Hawaii Travel Diary

Pretty much paradise | Honolulu, HAWAII

In October I had the pleasure of taking Jack on his fourth trip to Hawaii! He has no idea how lucky he is considering the first time I went I was in my twenties. His dad too. I had to be there for work (rough, I know) but because it's a 5-6 hour flight from LA and we love it there so much, I added a few days on for rest, relaxation, and fun. Not sure how much actual R&R you can get done traveling with a toddler, but I certainly did my best. And Jack is a wonderful travel buddy. JC was in Europe so he couldn't come along on either of our Hawaii trips this year. My mom actually ended up coming a night early, which you can see all of this unfold in the video on my YouTube channel and at the end of this post.

Jack did amazing on his 47th flight. Upon arrival in Honolulu, we checked into the Royal Hawaiian. It was our first time staying there, as we usually like to stay at The Sheraton next door. Both are Starwood properties, so it worked out fine and we actually got an upgrade to a suite thanks to our Platinum status. 

We enjoyed a little bit of time and then walked over to the Moana Surfrider where we were treated to a lovely keiki afternoon tea on the Veranda. You can't tell in the photo, but I had a view of the ocean.

Jack definitely takes after me and doesn't really have a sweet tooth. He preferred the "salty sandwiches" and enjoyed taking tiny bites out of the little cookies. The selection was great, and the service was wonderful as usual. The last time we were all here together we ended up having an incredible dinner and there was live music on the Veranda.

We then headed to the beach where Jack played with a water bottle and a plastic cup. Amazing what kids enjoy! Because of the time difference, we were pretty tired, so it was a room service night and it was perfect. A little indulgent but because we have traveled so much, we allow ourselves this treat as Jack would much rather have dinner in his jammies. And if you haven't been to Honolulu before, many of the restaurants are really quite crowded. We enjoyed our evening in. 

I woke up early the next day and worked on a big project in my robe in bed. When Jack woke up, we headed down to Surf Lanai for a breakfast buffet. He loves his lox! We had an awesome view and great breakfast. Then we hung out in a little cabana by the pool at the Sheraton.

At 11am they have a koi feeding, it's something Jack always looks forward to. We had lunch by the pool, and it was so windy, our fish and chips blew over when we were only halfway done with them. We met up with our friends from Australia and the kids enjoyed some ice cream. Easy going evening, where we had dinner at the lounge.

On Friday, we got picked up at the hotel and headed to lunch at Ward Warehouse. This ramen from was delicious! And then we did some shopping at Eden in Love and Red Pineapple.

Saturday was full of fun at the workshops hosted by Sakura Lala. Seriously everyone seems so happy in Hawaii. I LOVE the good vibes and wonderful ladies every time. Of course someone has to show me the what she made with the iPad ProApple Pencil and the Procreate app and I was obsessed. I HAD to get one!!

Sunday we had a relaxing day and went to Giovanni's Shrimp Truck on the North Shore. Their garlic shrimp is THE BEST. 

Peace out Hawaii, mahalo for another wonderful trip! You can see more fun details in the video: