Love more and...

more love by amy tangerine

Perhaps you remember the "love more" version I posted on Instagram and blog? Well it turns out it also caught the eye of Julian Lennon and he posted it on his Facebook page! How neat! I also took a video of scripting it and finally got the chance to edit it and you can watch it here.

I've thought about a better way to have credit given to artist's work that is shared, but I really haven't come up with anything other than the use of common courtesy. I think it's fine that Julian Lennon probably didn't know where the quote came from because who knows how many people before him didn't give me credit for the work. It could have been just one or it could have been more. The thing is it shouldn't even be one. I personally don't want to have to watermark my work. I am so grateful to you all for recognizing it and commenting when you see that it hasn't gotten proper credit. Thank you for that!

I'm using this watercolor set from Michaels and a waterbrush that I love by Tim Holtz/Ranger. If you have a favorite quote, please share it in the comments!