The Marilyn Denis Show!

While in Toronto, I did a segment for the Marilyn Denis Show! It's Canada's #1 lifestyle show and seriously Marilyn could not have been sweeter. I was able to set up on Friday, and Catherine snapped some behind the scenes photos.

Amy Tangerine gallery wall on The Marilyn Denis Show
Amy Tangerine gallery wall on The Marilyn Denis Show

I met Marilyn on Monday a minute before we were going to tape. She was so sweet and helped me relax a bit, but I was still totally nervous. Hopefully it doesn't show too much in the segment. Right after the taping I had to get a photo with Marilyn. Can you tell from the grin on my face that I was both excited and relieved to be done? What is it about 3-4 cameras and a live studio audience and all those lights that makes a person so nervous and sweaty?! HA.

Amy Tangerine on The Marilyn Denis Show

The segment aired this morning and some folks were able to PVR (same as DVR) it. Will upload a link to the actual segment (I can't wait to see it myself) when it is up on the Marilyn Denis Show website. Any of my Canadian friends see it? I would love to know your thoughts!