Remember this...

Remember this | Amy Tangerine wrote this with Procreate app

Feeling gratitude for the community of women who came together at the first She Loves Color event in Milwaukee, WI this past weekend. As wonderful as it is to get to know friends and like-minded people online, the in-person experience is like no other. People came from all over the country and it was so delightful creating with everyone. No matter where you come from or where you are going, especially in your creative endeavors, just remember this quote from @theresetgirl. I wrote it for Cori, The Reset Girl on my new iPad Pro (I am obsessed) after @doodlebugdesign painted the background. Collaboration at its best 💛 You can press play on this Instagram to see how my first experiment with my new toys came together.

I got hooked on the iPad Pro after seeing it in action in Hawaii. I also got the Apple pencil and have been having so much fun with the Procreate app. Let me know if you want me to start making a video series on the process!