Quote + Gift Guide!


It's true. The world needs a lot more happiness and the spreading of joy. You have the gift!

I've been thinking a lot about my one little word for next year. This year it was "together" and I love how it's played a role in what has proven to be quite an interesting 2016. Still thinking about what my word should be next year. I am thinking "focus", but still not completely convinced of it just yet. But maybe. I get easily distracted and though I know my core values, sometimes it's hard for me to focus on just one thing. I tend to have a lot going on. I wrapped up a gift guide video and there's a look at my book (which will be launching VERY SOON!) along with a fun giveaway!

Would love if you joined brush lettering online workshop! It's self-paced and a lot of fun! There are so many great projects popping up in the #ATbrushlettering on Instagram. 

Also if you have any favorite quotes - please share them in the comments below. I'm using this watercolor set from Michaels and a waterbrush that I love by Tim Holtz/Ranger and the back of this American Crafts white cardstock.