usual, but trying to take on less so I don't get too overwhelmed.

Weather: June gloom is in full effect.

Wanting: to make more videos and film a studio tour and house tour and all kinds of stuff. 

Needing: a summer intern and I think I may have found one!

Wishing: I didn't live inside my own head so much. Working on doing it less often.

Your Biggest Fan & huge pineapple!

Hoping: to make time for more fun events that come up in the middle of the week. I went to the launch party for Yummy Spoonfuls with Target yesterday and it was awesome. So lovely meeting Camila Alves and I don't know how it's even possible but she is even more gorgeous in person. Video to come next week!

Thinking: of so many DIY's and client projects and really fun stuff in the works. Just trying not to overthink things.

Enjoying: all the things Jack (except maybe the occasional laying on the floor tantrum) is doing, learning and saying. Oh and his dancing. Right now he is obsessed with the Hot Dog song (Mickey Mouse Club) and watching Paw Patrol. He knows all the names of the dogs and likes to hide the toy characters we got him. Hide and Seek is his favorite right now, although it's definitely his own version of it. He thinks stacking toys is a "magic trick!". He has started asking me to not take photos or video of him - oops - have I been going overboard? Please just be a phase. 

Loving: my family, encouraging notes, making stuff, my new car (Honda Pilot), and finally feeling like I am getting settled into the new studio. Even if it is not yet completely set up. It's really working out nicely!