Getting in the holiday spirit!

UPDATED: Stamps are available at Simon Says Stamp! You can find the Christmas set here and the Cheers set here.

(This was scheduled to post on Friday, no idea why it didn't. Apologies for the delay and noticing just now that it never went up. It's 6pm in Tokyo on Monday night. Thanks for reading anyway, as all of it is still relevant!)


I often get asked if I will ever design a holiday scrapbook collection. And to be honest, I don't think I will do it anytime soon. I prefer to stick with the everyday icons and sayings that can be used for all kinds of occasions. Although after I was approached by Mixbook to do a few holiday cards and address labels, I had a slightly different outlook. As I started doodling and drawing, one of my favorite things I have ever drawn turned into a floral detail (I love the gold!) that appears on the Merry Christmas one. I got into the holiday spirit super early and while I was brainstorming ideas for these cards, which are available on Mixbook now, I decided to design some stamps.

What started as one stamp set turned into enough designs to make two sets! I'm super excited about them, as I think they are versatile to use on various paper projects, with fun phrases that are interchangeable. There are so many possibilities. One set focuses more on Christmas and the other is more of a New Years set. UPDATED: PRE-ORDERS ARE NOW CLOSED. Since I couldn't figure out how to approach listing them, I decided to open them up for pre-order using Paypal for now. After we get them in stock and start actually shipping them out, we may offer them individually on our website, but may not have enough to do so.


Hope you like them as much as I do! UPDATED: We closed out pre-orders, thank you SO much for everyone who ordered! The only place you can get them now is Simon Says Stamp - Christmas set here and the Cheers set here.